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Good evening to everyone, let us continue on our cover letters introduction.

In case you don't have the introduction check it

We will continue from there but before that let us have a quick reminder of what we say cover letter is

A cover letter is a letter used in applying for a job position. It tells the employer your achievement(s) and how you can replicate same achievement in his firm if considered for the job.

Therefore in continuation to the list last time.

  • Cold calling cover letter

  • Now, we send speculative or cold calling cover letters to firms we are not sure have vacancies but we want to work there. You send such cover letters and then send a follow-up letter three weeks later. The idea is to put yourself in the eyes of the employer.

  • Cover letters response to job adverts have taken over application letters. It is written to woo an employer that you are the right candidate for the job. Here, you look at the skills they need the candidate to have and tell the employer you can do it. You also tell the employer problems you've solved in the past. It could be when you made your students do well in WAEC during your Youth Service year or when you made a good sales for your former/present firm. Even your social media skills can be brought in by telling your employer that you would use it to project the firm to people.

  • Cover letters with name dropping is used when you are recommended by someone to a company. On the letter, you will need to state who recommended you and address the letter to the particular person you were told to write. It takes the form of speculative cover letter but only has names stated on it. So in a nutshell, cover letters are to make you sell your skills, so give the employer your best shot.

Ok. I will like to address some interview questions and how to answer them.


You are not expected to tell them your life history of how you are the last born and related to your village head. All they want to know are your name, educational background and career background. e.g My name is Michael Jacob, a graduate of Mechanical Engineer from University of Lagos and also a career engineer.


This gives you an opportunity to sell yourself. Tell them about your qualification, experience (if you have) and skills.

I should be hired because I'm academically qualified for the job. I also have the needed experience and skills needed to carry out the task I'm being interview for.


If you like tell them 'Yes, I have a car' or 'Of course! who doesn't have a phone?'. You are on your own.

What they are simply asking is are you free to relocate from your present location if we employ you?'. If it's possible, simply say 'yes'.

    This question is meant to cage you to 'one corner'. I know you all know the song.
    If you say 'yes', it means you can't be trusted. If you say 'no', it means you don't have the interest of the firm at heart. So what do you say?
    Simply Tell them, 'As a professional, I will do anything within my powers to protect the interest of my company'. 'within my powers' is an open statement. That means if you can lie, you will. If you can't lie, you w


This is a tricky one. Don't go self destructive by telling them,' I have two boyfriends sir, Emeka and Peter. In case, Emeka disappoints me'.
They are not interested in your affairs. This is a 'perfunctory' question meant to probe your disposition. They want to know how sociable you are. So answer this way, Sir; I have many friends and if given the opportunity to work here, I will make sure they do business with this firm.

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22 of the Biggest Resume Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Job hunting is a lot like online dating, which makes your resume like your dating profile. You apply for a role in the hopes that you get an interview, which is almost like asking someone on a date. After a few interviews, you see if you’d like to make things more official. You start the role. There’s usually some sort of trial period, commonly three months, where both employer and employee are seeing if there’s a good fit. After that, you become a full employee. With that in mind, your resume is how you make a first impression – so you need to do it well. That’s why we’ve compiled the top resume mistakes to avoid at all costs in this article. Keep reading for tips and insights on the key things to make sure you never do on your resume.

  • Letting typos slip through

Even in the world of spellcheck, this is a relatively easy issue. One study by CareerBuilder found that 58 percent of resumes have spelling errors in them – that’s way too high. Understand this for what it is: the HR people do not have some type of vendetta against spelling errors in and of themselves. Rather, what they see when they come across as a spelling error is a lack of conscientiousness.

When you have typos in your resume, recruiters see someone who apparently did not even take their application seriously enough to proofread it before clicking the “Send” button or mailing it in. This isn’t the impression you want to give off, so be sure to eliminate all spelling errors before submitting your resume.

  • You didn’t have someone proofread

Nothing screams “Unprofessional!” like grammatical mistakes and sentences that make no sense in a document meant to impress a potential employer. Even with all the tools available to you, another pair of eyes can be the crucial last step.

Have at least one friend, mentor, or teacher (two is even better) with a good grasp of spelling and grammar look over your resume before you submit it. You’ll be glad you did, if they find something “quiet” embarrassing.

  • Inappropriate email address

In most applications, an email address is a requirement – gone are the daily of snail mail correspondence or solely phone calls. Nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, many applicants make the mistake of leaving personal or inappropriate email addresses rather than professional ones.

Put yourself into the recruiter’s shoes. You are looking at two very impressive applications, but one of them lists their email as “” while the other lists theirs as “” Which person are you more likely to invite for an interview? Which are you most likely to dump in the proverbial garbage? If you don’t already have a professional-sounding email address, sign up for one. Side note here: Gmail tends to be best, as yahoo and hotmail can end up in spam filters.

  • Inaccurate or missing contact information

If you’re successful in your application, the company needs a way to contact you to book an interview. The vast majority of the time, that’s done through email. In some rare cases, you’ll get a call. However, if you don’t provide accurate contact information (or don’t provide any contact information at all), there is no way for recruiters to reach out to you.

Thankfully, this problem is largely solved through technology. When you apply to a job online, the company’s applicant tracking system (ATS) will require an email, phone number, or both. Just make sure you provide the right information.

  • Listing irrelevant, non-job-related information

Too many applicants try to get stand out in applications by highlighting irrelevant things. A 6 month trip to Thailand may be an amazing experience for some jobs and provide depth about you as a person, but a long weekend vacation in Mexico or the fact that you love your dog likely is not.

It’s understandable to want to “liven up” your application, but remember this: the recruiter or hiring manager who will eventually read your resume reads thousands of applications each year. A study by TheLadder found that the average hiring manager spends about 6 seconds looking at a resume. Don’t give them a reason to toss it in the trash by highlighting irrelevant things in an attempt to be relatable – focus on connecting your experiences and previous work to the job you’re applying for.

  • Poor formatting

A well laid-out resume will help you in three major ways:

It will make your resume more easily read by computers.
It will help the recruiter or hiring manager find relevant details more quickly.
It shows that you know how to clearly communicate in writing, a necessary skill in nearly every job.
It can be tempting to fiddle with the formatting of your resume so it has a new look, with a unique layout or fancy font. Bottom line, resist the temptation.

An employer who is wading through a stack of resumes doesn’t have time to decipher an oddly formatted page. Recruiters need to be able to quickly scan your resume to find out if you’re qualified, and likely won’t be impressed if they have to stop and decipher your layout.

Stick to easy-to-read fonts, don’t create tiny margins, and don’t cram your resume with dense blocks of text — use plenty of white space so it’s easier to scan.

  • Use of personal pronouns

This rule is hotly debated, with good arguments on both sides. Avoiding personal pronouns like “I” and “Me” in resumes is considered the traditional way of doing things, while using them in a new-age belief that a resume is a personal branding document. Since you did the things in your resume, it would make sense that you could say you did.

  • We advise against using personal pronouns for two reasons:

While using pronouns is increasing in popularity, not using them is still the accepted standard across the board and will help ensure you don’t get disqualified because the employer doesn’t like them.
Resumes need as much white space as possible while at the same time you have to explain how you’re qualified for a role. Pronouns take up characters and space on the page, so not using them gives you more room to work with.

  • Trying to sound too “well-rounded”

Some applicants believe they will look better to employers if they seem well-rounded. In general, this is true. But don’t take it too far. If your entire resume focuses on breadth, talking about how many committees you’ve served on or the wide variety of job titles you’ve held, then you risk coming off as too shallow in your work experience.

Looking well-rounded has a decreasing marginal return the more senior the role is that you’re looking for. When a business is hiring for more senior people, the leadership wants to know you have deep domain expertise and “climbed the ranks.” Focusing on appearing too well-rounded will backfire and make you look inexperienced.

  • Self-deprecation

Too many resumes have self-deprecating remarks and phrases. While it’s understandable to not want to be seen as bragging on your application, you still want to look good. It is for this reason that statements like “graduated in the top 66% of my class” and “self-employment: what a disaster that was” will not make you look good. Rather, they will make you seem like a potential issue for the organization, someone who probably shouldn’t be trusted with much power or autonomy.

  • Bragging

Of course, the other side of the resume blunder coin are applicants who excessively brag about themselves or their achievements.

Again – you do want your resume to make you look like a strong candidate. What you do not want is obnoxious arrogance, as seen in statements like “you will never find a better candidate than me”, or “my job performance is unsurpassed”, or “if you don’t hire me, you’ll regret it”. Such statements make you seem cocky and indicate a potential lack of team spirit (or even narcissism). Even if you meant it as a joke, keep it off the resume. Let the interview be the time you show your sense of humor.

  • You focused on duties, not achievements

Listing the duties you performed at previous jobs is fine, but your main focus should be on what you actually accomplished there. Did you score a big new contract for your previous employer? That’s a far more compelling statement than just saying you dealt with outside sales.

Make sure you include any awards or accolades you received as part of your previous jobs, and solid benefits you brought to your employers. For best results, be as specific as you can: “I landed an account that brought X dollars of new business” is better than “I sold our widget to a new customer.”

  • Burying your strengths

Some otherwise good resumes handicap themselves by listing important skills at the bottom While you may not want to brag (good on you), you still have to show that you’re a good candidate for the role.

As a rule of thumb, make sure you demonstrate your skills starting with the skills most relevant to the job. Find a creative way to ensure those are right at the top, included in your first professional experience. Read over your resume a few times and put yourself in the position of a busy recruiter. Would your job-specific skills jump out to them? If not, rearrange your resume so that they will.

  • Lack of bullet points

With the rise of computerized resume scanning (and even AI for resume reading), ensuring your resume can be read easily by scanner is essential. One easy way to do this is to use of bullet points.

Do not make the mistake (which many applicants do) of writing everything in as a “wall” of text, hoping that whoever reads your resume will painstakingly read your every word to extract the important parts. They will not. Instead, use bullet points to clearly show different experiences within the same job, explain the details of your role, and explain the results you accomplished.

  • Adding references directly on the resume

While some employers may ask for a reference, this is usually one of the final steps in the interview and hiring process. Since the goal of a resume is to get you the interview, it needs to be short and sweet – no more than one page. Adding references at the end will add unnecessary bulk to your resume. Adding references on your one page will take up valuable space that you should be using to explain your accomplishments in previous roles.

You should have references at the ready, but don’t provide them until asked. When in doubt, leave the references out.

  • The “more is better” mentality

Put simply: employers do not have the time (or desire) to read lengthy resumes. If your resume is more than one page, you risk a recruiter thinking some negative things about you:

That you don’t know how to follow established custom (resumes are nearly always supposed to be one page, unless the job posting explicitly asks for longer).
That you are unable to prioritize and focus to show your experiences as they apply to this specific job, not your whole professional history.

  • That you brag and need to share everything.

None of these are good things. They may not even be true about you, but an overly long resume sends the wrong message. Stick to one page unless the job description asks for more.

  • Sending an ugly attachment

We’ve all been there: you send something out as an email attachment, only to have it look different (sometimes drastically) on your recipient’s computer than it does on yours. This can be disastrous if the random factor and chaos of the Internet messes up your resume’s formatting or bullets. Luckily, this need not become an obstacle.

Before sending your resume via email, simply “test” send it to a few of your friends (or your own email on a different device) and verify how it looks. If it looks as it does on your computer, send it to the employer. If not, find out why and fix it. To avoid this problem entirely, save documents as PDF files, which appear the same on all types of computers.

  • Bashing previous employers

Not every job applicant has the benefit of writing a resume with a sparkling job history. Some have been fired numerous times or been involved in conflicts with bosses at one or more jobs. There is a strong tendency among such people to demonize their ex-bosses in the resume, blaming them for their own failures. But while you might think this makes you look better, it rarely has this effect. Rather, most employers will read something like “I only got fired because my boss was an unrealistic jerk” and imagine themselves being in that boss’ shoes someday.

If you approach your previous issues with malice or anger in your resume, you will be seen as a “problem-person” and probably ignored. The far more effective and mature approach is to simply acknowledge any past difficulties you may have had and exude an honest, sincere willingness to put those things behind you.

  • You lied

Just to clear up any confusion: lying on your resume is a quick way to not get hired. And if you make it through the interview process and get hired, employers finding out you lied is a quick way to get fired.

Desperation can make it very tempting to pad your resume with an embellishment here or an outright lie there, but it’s likely to hurt you eventually. Your resume is your first chance to impress an employer. Take the time to make it shine, and you’ll boost your chances of standing out from the crowd. If you’ve faced a lot of hardships and don’t have “traditional” requirements like a university degree, focus on the practical skills you’ve learned instead – that could very well put you ahead of Ivy League graduates who have fancy degrees but no practical skills.

  • Not showing your qualifications

Many jobs have specific requirements such as a certification or specific degree. If you have that certification or degree and don’t make that clear on your resume, you’re likely costing yourself the job without meaning to. Be sure to look at the job description for specific criteria such as qualifications to teach or professional certifications. Make sure to highlight the skills they are looking for with a bulleted list of your related qualifications at the top of the document.

On the flip side, also take an honest look at your qualifications. If you don’t have the required designations, certifications, or degrees, you probably shouldn’t apply for the job unless the job description clearly states that there is professional development available. That said, you could also take the risk and email the recruiter to ask if the company will sponsor you to get the designation – you never know.

  • Copycat-ing the job description

If you’re simply tailoring your resume to fit into what the potential employer has outlined as job description in the advertisement, you’re missing the point of your resume. HR departments already know what the job is; your resume should highlight your accomplishments and how you are best suited for that position.

Be sure to show what you’ve really done by outlining the process, outcomes and results that are specific to your own work experience. Copying the key phrases on the job description (known as “job application SEO”) may help you get past the initial screen, but likely won’t make it past a human – or artificial intelligence – read of your resume.

  • Inaccurate or missing work dates

Employers need to know when you worked & where, in order to get a better understanding of your working history. They may also use the dates for background and reference checks. Missing dates, especially for long periods of time, could send up a red flag, and the resume may be discarded.

Include specific ranges in months and years for every position (you don’t need to go down to days). If you have gaps, explain them either in your cover letter or introduction, but not in your resume. It always helps to list any continuing education and training that you have taken and to list any volunteer/project-based work during a slow period or summer months. Listing these under education or volunteer work should explain some of the gaps
At the same time, you also want to highlight your strongest work experiences first, so there’s some leeway to switch things up. However, if the most relevant work experience you have for a job is from your work five companies (and many years) ago, it’s possible that the job is not right for you. Make sure you’re focusing on recent transferable skills, using older job experiences to show that you have depth and long-term experience to back up your recent skillsets.


As a prospective corp members, it maybe lingering in your mind,

  • why NYSC Remobilisation first?
  • What is remobilization?
  • can I go with this set of people?
  • Who are they, and what qualify them for remobilization?

This post intends to answer all that, let us start?

You must have come across a recent memo of NYSC evasion, and NYSC getting serious with it legal implications, remobilization is birth from the aftermath of absconding service.
We all know that NYSC service year is compulsory for every Nigeria youth, that graduates below the age of 30 and not in arm forces or with national awards.
Therefore, after a while of not report and later they are ready to be back in service, they enter with any chance of remobilization. Note this is not Revalidation and they are not reporting to camp, they absconded or sent away from camp. So no more NYSC orientation for this people

What does the NYSC bye law says about this?

The NYSC bye law is the law that established the scheme,
Just like we stated, remobilization are for some eligible Nigerian graduates who were duly mobilized and deployed for National Service have willfully refused, neglected and failed to serve continuously for a period of one year as specified in the Call-Up instrument.

The Bye law
"In pursuant to the provisions of Section 2(1) of the National Youth Service Corps Act, Cap. N84, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004.
It is a criminal offence punishable under the provisions of Section 13(1) (b) of the NYSC

Act as follows:
“Any person:-
(b) who refuses to make himself available for service in the service corps continuously for the period specified in subsection (2) of this section,
is guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine of N2,000 or to imprisonment for a term of 12 months or to both such fine and imprisonment.”

Can I go with this set of people?

Like we have explained what qualify them for remobilization, The NYSC management uses remobilization as a second chance to this defaulters.

Since you are not a defaulter, neither do you have first chance, you will agree with me that you are not qualified

Let me end my post by saying, it is hence another chance for Nigerian people, some might not be youth again, to get back and finish serving their fatherland.

Nigeria we serve
Nigeria we ours


This is the second series of this topic if you have not check the first series you can do that

Cover Letters

What is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter is a letter used in applying for a job position. It tells the employer your achievement(s) and how you can replicate same achievement in his firm if considered for the job. In fact, a cover letter allows you sell yourself to an employer, making him see what he stands to gain should he employ you. The major idea behind cover letters is to enable you seduce your would-be boss to see you as the best candidate. However, we have to be careful with our choice of words so we don't brag instead of selling our skills. We have three major types of cover letters and they all play different roles:

  1. Speculative or cold calling cover letters

  2. Cover letters in response to job adverts

  3. Cover letters with names dropping.

  4. Now, we send speculative or cold calling cover letters to firms we are not sure have vacancies but we want to work there. You send such cover letters and then send a follow-up letter three weeks later. The idea is to put yourself in the eyes of the employer.

  5. Cover letters response to job adverts have taken over application letters. It is written to woo an employer that you are the right candidate for the job. Here, you look at the skills they need the candidate to have and tell the employer you can do it. You also tell the employer problems you've solved in the past. It could be when you made your students do well in WAEC during your Youth Service year or when you made a good sales for your former/present firm. Even your social media skills can be brought in by telling your employer that you would use it to project the firm to people.

  6. Cover letters with name dropping is used when you are recommended by someone to a company. On the letter, you will need to state who recommended you and address the letter to the particular person you were told to write. It takes the form of speculative cover letter but only has names stated on it. So in a nutshell, cover letters are to make you sell your skills, so give the employer your best shot.


I know, it is just like yesterday you are full of excitement of been a graduate. Going to camp.

And with memorable experience in camp not to talk of the lecture and parade. It is as if it should not end again.

This later transit to those wonderful PPA experiences, people calling you a corpers on the road and in the market. As if it is your first name.

But this will and for many has ended too, let start bumping up for the excitement of this post NYSC that brings the topic of what you should know and note after NYSC

What is a CV?

A CV is an official document that contains the profile, educational and career background of a person.

In our part of the world, CV and a résumé means the same thing but in other climes, they mean different things entirely. Some of us have been submitting CVs like forever and yet we don't get interview invites. The problem is that your CV is not passing what is known as The 30 seconds Test. The 30 seconds test simply means that an employer or interviewer will decide if he's going to employ you or not within 30 seconds of perusing your CV.

The Do's and Donts of CV


  1. Never start your CV with "Curriculum Vitae". Start with your name boldly written with a larger font.

  2. Ensure the address on your CV is the same with the location of the job. It will make interviewers consider you faster. e.g, if the job is in Lagos, apply with a Lagos address. If you don't stay in the same location, look for someone you know that use same location.

  3. Don't use childish email address. Use an email address with your name. Don't use email address such as It says a lot about your maturity and professionalism. You can use or If the name is already taken, add some numbers, e.g

  4. Under personal data or profile. Some entities like date of birth, state, local government and nationality are not compulsory. As a matter of fact, if the age they need doesn't favour you, just take off your date of birth. Keep the interviewer in doubt. Rather sell your skills.

  5. Under educational background and dates, simply write your school, your course of study and then the year you graduated. Take off the year you got admission. Some people started school in 2005 and graduated in 2012 for a 4-year course. It might not be their fault but employers wouldn't take it that way since you're not there to defend it. So I repeat, write out only graduation year.

    Also, there's no need for your grade (First class, 2.1, 2.2, etc). Just take it off.

  6. Professional Certification is another area that's making people lose out of job search in recent times. Under this section, most people don't have what to put and it pisses off most employers. It means you haven't done much to add value to yourself. If you are a Corp member here, try to do one or two professional course during your service year, else you will be submitting what we call a blank CV'. For those working, you can use your weekends to achieve same. It will help you in your next job search.

    Under your work experience, you are expected to state where you worked, your job designation and your responsibilities. If you are no longer working in the firm, write your responsibilities in past tense. The current place of work can be written in present tense.

However, all your work experiences need not go on your CV except the one relates to the job you're applying for. it makes your CV concise.

** Under you hobbies and interest, you need to be careful of your choices. I once saw a CV that has playing video games as the applicant's hobby. I quickly discarded the CV. Your hobbies should be within researching, meeting people, playing scrabble or chess, mentoring and travelling. But be sure you are into the hobbies as it could be placed before you one day.

  1. Under your referees or references, please you are expected to have your referees name, address, phone number and email address. You can also use your family member as your referee but ensure you don't use the same surname. Also, ensure your referees are aware you are using them as referees to avoid stories that touch.

  2. An ideal CV should be in black and white not coloured except on two occasions: if you are applying as a graphic designer and you want to wow your employer or when your CV has the logo of the company you've worked before under your job experience.

  3. Never forward a CV from your inbox to another employer. Open and compose a fresh mail then upload your CV and send

  4. When sending your CV, make sure the

    subject carries the job role you are applying for.

  5. Don't save your CV on your laptop or phone as 'My CV' or Edited CV'. Simple save it with your full name, e.g Adebayo Michael Samuel.

  6. When sending your CV, don't leave the email page blank. Copy your cover letter and post on the email page. Forget the usual 'Sir, kindly find attached herewith for your .

  7. You don't need to append your passport photo on your CV except the employer request for it which is quite rare.

We will continue with a cover letter later. If looks like another boring lecture to you. Maybe it is, but it is important.


Addresses of NYSC State Secretariats


NYSC Secretariat: St. Finbarr's Road P.M.B 7225, Umuahia
Tel: 08033575318
Office Line:09056444430

NYSC Secretariat Federal Government Secretariat P.M.B 2252, Jimeta-Yola
Tel: 08035912897

NYSC Secretariat Federal secretariat P.M.B 1087, Uyo
Tel: 08034655026

NYSC Secretariat 12 Okpora Street P.M.B 4042, Amawbia,Awka
Tel: 08033115470
Office Line: 09011920020


NYSC Secretariat Turaki Abdu Road, Fadamar Mada. PMB 85, Bauch, Bauchi State.
Tel: 08036101447
Office Line: 08038715255

NYSC Secretariat Block 7, Flat 1-4 Phase II, Civil Service/ FRSC Road , Yenogoa
Tel: 08036710943

NYSC Secretariat: Railway Bye-pass P.M.B 2358, Makurdi
Tel: 08037327017

NYSC Secretariat Kashim Ibrahim Road P.M.B 1124, Maiduguri
Tel: 08036833301


NYSC Secretariat KM 5, Muritala Muhamed Way Ikot Ansa PMB 1148, Calabar
Tel: 08038716876
Office Line: 09012771278


NYSC Secretariat Federal Secretariat P.M.B 5004, Asaba
Tel: 08033472364
Office Line:


NYSC Secretariat :17 Nkwerre Street G.R.A, Abakaliki
Tel: 08033931236

NYSC Secretariat : 2 Red Cross Road off Ikpokpan Road, off Sapele Road, GRA Benin City
Tel: 08034201334

NYSC Secretariat: Kilometer 2, Iyin Road P.M.B 5302, Ado Ekiti
Tel: 08034041910

NYSC Secretariat 2 Abakaliki Road G.R.A P.M.B 1293, Enugu
Tel: 08034977580


NYSC Secretariat : No. 6 Lasale Street Off Shehu Shagari way Maitama, beside CBN Training centre, Abuja
Tel: 08029656262


NYSC Secretariat, along F.M.C/ Ashaka Road, P.M.B. 036, Gombe,Gombe State.
Tel: 08035401202


NYSC Secretariat:Mbano Street Aladinma Housing Estate, Owerri
Tel: 08036541365
Office Line: 08162717253,08052518647


NYSC Secretariat Kigawa Road, P.M.B 7049, Dutse.
Tel: 08034818138


NYSC Secretariat: Unguwa Rimi P.M.B 2201, Kaduna
Tel: 08034059437
Office Line: 09012120032

NYSC Secretariat Gwarzo Road P.M.B 3137, Kano
Tel: 08023580096

NYSC Secretariat Federal Secretariat Complex Katsina. P.M.B 2034, Katsina
TEL: 08036123353

NYSC Secretariat 4 Patrick Aziza Road P.M.B 1043, Birnin Kebbi
Tel: 08030639958

NYSC State Secretariat Lokoja- Okene Road Lokongoma Phase 1, P.M.B. 1046, Kogi State.
Tel: 08033724233
Office Line: 09034818909, 09012120534

NYSC Secretariat: Ahmadu Bello Way P.M.B 1512, Ilorin
Tel: 08033357545


NYSC Secretariat: Old Census Office Babs Animashun Street , Surulere Lagos
Tel: 08035955422


NYSC Secretariat: 26 Makurdi Road P.M.B 31, Lafia
Tel: 08034500624
Office Line: 09060952091

NYSC Secretariat Bosso Road P.M.B 83, Minna
Tel: 08036242113


NYSC Secretariat Federal Government Secretariat P.M.B 2093, Abeokuta
Tel: 08162761900

NYSC Secretariat Fed. Govt. Secretariat Complex P.M.B 718, Akure
Tel: 08036159898
Office Line: 07031945014

NYSC Secretariat New Ikirun road P.M.B 4370, Oshogbo
Tel: 07032982884
office Line: 07050227036

NYSC Secretariat :Former 2, Mech. Drive P.M.B 5500, Ibadan .
Tel: 08034800685


NYSC Secretariat: Old Miango Road, Kufan Opp.Chindi Hotel, P.M.B 2258, Jos.
Tel: 08034537874
Office Line: 09064827153


NYSC Secretariat :40 Ikwerre Road P.M.B 5210, Port Harcourt
Tel: 08132065660
Office Line: 08165868000


NYSC Secretariat Birnin Kebbi Road , Sokoto
Tel: 07038912689
Office Line: 07051196247


State Secretariat: NYSC Secretariat 118 Hammaruwa way, PMB 1058 Jalingo, Taraba State.
Tel: 08033446524
Office Lines: 09063799800, 09013087614


NYSC Secretariat State secretariat Phase 1 , P.M.B 1026, Damaturu
Tel: 07039469446
Office Line: 08083689667, 08060921517


NYSC Secretariat Sokoto Road , Gada Biyu P.M.B 1026, Gusau
Tel: 07085856416
Office Line: 08064618455


In a bit for bloggers to get more traffic and attention, many have mis represent the truth about NYSC 2020.

Give graduate what they want, a made up story, some even come up with their own Orientation Date, that make NYSC to reply this rumours and fake news with a disclaimer;

"Management wishes to emphatically clarify that the advertorial did not emanate from the Scheme. It is the handiwork of fraudsters, purposed to mislead the public, with extortion of Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) as the end point.

It is imperative to state that the Scheme is yet to release the dates for the activities. There are processes to observe, in conjunction with the Scheme's major stakeholders before the dates are announced.

Assuredly, once the activities are scheduled, the public shall be duly notified through advertorials in both the print and social media."

To be continued in the comment session, becos of this reason we advocate for a open community and communication system.

Like this platform, ask you questions here you can even sticky it to the homepage,
You can do that now by clicking

I am sure someone will reply, and get you info from the right source don't be mislead or scammed, don't even pay anyone any money when you can get it all done legit and even free.

See you in the comments section

recent by Kopa  ·  Jan 15 at 6:02 am

Following the recent making the rounds that the Corps Member who was reported to have committed suicide was serving in Kogi State, the Coordinator of NYSC in the state, Mr. Lasaki Taofic has described it as a false and misleading.

The Coordinator made this known through a press release made available to Accurate Newspaper through the the Assistant Director, Press and Public Relations, Rev. Tayo Adedapo.

Part of the press release read “Report that reached the NYSC Kogi Secretariat from Enugu NYSC said one Miss Princess Maturayo Bolufenu a serving corps member with them, of Kogi State origin has committed suicide after drinking two bottles of snippers in Enugu. However, the on- line report of THE TRIBUNE NEWS PAPERS gave a mixed up of the story.
Moturayo died in ENUGU not Kogi. Moturayo’s place of service – Enugu not Kogi.
Moturayo’s state of origin is KOGI.
Please disapprove the on-line edition of the sad story which portrayed Moturayo place of service as Kogi, thank you”.

The Coordinator however describe the death of Moturayo as painful and heartbreaking. He pray that her soul rest in peace.


Has preparation for a new registration and mobilization heightens this are communication line every graduate must have in NYSC 2020 that will help out.

Do you need contact or connect?
No need going far?
Get your mobilizing, online issues resolved?

Contact line for registration error
Instead of spending money, or energy on source that are not reliable, here are online registration helpdesk numbers.

MTN 08147869429
MTN 09038034460
MTN 08102790538
ETISALAT 08092142661
ETISALAT 08092142614
ETISALAT 08092142616
AIRTEL 07019190810 SMS ONLY
AIRTEL 07019190812
GLO 07056726960

NYSC Contact line for verification or to reach each zones?

Prospective corps members who graduated from Institutions located in the following Geo-Political Zones with challenges related to mobilization can contact the following Telephone Numbers.

North Central - 08092142614

North East - 08102790538

North West - 08092142661

South East - 09038034460

South West - 08092142616

South South - 07018836388

The support lines posted to our platforms is to ease our stress of getting information and to keep our commitment to eradicating fake news about corp member, which can only be done with all of us coming together, to get ourselves informed which one way to do that is knowing the right channel to get important information.

And another very important, is our response/contribution to this Corpers Lodge. is a corpers house and their would be a family with communication.

So create a topic, discuss and ask your questions today. It goes a long way to help the community, you can do that by clicking



National Youth Service Corps is a Nigeria scheme that embraces servicom, and has associated with any brand and organisation.

This is the 2nd of this series, if you are yet to check out DG WhatsApp and Phone number click

Communication is premium to an understanding of the people. With NYSC have a more special relationship has it cut across the society, other organisations, government and most especially the youth of the nation.

The question then is;


This is need especially in the case of emergency, and urgency. This can not be far fetch, as NYSC as a scheme have a chain of command in which communication is expected to follow.


This post is not meant to break those chain of getting your concern known to your LGA inspector, to the Zonal Inspectors, to the State Secretariat, and maybe to the Headquarters.

But you will agree with me that not all concerns can and should be allow to pass through this various chain. Especially in case where the immediate chain command cannot solve the issue.

This now take me to what are the



In case of Distress

Contact NYSC Distress Call Centre: (0700 call NYSC) = 07022556972

Also public can reach the scheme through the following lines:
Call Centre Lines:

  1. 08139880080
  2. 09092989929
  3. 08064324023
  4. 09065250174
  5. 07052374757

Distress Email to contact NYSC



and lastly the popular you can also reachout through;

As Corp Members let be careful connected and informed, that is why we encourage us to interact on this platform, to stay connected you can do that by clicking Here ensure you sign in.

If you are yet to be in the Telegram platform you can join us Here

Alot of people are already waiting for your contribution.

Only together we can be better informed


NYSC is an open scheme established by the Federal Republic of Nigeria. And in the mind of this openness there are founded communications line you can use to reach the scheme for communications especially from corp members, prospective corp members and the society at large.

Yesterday will stay on our Telegram platform with NYSC newly founded Toll free communications line read more on that

Today we want to move to another notable communication line, which is DG email and phone numbers. The Director-General of NYSC, Brigadier General Shuaibu Ibrahim.
I hope you wouldn't espect him to be receiving this messages directly, or checking his email regularly, if at all he does himself.

As he personal received a gmail sometime in May before releasing his NYSC Web mail.

Email Address

Below are
NYSC Director General's phone Numbers

WhatsApp messages: 09033050542

strictly for Text Messages Only:-

MTN Number


Every communication as been promised to be treated with upmost confidentiality.

More to come, on NYSC communication line, distress line, online registration line, official lines, etc.

Let us stay connected and inform, you can share your opinion and experiences too Here


As holiday goes off. Corpers that have leave their duty post need to go back to their respectively PPA

NYSC 2020 is finally here,
my message is for the NYSC 19 C relocated or those of them yet to have PPA

Even while looking for PPA (place of primary assignments) to stay close to a Corpers Lodge which is usually around the NYSC state secretariat or LGA secretariat. Don't just expect everyone PPA or area you are sent to to accept you, after all it is just once but be prepared.

Let me share a story that happened to a PCM in May 2016, while in this same job hunt. I saw it online recently

"Obeying The Clarion Call In Untold Agony

It was just like an horror scene from a scary movie, stumbling on a body snoring away on a pedestrian bridge few metres away from Kubwa Garage.

As if that was not enough, the snoring fellow was gorgeously cladded in the highly revered NYSC outfit. Upon waking him up, the horror story he narrated will exhaust several pages.

Is it not unfathomable that fresh graduate of one of Nigeria's Ivory Tower has been rendered homeless in the course of serving his fatherland? To further add salt to his injury, he was outrightly rejected by the government parastatal he was posted to for no concrete reason.

To further exacerbate his predicament, the unfortunate young Nigerian graduate is battling with pneumonia This is to serve as a wake up call to our policy makers to holistically review the NYSC Acts. Also, as a short term solution, we hereby call upon every well meaning Nigerian to come to the aid of Abuja corp members before the untold stress impinged on innocent corps members exceeds yield point."


Ensure you stay connected and informed.


As 2020 NYSC Mobilization approaches.

There is need to clarify the overview of the way NYSC Mobilizes Prospective Corps Members or better put graduating students.

The question many graduating students have is

How am I sure that I will go with this Batch?

This is not a problem, usually if you are graduate of a CPI

What is CPI?

Corp Producing Institutions.

Then you are eligible to be mobilize for NYSC provided you are below the age of 30. In which if you are above you will be given exemption letter, which is significantly equal to an NYSC discharge certificate.

Another question ask by graduate is

How can I serve if I am above 30 yrs?

I receive these questions often. But truth be told it can be influenced, but if I am directly in charge of such influence. I wouldn't do it for anybody.

If you are above 30 yrs go and start your life, which is in your hands. Not thinking of putting another constraint that comes with the service of our fatherland.

Back to our primary discussion,

How many time do NYSC mobilize in a year?

NYSC mobilisation is often done in 3 (three) Batches. Which Batch B and C having 2 streams. Which is another opportunity to be mobilized.

Therefore in 2020, every graduate have a chance of reporting to camp for orientation and mobilisation from their institution about 5(five) times. Relax make a good use of the opportunities and you can be patient and prepare well for it.

Note this is not a BLOG but a house for corpers, therefore you can ask your questions, by replying.

You can share your NYSC stories and experience too, and let someone learn from it.
to do so

Only Together we can be better informed


The 20th day of December, 2019 was a very special day for me as I was awarded a First Class Honors, Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in Accounting, Federal University of Technology Akure.

To the glory of God, I entered FUTA on 3rd of December 2015 as an undergraduate. I had a four man squad and we all strived to be successful. In a nutshell, first semester result 100 level result was out and it happened that I had the lowest GPA of 3.80 in the squad. I was so disheartened that I had the lowest GPA and I was a bit happy that I didn't scored too low despite my political office as NUASA pioneer General Secretary (with Aluta-P led executive) and my position as the National President, Jnr/Int RAN. I informed a brother, Bosun Egberinde of the situation at hand and he encouraged and motivated me to keep moving and aim high.

Second semester 100 level result was released, I had 4.44 (was so annoyed because I had a C in CSC102, a three unit course which hindered my chance of making a first class that semester). I will never forget, a friend out of the 4 man squad who made a statement that struck a cord in me, he actually had a 'B' in a 4 unit course and he was like, "if ordinary BBM could have an 'A' BIO 102, then he should definitely have more than that" (with the impression that he is far better than me). This drove me high and mad

200 level first semester, I started reading for an average of 8 hours in a day and once read for 16 hours on a stretch. Guess what, I had a 5.00 that semester.

We were two that actually had the 5.00 then and that was the first of its kind in Accounting and the faculty, SMAT (except IT report) according to history. I was so amazed because in 4 of 9 of the courses, I had 70 -72 (A). (Isn't God faithful?). The news went viral throughout the faculty and we became the talk of the devil for a while.

Not to bore you with this long story, Second semester 200 level, I had 4.67. I actually spent my lecture free week at a National camp ☹. God is good!

First Semester 300 level, I had 4.63; was scared of dropping because I started my professional exam ICAN-ATS in that semester and officially launched my enterprise, BBM WORLD (Graphics Design).

Second semester 300 level, only had 11 days to prepare for school exam due to my second stage of my professional exam, but guess what, I made a 5.00 as well . First Semester 400 level, again, I made a 5.00. It was a back to back, hit to hit . Should I burst your burble? I wasn't in school in the first week of exam, I was in Lagos for my ICAN-ATS induction, also represented the university in an inter-university competition (Annual Conference for Accountant at JABU) yet, God did it. And in the last semester, 400 level second semester, I had 4.88 (a 3 unit course actually hindered me from having a 5.00 for the fourth time. I had a 'B' ☹.

However, I bless God because only 6 out of about 95 students had an 'A' in a 6 unit project and I was honoured to be among them. Also represented FUTA at an inter-university summit or competition at OAU in October which lead to a competition/teasing between OAU and FUTA (#OAUvsFUTA on tweeter). I and my team made them know that FUTA is the best!.

Today, I graduated as the 5th best graduating student in the department of Accounting with a CGPA of 4.68 from 3.80 of 5.00 scale.
I am a true product of Grace.

Charge: In whatever thing you do, strive to be the best. Yes, the best!

Babatunde Babajide M. Bs.c (Akure), AAT.
Accountant | Financial Analyst | Project/Data Analyst | Graphics Designer | Debater | Academician | Public Speaker | Curator | Entrepreneur



Research Supports Bonanza


Do you have issues with your final year project, MSc dissertation, PhD thesis, or assignment;
Do you need help with;






call 07036196773


  • Free Advice
  • Affordable
  • Expertise and Competence
  • Negotiable prices

10% discount applies to any referral

With over 5 years of research experience our team is ready and can help you meet deadlines.




Kopa posted Dec 23 '19 at 10:06 pm


Request letter for Corp Members.

This is the easy way to get a PPA, especially if you relocated to a new state.

An employer Request letter. This is what the format of what it should ideally contain before you drop just anything request letter.

Why corpers should pay attention to this, is because effectually you will be the one to submit the letter yourself with your hands.

You can hand over the format to potential employer or just note the details, a sample will be attached below

Let us go straight into the details

  1. Address; request letter is to the state secretariat. So an employer, principal or manager that have be use to clearance. This is not addressed to any local government inspector.

  2. Letter head; the letter used should be in a letter head a coloured paper is more appreciated.

  3. You details; this includes your name, call up number and new state code if relocated.

Here are the samples of a Corp member Request letter format

Ideally a request letter should be coming from an organisation to NYSC which we have discussed above.

But incase you have a desire work space, especially for relocated corp member.

Note: This does not signify that the posting will be confirmed by NYSC none the organization acceptance.

Therefore it is advisable that you use the above request letter, as it shows already acceptance

Here is the sample of Posting Request Letter from NYSC


Nigeria is our Nigeria will serve!
Nigeria is u and i

You can check all other NYSC Format Letter

Join our Telegram Channel for discussion and answers to your questions, create topic this is a forum. It will be of great help to someone


I am Aishat, a Batch C stream 1 Corp member. I have been getting some questions, people are interested to know more about Borno, serving there and many more so I decided to give updates about my experience so far and throughout my stay there.

These are going to be personal experiences which might differ from others(no one should come and start expressing how bitter they are at the comment section) lol and also if there are questions anyone want to ask if I have answers to them,I'll do the needful and answer in the best of my knowledge.
So I'll do a flashback and a summary of the first two weeks I spent there before I went on break.Enjoy, please I'm just an ordinary human living everyday as best as I can, I make mistakes, correct me don't let's get started....

Wait lemme attach a picture of me smiling maybe that can inspire someone having a bad day to know that no one has it easy but we have to be strong and hopeful always!


We got to Borno in the evening after we left Katsina,we didn't leave the day camp closed but instead the next day because there was every possibility of getting to Borno late and we won't be allowed in once its past the time we can come in,we were like eight buses or more filled with corp members. The Catholics had their logde also the Pentecostal Christians, they alighted while we the few left,(the Muslims) we were told we were taken to our lodge but on getting there I found out that was a general logde(the state lodge as it is called) they were Batch B corp members occupying the place already.I had a very stressful journey and was seriously hungry but the food that was given to us made me totally lost appetite (atleast they offered us food).
We were given two mattresses temporarily though we were three female corp members and was told to try and do with that because these mattresses were borrowed, the one's to be given to us wasn't ready.I realised by then that my travelling bag (echolas box) was left at the place we first dropped some persons, I couldn't cry I needed to change my wears and everything was in there, we were not told before we realized how much the mosquitoes there were but still my net wasn't here,I was feasted terribly on,I couldn't sleep with their noise and was just praying for morning to come, my first night was really a bad one.
This state lodge are flats and were occupied by some footballers I guess the state footballers so they got another place for them and decided to give us the place and mind you the accommodation is said to be available to those serving under the state parastatal though not everyone working under the state government is staying there, some working with the ministries too etc.The medical students lodge is different from ours,but side by side each other with a fence demarcating it, theirs (the medical students)is just a room self contain while ours (non medical students) was a flat with two rooms kitchen bathroom and toilet,in these rooms,two to three persons per room while the parlour was three person's in it,mattresses would be given to us,while we get the other needed stuffs for the room ourselves,and also for the medical students they were two to three in their various rooms.
To be cont'd.
Thanks for reading.

You can share your NYSC story and experience too, and let someone learn from it.
to do so

Fast and Ready posted Dec 18 '19 at 7:14 am

I came across the letter by Sunday 15th, the first copy is below. On Corp Member best and number one platform

This is the joke, and right away I know this it can't be it must have be cooked up by jobless corp members who hate and can't negotiate for a leave in their PPA.

Let us do simple analysis.

  1. The Telegram channel is wrong, and NYSC we not have put any Telegram link there.
  2. Let us ask yourself simple question if it is true how can a letter carrying Lagos letterhead have DG signatures, his he the state coordinator.
  3. Why should NYSC ever use a mail in a letter that is not working. The web mail is just invalid.

Just to point out a few things thou. While later to make the obvious more interesting, Lagos state secretariat release a denial of such letters


NYSC also released a disclaimer of such letters, what a joke If you are a Corp member, you can ask for a travel leave check out for the Format Letter

As Corp Members let be careful and be informed, that is why we encourage us to interact on this platform, you can go ahead and make a stories by clicking Here ensure you sign in and if you are yet to be in the Telegram platform you can join us Here

Alot of people are already waiting for your contribution.

Only together we can be better informed


THE BORROWER - Some people ehn, I don't really know if it is lack of home training or Lack of NYSC training, they can borrow anything.

How will you come to camp and ask someone you just met to borrow you his sponge and bathing soap?

What if the person is unfortunate?

What if his village people are observing him on VAR?

These ones don't even want to know that there is limit to borrowing things.

You will borrow charger, slippers, bucket, detergent, brush, toothpaste, or just name it...

Is it that you were forced to nysc Camp ni?

Don't Sha goan borrow something Tha will reduce the megabytes of your glory.


there are two sets here.

The first ones will borrow but will legit not return because it's in their blood, they lack NYSC ETIQUETTE 101.

But you see the other Anini's, the kleptos, this one can steal your soul if they get the opportunity.

How can you steal plastic spoon? Ahn ahn? Steal bailer, brush, toothpaste, clips, buckets, white shirts, pant n bra, cream, sponge and soap.

One day you will goan steal someone's personal effect that has been cursed. You wee know that madness is real.

Sha return my bucket and my bailer, you have made the join the first borrower gang.

OMO MUMMIES - these ones ehn, their case is special. It's not that they are from one rich family like that oh.

No oh, but they will be like "I can't eat kitchen food, I can't eat beans, I can't drink pap, I can't eat only one meat," whereas, them no dey use fish chop for house.

So we that our meal ticket has been ticked like PPA attendance, we are mad Abi?

You will be wasting your money at maamy market but you will still be borrowing bucket to baff - can you see that you mistakenly packed your village people in your luggage while coming to camp? No worry na

PHILANDERERS - when some people were coming to camp, they had 2GB of destiny, but when they are going back, I pray they still have 25MB. they are always jumping from one girl to the other.

You will see them at mammy water with efom, you will see them in the hall with titi, and still see them at the red cross shade with Rita. Oshey trinity corper, 3 - in - 1 otondo.

Your 1,800 na woman collect am. You collect bicycle allowance na woman collect am. We don't need an herbalist to know that your allowee will follow yansh.

We that have decided to look away from all immoralities, are we mad?

SPRING ROLLS - you will see them in red cross, quarter guard, band, parade, dance and drama, SAED, WAED, Carol, debate, sanitation, platoon leader, hostel president, security...

Uncle easy, NYSC is not running away now.

What if you collapse? One step at a time now. You lack focus, ehn, you lack focus.

Pick something and do it very well, don't goan be uselessly filling spaces, hence, stopping people who would make better impact look from the background.

Na this kain people you go give mic for worship ground and they won't pass it to the next person.

If you desperately want to work, AI hostel needs sweepers and cleaners oh...

WAY MAKER - these ones ehn, with all the restrictions and rules, they will still find a way to do it.

They can't hold body. If they are not dancing to that Naira Marley's popular song, they are finding the best Mammy spot for it. Besides, wait, how can you come to camp and fall in love to the point of doing It?

What is she's cursed, unfortunate, damaged, trapped, bewitched, enchanted?

For a girl to meet you in camp and allow you to do it, it's not normal, she's either an addict, a pervert or it's spiritual. But uncle just wants to enter any hole. Sha don't goan enter hole that has snake in it.

And if Lady Doris Eromsen catch you, sha know that the color of your cloth will change earlier than expected.

One word is enough for a corper.

ANGELINA JOLIE'S - the slay mama's, they Wan go man o war drill, they make up, them dey hot sun, they make up. Paint face, paint facts, paint figures like michelango.

You are coming to NYSC Camp with a massive WMD behind you, and yet, it's that short kit you could get?

Why is your short always entering into your office?

In case no one is telling you aunty, your short is transparent, we are seeing terrible things.

Some of us have home training but you have spoilt everything. If you dress decently, will you die? All because of Mammy Market.

Look sexy, not cheap. Well, what do I know?

(WMD is Weapon of Mass Destruction.)

THE MATRESS GANG - you think you have a sleeping talent? Then you have never been to an NYSC lecture. People are sleeping out here man.

If no be for NYSC officials wey dey enter guys, some people ready to sleep throughout a four hour lecture.

They tilt their head back, press their legs forward, put a cap on the head positioning it to cover the face and nose, or just use a sunglasses - yes, El Dorado here we come.


"I am 3356 from platoon 6. I want to send a shout out to Victor, he's the highest goal scorer in platoon 10, I really have a crush on him, tell him 'I love you baby' for me"

Oshey eyan Granite crusher.

If your village people are not making fruit salad with your glory, You met someone in camp, barely 5 days, and you are already doing PDA (Public Display of Affection) on radio.

What happened to your bf in school?

He is on strike?

Later you will be shouting "all men are scum" after Victor has scored many goals and you still received a red card.

Abeg leave our Victor for us, make he know go play penalty go throw in.

Always texting OBS crushing on every body in camp.

IMITATORS - na this set I hate most.

Them go just stay behind the door start to dey shout "GET OUT, DOUBLE UP, WHAT ARE YOU DOING THERE."

So in your mind you are imitating soldier Abi.

Don't you have human conscience?

You go just dey wake person anyhow, they put unnecessary tension for person body.

If you don't desist from this act, don't lemme say God will trick you with a miracle. I dey vex.




Don't shout back at an officer - it's a trap.

Don't be unnecessarily proud. You don't know who you are talking to, don't be your own downfall.

Don't jump at every body, everyone will not be your friend.

Don't be lousy.

Be tidy, pick dirts, greet people, smile, be reserved and flatter people.

Don't steal, manage, you won't die.

Don't tell the camp director "I love you baby" she's your village people representative - you can be decorpered - sorry, dekitted.

Okokomaiko Of Mass communication AAUA

Nigeria is our Nigeria will serve!
Nigeria is u and i

Join our for discussion and answers to your questions, create topic this is a forum. It will be of great help to someone


Many have been expectant and patiently waiting for the response from the Abduction of Amuta Abraham by Boko Haram in Bornu State, a Batch “B” Corp Member with Registration Number: BO18B0667, was abducted on the 10th of April on his way to church with two others.


Yesterday makes it 9 months to his abduction, the question really is

Till when will he be released?
How long are will going to wait?

We know how long it too to get some Chibok girls out not even all. Yesterday the DG of NYS , Brigadier General Shuaibu Ibrahim, Wednesday visited the family of Abraham in Jos, Plateau state

Where he spoke to the parents of the Corps member, Mr. Daniel Ochogwu Amuta and Mrs. Esther Amuta, that the Scheme is "fully committed to the rescue of Abraham. And that they are working with relevant agencies to ensure that he is released unhurt and reunited with the family."

This is hope, but till when, we all know that the whole nation is committed to rescuing girls and it too so long to get some back. Till when for our beloved Abraham return home and to safety.


Comments, give a thumb up and let the world know your NYSC stories and experiences by clicking

You can stay in touch on us also at Telegram group


FRSC and NYSC collaboration, following the meeting between NYSC DG and the FRSC boss on Wednesday 4th December 2019

Boboye Oyeyemi, corps marshal of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), says no driver should transport corps members leaving orientation camp from 6pm.

He gave the warning during the FRSC end-of-the-year meeting with transport union stakeholders, in Abuja, on Tuesday.
The meeting is one of the programmes done in preparation for the end of the year activities. It particularly looks at how vehicular accidents can be reduced during the festive periods.

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members for Batch C Stream II had resumed orientation camps on November 28 and would end December 19.

Boboye said any driver that transports the corps members from 6pm above, will face serious consequences.

“No transport union should convey any corp member and those leaving the orientation camp on Thursday, December 19, 2019 from 6pm. Any vehicle that violates this order will be dealt with seriously, as the FRSC is committed to the safety of lives and properties,” he said.
“I want to urge the state coordinators of different NYSC orientation camps to send signals to the corps members to be aware of the information. This has become necessary to address road accidents and crashes that occur during the festive periods across the country.

The safety of the youths, goods and Nigerians’ lives at large is our major concern.”

The FRSC also boss urged corps members to use motor parks while boarding vehicles. He urged them to avoid roadside vehicles for security reasons.

He called on the transporters to reduce prices of transportation fares for corps members in order to make it affordable for them.

“This is the main reason why you see corps members boarding vehicles at night and, sometimes, on the roadside,” he said.

“The belief is that the prices of transportation would reduce at night by boarding at the roadside. This is not safe at all.”

In reaction, Yusuf Adeniyi, national secretary, Road Transport Employer’s Association of Nigeria (RTEAN), said the directive will be complied with, adding that the transportation fare will be reduces for corps members during the period.

“We will direct all the offices nationwide to bring down the prices and provide good vehicles for their safety,” he said.


Passive income generation for corp members

This for every Corper or Prospective Corps Members who is thinking what can I do to make extra money while I don't touch my allawee during my service year


Note what works for someone else might not work for you. So just find the convinent one that fit into your PPA schedule and area

1. Tutoring

This is one of the easiest businesses you can start during NYSC. You first start it as home tutoring or coaching then extend it to lesson centre. There may be a bit competitive in some locality and where that exists, you must try to show some level of expertise. Many parents are willing to pay for children home tutoring.

2. Photographer and videographer

This is another small business idea to start during NYSC. The advent of camera phone have reduced the lucrative nature of this business, however the business is still somewhat profitable.

3. Mini computer business centre (mainly photocopying, laminating and typing)

With 3 in 1 HP printer, laptop or desktop; you can start a mini computer business centre. This you can site close to your family house or school area depending on your residential area. There is lots profit in this business.

4. Game and life fitness centre

If you are the game type, you can open a game and fit centre. Youths of these days enjoys games so much. There are different games you can start like; table tennis, weight lift, chess game in addition to personal fitness exercise room. This is usually lucrative if you are posted to the city for your primary assignment.

5. Research Award project centre

Setting up research award project centre in conjunction with those had passed out from NYSC service can be a profitable venture. Local, state and federal award are what every NYSC corper member is aiming for. So, setting up a centre that will see to this and help corp member achieve it can be lucrative.

6. Seminar and workshop centre
7. Career development centre
8. Website development and designing
9. Computer and laptops repairs
10. Hairstylist

This business will best suit female corp member but I have male corp member making money as hairstylist.

11. Beads knitting and selling
12. Cloth designing and tailoring
13. Blogging

Blogging is an online business which you can be doing on your spare time or at leisure. You can start this business at any locality in as much as there is availability of internet connection and you have your own laptop or desktop. For more information on blogging, you can read this now; how to start a success blogging in Nigeria. You can also read this; how to a blog, grow traffic and make money.

14. Trading

Trade is the most common business for NYSC corp member. So, you can start trading. Most corp members posted to North buy product there and send to east for selling.

15. Fresh fruit Juice production

If you posted to a town like Lagos, kano, Onitcha, partharcourt, Aba, etc; these towns are highly business area. You can easily start up fresh fruit production in these towns and it will sell very well.

More on business to during NYSC

• Liquid soap and detergent production
• Perform and body deodorant production
• Haircut and barbing saloon

There are some factors that will likely affect your overall success in any of the above business idea. These factors include;
• The locality/state where you are posted for NYSC
• Your business orientation
• Passion
• Dedication
• Hard work
• Capital
• Skill

So, try as much as to factor in these factors when thinking of business to do during NYSC. As I have already said, you don’t to wait until you pass out from NYSC before you start up a business. That one year NYSC period is the best time to start.


A lady identified as Praise Folorunsho serving in Kebbi was buried on Thursday after she died in tragic accident.

An aggrieved online user who shared the pathetic story wrote....




Today let us answer a major question


You will be able to know how to write acceptable letter for any reason you want has a corp member. For easy access to all the letter you might need and to avoid embarrassment just follow the format. Here are the format letters with pics to see and replicate them.

Format Letter;

Permission to travel

Clearance letter Here

Letter of reposting Here

Medical leave letter Here

Medical bill refund letter Here

Personal CDS letter Here

for questions and discussion click Comments, give a thumb up and share your stories Here

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Together we are better


The Management of the National Youth Service Corps Scheme notes with trepidation the attack on FC Ifeanyi Ubah Football Club by some daredevil gunmen dressed in NYSC uniform.

While Management sincerely commiserates with the notable football team over the attack which sadly resulted in severe bodily harm to the bus driver who was shot and some team members who also sustained injuries, it wishes to dissociate the National Youth Service Corps from the dastardly attack, as Corps Members neither bear arms, nor carryout stop - and - search.

Management wishes to reiterate that under the NYSC Act CAP N84 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004, it is a criminal offence for any person who is not a member of the Corps to put on NYSC uniform or any part of it.

Management therefore calls on law enforcement agencies, especially the Police and Department of State Services to immediately apprehend and prosecute any unqualified person caught in NYSC uniform since such person poses a big threat to national security.

In the same vein, the Corps will spare no effort in shielding the uniform from unwarranted abuses by some film makers, as well as comedians who employ NYSC uniform as costume, without first and foremost seeking express permission from the Scheme to do so. Henceforth, the full weight of the law will be brought to bear on such culprits.

As Management wishes the injured team members speedy recovery, the Director - General of the Scheme, Brig Gen Shuaibu Ibrahim in the same vein admonishes all Corps Members to, at all times make their identity cards readily available for identification.


Nigeria is our Nigeria will serve!
Nigeria is u and i

Join our for discussion and answers to your questions, create topic this is a forum. It will be of great help to someone


It came so fast we were still preparing for convocation when the registration started for Batch C stream 1.I and my friends had preferred states in mind,we asked friends who served already for advice on the states to pick,fast forward we were to pick States and Lagos,Abuja wasn't on the portal well we move even if it broke a lot of people's heart.The states I picked were

I'll say Borno was the last on my mind and in as much as I wanted to serve in the North I expected to be given Kano.
Convocation came and went NYSC became the next on our minds. My friend who saw hers first saw Kogi,I was laughing and in my mind worse come to worse I'm given Borno I'll redeploy I didn't know I was joking,another set of friends checked they were both given Enugu okay the network was bad so I couldn't check on my phone, late that Friday when the whole family has slept I knew my fate it is Borno. And that was how the journey began.

Nigeria is our Nigeria will serve!
Nigeria is u and i

Join our for discussion and answers to your questions, create topic this is a forum. It will be of great help to someone


The National Accreditation Board (NAB) has said it is working on a legislation to ban the use of honorary degree titles.

NAB boss, Dr Kingsley Nyarko said some people are abusing the honorary degrees by buying them for as much as $12,000 from certain institutions.

Speaking to journalists at a seminar organised by NAB for some selected media houses in Kumasi on Thursday, 28 November 2019, Dr Nyarko said the honorary degrees are meant to be part of achievement but not to be used as titles.

He said some institutions that award these degrees are not even accredited.

Dr Nyarko indicated that the abuse of the Doctorate titles has the potential to affect doctorial programmes offered in tertiary institutions, and NAB will not sit aloof for that to happen.

He said: “Our worry is that the practice is being abused mainly as a result of financial considerations. We know some of these institutions who are conferring honorary doctorial titles to persons ask them to pay as much as $12,000 then it becomes a business activity and that is what we are against.

“When persons get this honour deservingly, they are not supposed to use the titles, the titles are meant to be part of their achievements as a decoration or on their CVs.

“If we don’t check this abuse of academic titles it will undermine the quest of persons to earn these degrees. If persons know they can obtain these honorary doctorial titles by paying, the motivation to study and contribute to knowledge to earn a doctorial title will not be there and if we are not careful gradually, we are going to kill the interest of persons who want to legitimately acquire this degree by enrolling in accredited institutions and going through the programme to attain this qualification…”

Dr Nyarko, therefore, called on the media to stop adding the titles to the names of people who have received honorary degrees when publishing stories about them.


Its after you must have graduated that you will understand that those who were in the house five years after school are not actually lazy.😂😂 Although some are unemployable due to lack of Out-of-school skills or other limitations like age and class

According to the 2019 National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), the unemployment rate as at May was 23.1 percent, and underemployment at 16.6 percent.
The Federal Government has also said the Nigeria unemployment rate will reach 33.5 percent by 2020.

With these, if you're still looking for job, you're only going to add up to the projected statistics of the unemployed by 2020.

Do you now realize that most of the students that are doing their small business while in school are not dessperately looking for job like those who did nothing other than schools.

So, If you have gone to school and you don't have a job, it's not because you have not gone to school enough but because you're not yet Educated enough(Kehinde).

If you want to be FINANCIALLY SUCCESSFUL, there are three types of education you required: Scholastic, Professional and Financial education (Robert Kiyosaki) and Believe me, school doesn't teachs Financial Education.
If you have gone to school, you should be able to do things differently. Winners don't do different things, they just do things differently.

While waiting for job, Go for Graduate training, Professional training in DATA PROCESSING and ANALYTIQUE, DIGITAL MARKETING(covering content writing and other digital marketing tools), REAL ESTATES (is the most easiest way of becoming a millionaire. Read about Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Dr Augustine Onwumere are now world renowned people in real estate) EVENT MANAGEMENT AND VIDEO EDITING( u can work with news paper agency or radio and television company irrespective of your field), etc

Its not your BSc, MSc or PhD or good CV etc that will offer you a job this dsys, we have thousand of people carrying thesame certificate for years without job. Its the value that you added to your own that may give you an edge.

Research have also prove that most highly successful people wasn't through their University Degree. What they are doing today is not what they actually study in University.

What will eventually bring food to your table and money into your pocket may be that skills you acquired in few months and not necessarily what you spend four to seven years studying in University. So don't despise any opportunity to learn new things.

These days We have a lot of Companies that OFFER absolutely free professional trainings and seminar in most of these areas irrespective of your status and also have a fully supported business model to help you get started.
Its all about you getting to know them and be open to learn.

You didn't Go to school to come out and be searching for job, adding more burden to the family and society. You were trained to come and add value to your society. Once you begin to see how you can add value to life, the job will be looking for you and not you looking for a job.
If You want Short Term training in any of the Aforementioned areas, I can link you up. Some are free and some are not. And if you studied Real Estate management and Valuations or into Property management or Marketing, their may be good news for you.



You can be part of the



Volume 5
27th November 2019



Academic writing is not usually limited to the ideas of one author; it employs the ideas of other sources. Among are journaled articles, websites, and so on. These other sources may be used to support the author's ideas, or the author may be discussing, analysing, or critiquing other sources (Massey University). Constructive critiquing is among the beauty of academic writing, hence the need for referencing and citation.
The constructs of referencing and citations cannot be farfetched from each other when defined; however, there is a need to clarify its definitions for the sake of purpose.


2.1 The Pertinence of Referencing

In the 4th Volume released, references were defined as the list of all the relevant journals, books and all sources of information consulted in the research work, either online or print. It prevents academic fraud or academic theft which is referred to as plagiarism. Plagiarism should be avoided at all costs, all quoted and exact words of different sources should be properly referenced, in-text and at the references’ list/bibliography. MLA, APA and Chicago styles are the commonest referencing styles.
Referencing is usually employed to inform the reader where ideas from other sources were initially used. The pertinence of correct reference sources is to:
i. Give the right credits to the originators of ideas, theories, and research findings;

ii. Prove to the reader about proper finding and usage of various sources to create a convincing argument;
iii. Presents the argument that validates reality.

In a situation whereby proper acknowledgement is not given to sources, it is referred to as plagiarism. The only exception to acknowledging sources of information is when the information is known to be a common knowledge that is known to anyone. Also, when a researcher is unsure whether to reference a source or not, it is better to reference it.
There are two elements used in reference, they are:

  1. Citation in the text (in-text citations); and
  2. An entry in a reference list at the end of the study

The citation contains enough information for the reader to find the source in the reference list. This is usually the name of the source’s author and the year the source was published. For example: When some developed countries were implementing anticorruption strategies, it was recorded that top political leaders set themselves as role models for civil servants, divesting themselves of commercial ties, demonstrating high work ethics, avoiding any behaviour that could be construed as an abuse of their office, and showing zero tolerance for corrupt behaviour (Adeniran, 2019).
In this example, (Adeniran, 2019) tells the reader that this information has come from a source written by Adeniran, which was published in 2019. This is a signpost, pointing the reader to the reference list. References are a list of all the citations used in a study. It is alphabetized according to the names of the authors. Each entry in the reference list contains detailed information about one source which usually includes the author’s name, the year of publication, the title of the source, and other publication details.

2.2    The Pertinence of Citation

According to Turnitin (2017), a citation is a technique by which the writer informs the readers that certain material in the study emanates from another source. It also presents to the readers the necessary information to find that source again.

Acknowledging the original author of materials by citing sources is the only way to adopt other people’s work without plagiarizing. It enhances the tracing of the author’s ideas and the originator of ideas. Because of this, it will help to present if one's ideas could be more accurate or interesting than ideas gotten from other sources. Indeed, an accurate citation will help illustrate the amount of research that a researcher has carried out, and will actualize the originality of research.


Each referencing styles has its peculiarities and purpose. For instance, the MLA style is suitable for writing humanities paper with a lot of quotations. It is a good choice to cite page numbers without interrupting the flow of your argument. APA or Chicago is suitable for writing a scientific paper where many studies are being cited. Ten popular ways of referencing styles are listed below:


ACM referencing style is developed by the Association of Computing Machinery is based on Chicago style and is primarily used in computer studies.
Adeniran, A. O. 2019. Anti-Corruption Policy Strategies for Nigeria towards National Development: Evidence from Least Corrupt Countries. American International Journal of Social Science Research. 4, 2 (Jun. 2019), 1-8.


ACS referencing style is developed by the American Chemical Society. It is used primarily in chemistry papers. ACS style has three variations for the in-text citation. The choice of style depends on the journal.

Adeniran, A. O. Anti-Corruption Policy Strategies for Nigeria towards National Development: Evidence from Least Corrupt Countries. aijssr 2019, 4, 1-8.


APA style was created by the American Psychological Association and was originally used in psychology and social sciences. It is the most dominant referencing style adopted today in many other disciplines. APA citation style uses an author-date system of the parenthetical citation. The revised 7th edition of the APA Publication Manual was released in October 2019.
Adeniran, A. O. (2019). Anti-Corruption Policy Strategies for Nigeria towards National Development: Evidence from Least Corrupt Countries. American International Journal of Social Science Research, 4(2), 1-8. Retrieved from


ADENIRAN, A. O. Anti-Corruption Policy Strategies for Nigeria towards National Development: Evidence from Least Corrupt Countries. American International Journal of Social Science Research, v. 4, n. 2, p. 1-8, 22 Jun. 2019.


Chicago style is published by The Chicago Manual of Style. There are two variations:
Chicago A: In this case, the citation is sourced in a footnote or endnote; and
Chicago B: In this case, a parenthetical author-date citation is adopted in the text.
Adeniran, Adetayo Olaniyi. 2019. “Anti-Corruption Policy Strategies for Nigeria towards National Development: Evidence from Least Corrupt Countries”. American International Journal of Social Science Research 4 (2), 1-8.


Harvard style is often used in the field of economics. There is no official style guide, which means there are a few variations. Some organizations have published their style guides for Harvard style:

British Standards Institution;
Australian Government Publishing Service (AGPS)
Like APA style, Harvard style is based on an author-date system.
Adeniran, A. O. (2019) “Anti-Corruption Policy Strategies for Nigeria towards National Development: Evidence from Least Corrupt Countries”, American International Journal of Social Science Research, 4(2), pp. 1-8. Available at: (Accessed: 27 November 2019).


IEEE referencing style is developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. It is a citation style often used in technical studies, such as IT and electrical engineering. IEEE style has guidelines for specific types of sources. For source types that are not covered in IEEE, Chicago style is used. IEEE uses a numeric system.
A. O. Adeniran, “Anti-Corruption Policy Strategies for Nigeria towards National Development: Evidence from Least Corrupt Countries”, aijssr, vol. 4, no. 2, pp. 1-8, Jun. 2019.


MLA referencing style is currently in its 8th edition. It was developed by the Modern Language Association and is especially popular in language and literary studies. MLA uses parenthetical citations containing the author and page number.
Adeniran, A. O. “Anti-Corruption Policy Strategies for Nigeria towards National Development: Evidence from Least Corrupt Countries”. American International Journal of Social Science Research, Vol. 4, no. 2, June 2019, pp. 1-8,


Turabian was developed based on the Chicago style. It is specifically designed for students writing a research paper. Just like Chicago style, Turabian has two citation options:

A note system; and
An author-date system
Turabian note system is adopted in humanities (literature, history and the arts), while the author-date system is used in social sciences.
Adeniran, Adetayo Olaniyi. “Anti-Corruption Policy Strategies for Nigeria towards National Development: Evidence from Least Corrupt Countries”. American International Journal of Social Science Research 4, no. 2 (June 22, 2019): 1-8. Accessed November 27, 2019.


Vancouver style was developed by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) and is mostly used in medical disciplines. Vancouver style works with a numeric system. In the text, the source is indicated by a number, and the full source details appear next to that number in the reference list.
Adeniran AO. Anti-Corruption Policy Strategies for Nigeria towards National Development: Evidence from Least Corrupt Countries. aijssr [Internet]. 22Jun.2019 [cited 27 Nov. 2019]; 4(2):1-8. Available from:


Adeniran, A. O. (2019). Anti-Corruption Policy Strategies for Nigeria towards National Development: Evidence from Least Corrupt Countries. American International Journal of Social Science Research, 4(2), 1-8.
Turnitin (2017). What is a Citation? Retrieved from:
Massey University (2019). What is Referencing? Retrieved from:

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