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In a natural phenomenon, a newly born child is not taught before committing an evil deed, he bites the nipple of his mothers' breast and smiles to the mother. It is, therefore, true that all human are born evil and the organization of human beings made up the world, and complex to live because of the multiplication of human evil deeds. It is pertinent to note that the newly born child will then transition from one stage to another and in the process, he cannot be void or empty, hence the need for education.

In Nigeria and many developing nations of the world, the major indicator that makes them different from the developed nations in education. In the South-Western and North-Eastern part of Nigeria, the major indicator that distinguishes them is the level of education. Education in the developed countries has illuminated the mind of citizens which result in sustainable living that is evidenced today. Also, the percentage of educated citizens in the South-Western part of Nigeria that is known for peace today is quite more than that of the North-Eastern part of Nigeria where terrorism and killings are predominant. To avert terror acts, violence, and killings, there is a need to embrace education. It will bring about sustainable living.

Education is a term that was derived from the Latin word “educator educare” which means to bring up, to develop, to educate fully all the potentialities of an individual. According to the Oxford Dictionary, education is the process of passing or delivering intellectual, moral, and social instruction directly or indirectly to acquire knowledge, sound attributes and attitude, and values that should be possessed by individual to make life sustainable.

Education is a process that begins immediately a man is born and terminates immediately after death. Whatever the dead will encounter in the grave is dependent on how his mind and thoughts have been illuminated. Education is light that illuminates the heart and shapes the revelations of the mind. The relevance of education cannot be far-fetched from or beyond making the world sustainable. It is a means of eradicating extreme poverty and hunger that was itemized in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), hence “Illiteracy Perpetuate Poverty”.

The process of instilling education can either be through the direct or indirect process or both processes. It is a direct process when the student is being trained by parents or elder family members in the home, teachers in school or any other person in the environs. It is an indirect process in the sense that student learns personally from natural phenomenon; for instance, a five-year-old child that encountered animals mating will have the understanding that sexual intercourse existence.

However, the dynamics of sexual intercourse may remain unknown without a direct education process. It is, therefore, crucial to emphasize direct education which will always give light to the glimpse of junks that were conjured in the mind of a child through an indirect process of education.

In this write-up, direct education shall be referred to as formal education. It can be clearly stated that the degree of educated citizens in a location is significant the level of development which is captured by the following indices: improvement in the general welfare of the entire society, reduced unemployment, reduced personal and regional inequalities, reduced poverty, improvement in production, improvement in health, improvement in housing, social and political consciousness of the citizen, reduced pollution and environmental degradation. These and many among other positive indices are attributed to an atmosphere where the majority of the dwellers are formally educated. Education increases citizen's participation in governance such that good governance will become realizable.

Finally, to realize sustainable living and overall development, education should be made available to human beings as freedom or right. From the Holy Bible (Matthew chapter 12 Verse 34-35) “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him”. Depositing of good attributes in man is done in stages, particularly from birth. This process is referred to as education. Therefore, realizing sustainable living is dependent on the number of good things stored up in a man through direct education.

Culled from Adeniran Adetayo (Founder of BUTY GLOBAL)
An Award-Winning Essay

Abiola531 posted Apr 4 at 8:48 am

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anuj0797 posted Mar 24 at 11:29 am

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This is to inform all eligible Nigerian graduates that NYSC Management has recently commenced the process of prosecuting mobilized graduates who willfully failed to turn up for National Service especially during 2019 Batch 'C' Service Year.
The decision is in compliance with Section 13 (1) (a) of the NYSC Act which stipulates that any person:
(a) who fails to report for service in the Service Corps in the manner directed by the Directorate or as the case may be prescribed pursuant to the provisions of this Act..." is guilty of an offence and liable on Conviction to a fine of N2000.00 or to imprisonment for a term of 12 months, or to both such fine and imprisonment".
According, Management hereby magnanimously gives all 2019 Batch 'C' mobilized graduates who fails to turn up for service to, unfailing revalidate their call up instruments as soon as the portal opens for 2020 Batch 'A' registration, or risk the application of the full weight of the law.
This notice serves as a final warning and you are please advised to abide by it.

corper ade posted Nov 4 '19 at 11:14 pm



We spent several years in school
From kindergarten to Higher institution
Just to wear this uniform..

But we were not told...
That the uniform does not guarantee quick employment.

Three weeks in orientation camp
With paramilitary drilling, all because of this uniform,
Still we were not told that the drilling is not a yard stick for quick employment.

Early morning bath in the cold..
Rushing to the parade ground..
You dare not miss the first line of the anthem
You will have to give proper explanation to the soldiers,
Awaiting you with their heartless punishment

Yet we were not told..
That the government has destroyed the Nation decades ago
Climbing trees,
Jumping poles,
Crawling under dangerous wires,
Running and matching in the sun
All because the state governor is coming to visit the camping ground
And there's need to impress the nation

Yet we were not told...
That it's just a waste of time
Sharing toilet with more than 40 corps members
Risking our lives to please the nation

  1. What Every PCM must note is that safety is paramount, so no need for unnecessary rush.

  2. Get all your documents ready before going to camp, what is the point of reporting to camp, when you we still have issues

  3. Travel with a travel agent that can guarantee your movements to camp. Don't go to park just because of the extra money on top. They will guarantee your comfort and you can hold them more accountable

  4. Still on Num 3 they is a agency I even know of in Ibadan, Easy Transport Initiative, they have cheap fee. See the banner below.

  1. Don't go with much goods unless you are planning of not coming back home, you will not need many clothes expect for church and cultural day. Camp is a regiment area, you time are fixed already
corper ade posted Oct 24 '19 at 9:27 am

In the Dawn of allawee new, NYSC portal site malfunction

In the early hour of today, it has been observe that since the early hours of this morning NYSC portal has started misbehave

With glitches in the server affecting corp members data, the screenshot below shows that corp member have started loosing the monthly clearance presence done by NYSC and reflected online.

Thank God, NYSC also collect paper maybe some with not i will not pass out after loosing four month of monthly clearance. This is what is obvious we hope NYSC have not lost more things. What is SIDMACH doing to backup our data on the portal


Fast and Ready posted Jul 27 '19 at 3:26 am

Do you want to say what have been like scam or not to good to you. Instead of been deceived by all fake accounts around simply mail the DG

I hope he check it thou


Kopa posted Jul 19 '19 at 2:44 am

Things to note and prepare your mind towards about sex on camp

To all prospective corp members, I would love to emphasize on the issue of sex in camp.
Many of you are having that mindset of coming with condoms to camp. Not Bad though. While some of you heard from ex corpers that in camp you can have access to free sex with fellow corpers.

Please, don't be a disgrace to your family. Hold body because it is just three weeks. I have seen in my batch where 8 corpers were dekited and decamped some days to our POP. they were caught having sex in maimi at night. Think of the stress and the shame you have caused to your family and the society.

Again, be friendly with camp officials but never have sex with camp officials just because you want redeployment or good posting. Most female corpers derived pleasure in having sex with army, man o'war, even cleaners, even vigilante just because they want to be redeployed or they need a good posting.
Are you that cheap?
A graduate?
Allowing army with myopic reasoning to have you!! Is disgusting. To be Frank, soldiers has nothing to do with your posting.

I have seen cases where after soldier promised some ladies either redeployment or good posting, at the end, the secret came out when nothing of such was done. The only thing that can give you good posting is for you to be active in all platoon activities. Try to be fellowship executives because they are mostly posted in the state capital. So if you want to be posted in the state capital, try to be serious with your fellowship and also try to be made an executive. And then hold any God you serve strong.

Again, during your platoon meetings, there is a general contribution you will be asked to pay.. Either 500 or a 1000 naira. The secret is.... This money is not compulsory because it is only used to facilitate platoon needs. In my time we were 200 in my platoon and we all paid 500 which amount to about 150,000 and we spent just 50,000 inside that money... We then foolishly used the rest to enrich our platoon officer. I will advice you not to even pay. Some people might even like to show off by contributing more, even like 10,000 like a lady did in my set.

Please.. Don't do it. Be wise.
Finally, stealing is somehow legalized in camp. So the moment you get your kites. Get a maker and customized them very well.

Thank you.



President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the immediate implementation of the N30,000 new national wage for Federal Public Service workers currently earning below the minimum wage.

The implications of this to Corp Members, NYSC have started taken action the questions we should be expecting is when will the commencement of payment? how much will be the stipend that is usually added?
How much can the government afford?

We should not be surprised if there is an increase in fee for PPA letter in the coming years we hope it will be very favourable

Let us wait and see or what do you think?

we can also stay updated on

Together we are better informed


Below are the registration Stages in the camp and the guidelines

Stage 1
At the gate: Right at the gate that allows entrance into the camp, the camp security men would demand you show them your "Call-up Letter"; when you show them, they will search your luggage and, depending on the method adopted by your camp management, give you a tag number.

Stage 2
Bed Space/Hostel: From the entrance gate, proceed to the second registration point where you would be allocated a hostel and bed space. At this stage, they would collect the tag number, that is, if any was given to you by the gate security men, and ask you to write your name; after which a bed space would be allocated to you.
After taking out the camp required documents, locate your bed space and drop your luggage(at owners risk) and proceed to the next stage 3.

Stage 3
Verification: At this stage you would be required to provide the original of the following documents (Of course you must have made about six photo copies for each of): Call-up leter, Statement of result, Green card, School I.D card and the Medical certificate of fitness. After verification and confirmation, then proceed to

Stage 4
Biometric Registration: At this stage, they will take your thumb print; if match with the one you did at cyber café. They will cross check your information; if everything matched, then they will determine the platoon you belong. And you will be given, "Camp Corps Member Registration Slip" and Temporary I.D, Certificate format, Performance report form, and Bio-data form.
Locate the photo copy centre and make two photocopies of the slip, and keep the slip for further use.
Check the last digit number in your state code. It ranges from, 0 to 9.
0 is platoon 10;
1 is platoon 1;
2 is platoon 2;
3 is platoon 3
9 is platoon 9.

Stage 5
Platoon: All platoon will be directed to gather at different locations.

Your platoon officer will be there to receive you.
Locate your platoon with the camp corps member registration slip, Green Card, Call up letter, statement of result, to get your file, Meal ticket, and NYSC Kits.

Stage 6
Bank acct opening: At this stage all PCMs would be required to open a new bank account...

Stage 7
First parade:
"Pam...papa pam...; pam papa pam...; pi...po...pi...po...pam...papa paaaaaah" when you hear this sound from military trumpet, usually by 4:00am, those who have completed their registration and are kitted in white camp kits must head to the parade ground for the very first parade.

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