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Today we want to talk about the right way to follow up on a job interview let us start by answering these questions:

Can I follow up on a job interview?

This looks simple, like a yes or no question but it is more than that, because it actually depends on the circumstances.

Let us start like this;

You finish NYSC and you applied, you are called for interview but remember you might not be the only one called. Let go on with the positive story which we expect the circumstances to be

So you’ve finished the job interview for your dream job (or, at least a great job) and as far as you’re concerned, you nailed the job interview! It’s only a matter of time before they call you with an offer, right?

But after a couple of weeks pass without a peep, you start to get that sinking feeling… perhaps the job interview wasn’t the slam-dunk you hoped for. At this point, you may feel that the best decision is to cut your losses and move on. But before you put that job interview in the past, be sure to follow-up with the employer.

The job interview is only the beginning of the conversation. While you certainly don’t want to come off as annoying, you want to stay on the employer’s radar.

How to go about this followup?

Let us see 3 (three) way you can go about this. Here is the right way to follow-up on a job interview, without being a pest

1. Write a Thank You Note

After your job interview, the first follow-up should be a thank you note; preferably a handwritten letter sent through the mail, which is more likely to be read, but an email on time is better than nothing. You should always send a note to every person you interviewed with, no later than 24 hours after the interview. Keep these things in mind in your note:

Be brief, friendly, and conversational. You’ve already had the job interview, so let your gratitude and personality show a little bit.

NOTE: Restate your interest in the job and any relevant details on why you’re qualified.

Thank the potential employer for their time as job interviews can require employers to set aside a lot of time, often forcing them to push off work.

The thank you note is also an excellent opportunity to add any significant information you may have forgotten to say in the interview.

Example of this thank you note:

Hi [Interviewer Name],

Thank you so much for meeting with me today. After learning more about the position, I’m very excited for the opportunity to join your team and help [create world-class marketing campaigns, inspire prospective clients, increase revenue, etc.] for [Company Name].

I know my years of experience of working on [web development, copywriting, sales, etc.] would greatly benefit your company.

Please keep me posted on the status of the hiring process. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Warm regards,

Your Name]

Also note that

If you’re really ambitious and are feeling good about the job interview, you might even try to impress the employer and include an idea that could add value to their company in your follow-up.

For example, you could add a suggestion that looks like this in your follow-up and thank you email:

“Our discussion about [A, B, and C] gave me an idea. Has your team considered trying [X, Y, and Z]? I found it to be an effective process in my last job.”

Make it easy on them by reminding them why you deserve the job.

2. Check-In

Sending a thank you note after an interview is the easy part of following up. Making contact again after a few weeks of silence can feel more difficult. You might worry that checking in will make you seem annoying, or worse, desperate. But not to worry! This follow-up is a regular and professional part of the process. If you approach your follow-up carefully, you can come off as a diligent and interested.

NOTE: Here are some tips to keep in mind when you follow up:

  • Don’t jump to the conclusion that you didn’t get the job. Sometimes the hiring process can take a while to settle, especially if the decision-makers have a lot on their plate.

  • Wait for the established timeframe and deadlines to pass. If you ended your job interview by asking about the next steps of the hiring process and when you should expect to hear back, then stick to that timeline. If that date has passed, then feel free to send a follow-up note by email to the employer.

Example of a check-in note

When sending a note after the discussed timeframe has passed, here is sample language of a post-interview check-in note:

“Hi Jane, I hope all’s well! You mentioned that you would be finalizing your decision for the IT position by this week. I’m eager to hear when you have an update. Please let me know if there’s anything I can provide to assist you in your decision-making process.”

3. Stay in Touch

Even if you don’t get the job, it might be useful to have this employer in your network. This can take some finesse. Rather than seeing your relationship with the employer as a failed job interview and lost opportunity, treat them as a valuable new colleague and contact.

Build a relationship. This means keeping the conversation going by periodically sending articles or information that might be relevant to them, congratulating them on recent accomplishments, and thanking them for their replies.

Do the research, and if appropriate, add the recruiter or employees you spoke with on LinkedIn.

Also, be sure to follow up and update your LinkedIn interests and be sure to follow their company page on LinkedIn.

But remember, don’t overdo it! Be cognizant of whether you’re being helpful or a nuisance and always be genuine.

The key is to remain professional, proactive, and useful, not pushy or over-eager.

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This is the list of questions that every ex corp member must be able to have answer to before any interview.

Ask yourself and have the answers in you;

Remember he who fails to plan, plans to fail.

Do your homework/research of the people and organization before going for the meeting;

LinkedIn and Google is your friend for this


  1. Tell me about yourself?
  2. Explain how you would be an asset to this organization
  3. Why should we hire you?
  4. What experience do you have in this field?
  5. Why do you think you would do well at this job?
  6. What is your greatest strength?
  7. Tell me about your dream job.
  8. Describe your work ethic.
  9. What is your philosophy towards work?
  10. What are you looking for in a job?
  11. If you were hiring a person for this job, what would you look for?
  12. What have you done to improve your knowledge in the last year?
  13. Why do you want to work for this organization?
  14. How long would you expect to work for us if hired?
  15. How would you know you were successful on this job?
  16. Do you consider yourself successful?
  17. What do you know about this organization?
  18. What motivates you to do your best on the job?
  19. Why do you want to leave your current job?
  20. If you had enough money to retire right now, would you?
  21. Have you ever been asked to leave a position?
  22. Tell me about a suggestion you have made
  23. What do co-workers say about you?
  24. What irritates you about co-workers?
  25. What is more important to you: the money or the work?
  26. What would your previous supervisor say your strongest point is?
  27. Tell me about a problem you had with a supervisor
  28. What has disappointed you about a job?
  29. Tell me about your ability to work under pressure.
  30. Do your skills match this job or another job more closely?
  31. Are you a team player?
  32. Are you willing to work overtime?
  33. Are you applying for other jobs?
  34. Would you be willing to relocate if required?
  35. Are you willing to put the interests of the organization ahead of your own?
  36. Describe your management style.
  37. What have you learned from mistakes on the job?
  38. What kind of salary do you need?
  39. Do you have any blind spots?
  40. Do you think you are overqualified for this position?
  41. How do you propose to compensate for your lack of experience?
  42. Do you know anyone who works for us?
  43. What qualities do you look for in a boss?
  44. What kind of person would you refuse to work with?
  45. Tell me about a time when you helped resolve a dispute between others.
  46. What position do you prefer on a team working on a project?
  47. Have you ever had to fire anyone?
  48. How did you feel about that?
  49. What has been your biggest professional disappointment?
  50. Tell me about the most fun you have had on the job.


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We have discuss on this platform what NYSC CDS is all about

Today we will see examine a 19B corp member unveiling her project and at the end you will be able to see how to go about yours too, with an example of a personal cds letter


Corps member Isiaka Mercy Lovelyn (KB/19B/0111) from Kogi state has delivered a laudable nine personal projects in Zuru Local government, Kebbi State to map out her service year.

The projects sought to improve the standard of livelihood in the community while also improving the educational sector in the area.
The projects included drilling a community borehole at Domo village in the Amanawa area of zuru local government. Donation of forty chairs and desks to Bahago Gomo Day secondary school Zuru. Renovation of the NYSC Zonal office, Zuru. Donation of forty pieces of school uniforms, one hundred exercise books, thirty pairs of sandals, and thirty pairs of socks.

Lovelyn further donated three sets of desktop computers to Mama Aziki Comprehensive School Senchi, Zuru. Donation of textbooks and writing materials to Rikoto Primary school, Zuru. She also hosted skill acquisition and entrepreneurship development, where she practically demonstrated cake baking, chin chin, donut, and liquid soap.

She opened a skill acquisition center in the local government and also held sensitization on the value of girl child education.
When asked about why she embarked on these commendable projects, Isiaka Mercy said that her goal was to reach out to the community in the little way she could. She further stated that the only way she could repay the love that has been shown to her during her stay in the community is to reciprocate the same amount of love by providing for the community and leaving a positive mark that will stand the taste of time.

Commenting on the projects, the Local Government Inspector, Mr. Salihu Suleiman Wara said that the level of commitment from the corps member has left him stunned and proven the level of positive impact the NYSC scheme is having on young graduates.

Also speaking, the Zonal Inspector, Mr. Isiaka Usman Maru applauded the corps member and said she has redefined service to humanity. He encouraged her not to relent in her efforts to always leave a positive impact wherever she finds herself.

Maru called on other corps members to emulate the good deeds so that the efforts of the scheme towards national integration will not be defeated. He further encouraged those who benefitted from the projects to make judicious use of materials given to them.

While commissioning some of the projects, His Royal Highness the Emir of Zuru, Muhammad Sani Sami Gomo 11 hailed the level of patriotism, goodwill from the corps member. He encouraged her to continue with her show love and commitment to the society.

Emir Sani said that the NYSC scheme since its inception has produced good ambassadors that are patriotic and carry the Nigerian image with pride. He assured that the community will continue to show love to all corps members posted to them.

You can check out our corpers philanthropy out on this online lodge. You can likewise share yours here and remember there is a right way to go about this. CHECK OUT the personal format letter for NYSC CDS.

Nigeria we serve


Like we once said in this corpers house that there are gender issues during the closure of the last opening

Read more about that

This could be a sign that things have wanted to get started with NYSC gradually.

As the DG himself have to visit and submit is plans to PTF (Presidential Task Force) through the NCDC today.

Registration Extension

This usually registration spanning about 4 months now have been extended to end Tuesday 16th June 2020.

As a week was added to allow those who are yet to register or facing issues to get registered.
This will also give opportunity to those who want to correct anything on their dashboard from name arrangement to date of birth etc.

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Kopa posted Jun 9 '20 at 9:25 am

Have you been asking the question of what to do as Corp members during this Lockdowns

answer that for you

But after all the learning this is an opportunity for Corp member to showcase what they have learnt especially for

NYSC Competition
This does not come everytime but when it comes it is good to give a grab as this is an;

NYSC 2020 Batch A opportunity
NYSC 19 Batch C opportunity

As the competition requires that only serving Corper till September 2020 can apply.
Essay Topic: Entrepreneurial Development Key to Nigeria's Economic Growth and Development
Submit to:
Deadline: 30th June 2020

Check this image below for more details


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Let me start by saying, if you not be following our security tips that we been sharing during this time. That means you been miss out of our NYSC member channel

Today Security Tip is on corpers Rape Awareness



* At a Party
Do not accept drinks from anyone you don’t know or leave your drinks unattended to.

* Date Rape
Drugs can be mixed into drinks in the blink of an eye, so be alert to what’s happening around you and be extremely cautious about what you eat and drink.

  • Be Armed not necessarily with a gun but other safety devices

* Be cautious when outdoors

  • Don’t walk aimlessly. Be confident.
  • Stay away from narrow alleys or dark streets.
  • Do not walk by yourself after dark
  • Do not get into an elevator alone with someone you do not know.
  • Always know exactly where you are in case you do find yourself in trouble and have to call someone for help.

* Safety at Home

  • The area outside your main entrance should be lit properly.
  • Ensure that your main door has a peephole so that you know who you are opening your door to.
  • Keep your curtains drawn and your doors locked always.

Source: NYSC doc


Today we want to talk about NYSC Leave
Especially Terminal Leave

Is Terminal Leave part of NYSC?
What are the types of NYSC leave available?
When am I qualified for a leave?

Let us start by talking about all NYSC Leave during service year

Corps members are entitled to the mainly Six (6) type of leave throughout the service year.

  1. Casual Leave/Camp Rest Leave: usually two weeks after camp activities and securing your PPA, corpers take them to get their stuff and themselves ready

  2. Convocation Leave: are most 1-Week during your graduation week, that is if you didn't have it before your service year, you still need approval for this at least to the LG level

  3. Medical Leave You can check that here

  4. Marriage Leave: at most for 14 Daysa. A member who desires to get married during the service year shall be allowed to perform the marriage ceremony in any place of his/her choice.b. Any member who wishes to apply for leave for the purpose of sub-paragraph (a) above shall do so, not later than, four weeks before the date of the proposed marriage

  5. Maternity Leave during the service yeara. A married or an unmarried pregnant member shall be entitled to twelve weeks maternity leave. During this period of leave, she will be paid full monthly allowance.b. She will not, however, be entitled to the annual leave of 21days (terminal leave).

  6. Terminal Leave:

This is the area we want to dwell on, it is a leave just like any of the leave mentioned above.

Let sink that in for a while,

That means like other leave for example medical leave, or convocation leave during the leave you are still expecting to get paid, and you don't stop been a Corp member because you take a break for your convocation.

Therefore, Terminal leave which often start close to the end of your service year, don't mean you are not a Corp member.

Infact Corps members are entitled to 3-Weeks terminal leave at the end of service year. Many time after collecting certificate

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Today let us talk about NYSC certificate collection and if it is mistaken, stolen, missed or not seen by any mean. Let us be answering

Can I get a new NYSC certificate?
How can I go about replacing NYSC certificate?


Modalities for the collection of Certificate of National Service
Certificate of National Service is issued to State Secretariats at the Directorate headquarters through the State Certification Officers thrice a year for delivery to deserving Corps members.

Only Corps members duly discharged from National Service and Certificated on presentation of letters of clearance from employers, CDS Inspectors and I.D card are issued with Certificates.

Those who benefited from WAP loan facility are issued theirs on full repayment of the loans.

Corps members with pending disciplinary case(s) are not certificated until he/she is cleared.

In the case of loss of Certificate of Exemption, the following steps are to be taken.

  1. Police Extract/Report

  2. Court Affidavit

  3. Letter of Introduction from where the Ex-Corps member is discharged i.e. State of Service

  4. Where available, a copy of the lost Certificate

It is the policy of the Scheme not to reprint lost or burnt Certificates. Letters of Confirmation are issued instead.


Upon noticing any error on your Certificate, return it immediately to the State Certification Officer for possible correction where the error is traceable to NYSC. Certificates are produced based on what the Ex-Corps member penned on the format during the orientation exercise.

In case you are to proceed to NYSC NDHQ for collection of corrected Certificate, the following are required of you:

  1. Letter of Introduction from the NYSC State Secretariat addressed to the Director-General.

  2. Handwritten application.

  3. Valid I.D Card

NOTE: Certificate of National Service is not issued by proxy.

Posted on:

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Today we will be answering two major questions which is

When is next NYSC 2020 batch or stream going?
And what is the official plans of NYSC during this POP?

We start by releasing an argument why we believe and know that NYSC will never have increased the period for Batch B 2019. .

And NYSC have finally proof that they can't allow extend month. And have finally released his official memo on the state of how the POP will be taken place. Has we have been expecting NYSC to talk officially on this for a while and many have crafted out their plans of how they think how it might go.

Therefore for reminders sake we are started with questions 2;

And here is a quote from the DG of NYSC

"It is imperative to state that Corps Members who at present are not in their States of service need not violate the ban on inter-state journeys which is still in force.

However, as soon as the ban is lifted and it is safe to travel, they are expected to go to their respective States of service to collect their CNS."

As expected the parade was cancelled and the collection of certificates extended for 10 days.

But an essential question passing out members ask is

How do we get to our families and home state

But that have been simply answered by the post, NYSC like we said before is shutdowns and like in previous content of the Director-General. They will approach things like other agencies.

And will not be giving out Travel Pass has some have supposed.
At this point I say this also indirectly answer the first question. As just as stated NYSC will not do anything especially mobilization and camping until this is fully down.

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Every Thing You Need to Know About CDS

Let us start by what it really is?

CDS simply means Community Development Service, This is one of the four Cardinal Programs of the National Youth Corps Service in which Corps Members contribute positively to the development of their host communities throughout the National Service Period.

Objectives Of CDS

As one of the cardinal programs of the NYSC, Community Development Service was considered among other benefits to:

  1. Impact and improve positively on the rural community life.
  2. Expose body members to various traditions and customs of the host communities
  3. Provide a forum for body members to experiment with the subject of the subject. members
  4. Harness the enormous talents and skills of the body members in rural areas
  5. Develop the spirit of entrepreneurship in the body members
  6. Explore the challenges which rural development poses and inculcates in the Nigerian Youth the ideals and capacities for leadership, endurance, selflessness, community service, national service, patriotism and creativity.
  7. Instill in corps members of the tradition of the dignity of labor and productivity.
  8. Complementary activities of government at all levels in the stride towards national development.
  9. Providing complementary service in our national development activities, by ensuring that our under-privileged population is taught basic techniques for self-help through the appropriate technology concept being promoted by NYSC.

Classification of CDS

NYSC CDS is classified into two main categories:
A National Youth Service Corps year starts with a 3 weeks orientation course and it is compulsory for all Nigeria graduates mobilised for national service. The course lasts for three (3) weeks and is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Group Community Development Service (CDS Group)
  2. Personal / Individual Community Development Service (Personal / Individual CDS)

Group Community Development Service (CDS Group):

Body members must use one day per week for CDS group activities. They are not expected to attend tasks at their main duty stations (PPA) on CD days. These days are dedicated to the execution of projects and programs that will improve the living conditions of their host communities. However, these days vary depending on the state of the federation and sometimes it varies depending from CDS to CDS.
The location of this meeting is often at the Local Government Secretariat, this can also vary depending on the type of cds and the decision of member, this is while some corpers like to stay near their LGA. This meeting is also often supervised or reported to by an official of NYSC in that LGA.

The ultimate goal is to find and be in a good CDS group that will develop you

we talk next about all the types of cds group if you want to see know what personal cds is here

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Questions have been coming in for a while that
What is the fate of those who are yet to complete their camping?
When is stream 2 Batch A going to be called up?
When is another mobilization taken place?

The Director-General of NYSC in this interview clarity some of that

Director General of the National Youth Service Corps, Ibrahim Shuaibu, has said that there are no plans to mobilise recent graduates in the country for the compulsory scheme due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Shuaibu in an interview with Economic Confidential said only Batch A, Stream 1, who were asked to leave camp due to COVID-19 would be asked to complete orientation.

He said, “We don’t know when we are going to start mobilising our corps members. You know our training is also structured like that of the military and paramilitary. You can see that the Nigerian Navy recently suspended its training for its freshly recruited cadets.

“So, the moment the coast is clear, we are going to key into the way others will conduct their exercise, so that our corps members can be called back soonest.”

To some this might be a good news as they can continue whatever meanful thing thing they are doing while to others it is not as they have stopped things they are doing and expecting mobilization.

Whatever way you find yourself, you still need to be uptodate with mobilization, camping and other related new. and stay up-to-date

Kopa posted May 18 '20 at 12:29 pm

It is common to be confused when there is an emergency and one can suddenly become bereft of ideas, what to do, where to go, who to call become very important question when you find your self caught up in crossfire of violence,the following people can be called for help:

  • The Divisional Police Officer(DPO)
  • The Traditional Ruler in the area
  • The commanding officer of the nearest army formation
  • State security service operatives in the area
  • Civil Defence corps officers in the area
  • NYSC Local Government Officer
  • NYSC Zonal Inspector
  • NYSC state coordinator
  • NYSC Director –General.

This is why it is important for you to obtain and jealously keep the phone numbers of these officials.

On this platform we shared several communication line with you. You can check
DG phone number and email

NYSC State Secretariat contactHere

NYSC Distress LineHere

Together we are better informed


Some researchers take responsibility of independent reviewer for many academic journals. Also, at the postgraduate level of some institutions, some Lecturers are saddled with the responsibilities of taking records of postgraduate researches before presentations, while copies of postgraduate researches are usually distributed to other Lecturers to read and make remarks before making a presentation. The following should be considered by a reviewer whenever an Editor-in-Chief of a journal sent a manuscript to be reviewed, or be considered by Lecturers that are to make remarks on the postgraduate dissertation or thesis:
a)Making suggestions of alternative reviewers to the Editor in case they cannot review the manuscript for whatsoever reasons;
b)The reviewer must not pass on the assigned manuscript to another reviewer;
c)The identity of the reviewer should be anonymous to the authors;
d)The manuscript to be reviewed must be treated as a confidential document;
e)A reviewer must not convert the manuscript to their work or making use of the manuscript in whatsoever form;
f)Manuscripts are meant to be reviewed critically and constructively, not destructively;
g)A reviewer should prepare comprehensive comments about the manuscript for improving the work when sent back to the author;
h)The reviewer should provide all necessary information on the manuscript reviewed within the set timeframe;
i)Providing recommendations to the editor regarding the adequacy and suitability of the manuscript for publication;
j)Revealing to the Editor any potential conflicts of interest from authors or the content of the manuscript;
k)Identifying any traces of research misdemeanors;
l)The reviewer must not communicate directly with authors; among others.
In conclusion, a reviewer is supposed to find out the following essentials that should be present in a manuscript: Originality; Novelty; Scientific underpinnings; Contribution to the literature, knowledge, and practice; Ethical characteristics; Article structure in-line with guidelines; Adequacy of referencing the citations; Grammatical structure (spellings, punctuations); and Devoid of plagiarism and other academic frauds.

Note: In whatsoever form, this article must not be reproduced by any author without proper consulting the writer on

WhatsAap: +234 703 619 6773

Kopa posted May 9 '20 at 11:57 pm

Good evening to everyone, trust you have a great day

We will be sharing 12 Security Tip NYSC expect every Corp Members to Note and Observe especially to New Corp member

As NYSC , CDS or Template is important so also is NYSC Safety, I mean Corp Members Safety is very important. Let us start by talking about the first one; NYSC Primary Place of Assignment Safety Tip

The primary assignment is the real platform actualizing the objectives of the scheme. This is where you spend more then 90 per cent of your service life in an environment with which you are largely unfamiliar; though in a strange terrain you have a national duty to perform which mandates you to interact with a diverse spectrum of people of different languages, cultures and customs.
Your success will thus depend on your ability to forge a cordial relationship with your new people. You must also be security conscious and stay alive. Here are some tips that can help you succeed and stay alive.
1. When reporting for your primary assignment, be attentive at reception or induction activities put together by the host communities. Such platforms present valuable information on the customs, structures, places, special landmarks, taboos etc of the host people. People and generally sensitive and passionate about their culture and you need to understand, appreciate and respect the way of life of your host. Be careful not to undermine or underestimate what the host community has passion for.
2. While ensuring that you relate generally, endeavour to identify and interact with key personalities in the community. This is a process of integrating yourself into the hearts of the community.
3. In group (where possible) or individually, the corps member(s)should visit and pay homage to the Traditional ruler, local government chairman, district police officer, commanding officers of military formation, police commissioners, directors and operatives of the state security services, heads of civil defence corps units etc. These are key players in the security of the community who should know, not only that corps members are around but what they do, where they live and how they operate.
4. Endeavour to have the phone numbers of these key players in the security subsector and maintain regular contacts with them.
5. Identify and locate key youth organizations in the community and engage in constructive, non-partisan and development-focused interaction with them. It must be realized that youths are the ones mostly employed to foment crises. But a meaningful engagement with them has the potential of opening their eyes to more beneficial ways of deploying their youthful act and energies. More importantly, it creates a bonding between the corps members and the youths of the community; a closeness that will work for the protection of the corps members in the time of trouble.
6. I group, where feasible, corps members should organized communal projects with the youths as a mentoring mechanism to positively inspire them. Such foray will create fellowship and bonding between corps members and the youths. As a consequence of this constructive relationship, the corps members are likely to be identified with and be protected rather than victimized in the time of emergency.
7. It is good for you to have a smattering or a complementary knowledge of the local language. At least it is possible for you to know how to greet and pay compliments in the local tongue. Language is a potent instrument for endearing two different people to each other. Greeting your landlord in his own language tends to make you sound less like a stranger. Apart from Positive implications for security, understanding the local language enhance the ability of the corps members to perform his duties in the community.

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This post is a response to increase interest on our Telegram ex Corp members community,

Let us start with design

Essence of design
Good design convey experience and can represent the core tenets of an organization and what that organization does. Professional logo designers will perform industry and client research, brainstorm ideas, and create sketches with their client while following principles of good logo design.

The aim of a Designer
When a designer first takes on a new logo project, he spends a lot of time trying to understand both the organization and its audience. We'll get to the process of learning what a logo needs to "say" later, but first, let's talk about what makes a great logo in the first place.
A great designer is able to capture an organization's mission and personality into a single, simple image, especially when they aren't a part of the organization themselves? Read on to find out.

Steps of making a great design
We will highlight 9 steps every PCM, Corps Members and Ex Corp members need to follow to start making great design. Let us note our focus here is on Logo design

Step 1 Start With Your Story
Step 2 Brainstorm Words That Describe Your Brand
Step 3 Sketch Ideas Based on These Words
Step 4 Test Your Top Sketches With Your Buyer Persona
Step 5 Refine Your Chosen Sketch
Step 6 Develop Your Logo's Layout on a Design Platform
Step 7 Pick Versatile Color Options
Step 8 Choose a Font
Step 9 Ensure Scalability

Making a memorable Logo design

Even though logos is often just small images, logos carry a whole lot of meaning -- and designing one comes with a whole lot of responsibility, too. Logos are usually the most recognizable representation of a company or organization. And with more information available to the average consumer today, logos also have to quickly and effectively communicate on behalf of their brand.

To tackle such a complex challenge, many brands choose to hire outside help. But for those of us who are brand new to the logo design process, working with freelancers to design a logo can be a challenge in itself.

This skills can help PCM with extra cash on campus, help CM with logo design for their CDS, and ex Corp members can be a professional in which they can be a freelancer or a chief design architect for an organisation

Principles of a great Logo design
This a principle you can start using to make your first Logo and design work. Most logo designers follow some iteration of these 5(five) principles of great logo design:

Simplicity: Is the design simple and clean enough to be flexible and easily recognizable? Is it not too busy, distracting, or confusing?

Memorability: Is it quickly recognizable? Will people only have to spend a second or two thinking about it to get it?

Timelessness: Will it still be a great logo in 10, 20, or even 50 years?

Versatility: Does it scale to different sizes without losing quality? Will it work across various media and within different contexts?

Appropriateness: Does it resonate with the desired audience?

Professional Graphic Designer believes these five principles are great for keeping designers from going too crazy when designing a new logo.

You have the tendency to be afraid or. excited about the prospect of designing stuff that looks cool and uses cool, new styles, But when you're designing a logo, you're ultimately solving for a problem. You're trying to convey something simply that gets across the core tenets of an organization and what that organization does. Keeping these five things in mind prevents you from getting carried away with the flash of what you're doing. It keeps you honest.

Casestudy of great Logo
We will only take a look at one to make this course short, there are several great iconic Logos out there you can look at, but let us talk a look at;

Evernote Casestudy
Evernote's logo is a great example of a logo that follows all five of these principles. It's an elephant, which is a reference to the well-known saying, "An elephant never forgets." The elephant's folded ear cleverly resembles the popular document icon.


Not only is the logo simple, memorable, and appropriate for its audience, its physical and digital attributes work perfectly across different media variations and usages. "There is not one application I have seen where the logo fails to fit perfectly, all the way from the 16px favicon, the browser extension icons in both colour and mono, the iOS icons, Macintosh dock icon, and so on," writes Graham Smith, a freelance designer of logos and brand identities. Plus, elephants will never go out of style.

But it took six weeks of concepting to come up with the simple elephant logo. Here are other initial ideas that were produced before the elephant was chosen.

Image Credit: Graham Smith

Once the elephant was chosen, it went through another series of iterations before the final design was chosen. The whole process took six weeks, and it's become one of the most compelling logos today.

The folks at both Evernote were able to come up with logos that keep the cornerstones of logo design top-of-mind. Now, let's delve a little more into the design process itself.

Process of making a great Logo
IF you diligently go through this course you will be able to make good quality design and especially logos like a Pro

The process might varies from designer to designer, some professional agrees to this process. Here's how them does it.

Step 1: Research the field/industry.
Before a designer like Tyler even thinks about putting pen to paper, he has to do his research. "Researching the field or industry helps designers get a sense of the environment the logo's going to live in," said Tyler. This is especially true for designers who haven't done prior work in that field or industry. "You need to know the trends and what's appropriate."

The appropriate look and feel of a real estate logo, for example, is going to be different than those of a restaurant or band logo. "You've got to see what's out there," he says. "Which conventions are worth keeping? From there, you can start thinking about how to differentiate the new logo will from the tons of pre-existing ones."

How different the new logo will be from the others depends on the context. In some cases, the logo shouldn't be radically different because you don't want to put people off. For example, in the health services industry, customers are looking for a certain level of comfort and familiarity; but in the concert industry, you might want to go with something more innovative and crazy. It varies wildly from field to field.

Step 2: Get to know the client.
Once the designer has a solid, objective understanding of the field or industry, it's time to get the best possible understand of what the client does and who their target audience is.

There are two parts of this step, says Tyler. First, there's the information you're trying to glean from them: what they do, what they think about themselves, and who they sell to. Then, there's the translation process. "If your client is a construction company but they talk a lot about how they're really family-based, the challenge is translating that ephemeral idea into something concrete. How do you capture the essence of that company?"

When this part of the process is done right, it involves a lot of back and forth, asking questions, and pushing the client to articulate and deeply explain their value proposition. For newer companies, these discussions can actually be really eye opening. "A lot of companies aren't aware of how they're different -- especially smaller companies. These logo design discussions can even help them think more about what differentiates themselves from their competitors."

Step 3: Sketch, present, and iterate on initial ideas.
"I usually try to present the client with between two and three possibilities," says Tyler. "Any more than that and you might find yourself doing revisions on all of your ideas, which sets you up with a lot more work and them up with a much higher bill."

For example, when Tyler designed the logo for Inbound Marketing Week 2015, here are the initial ideas and explorations he presented:

Step 4: Revise.
Sometimes, this step is only one little tweak. Other times, it's a series of longer revisions. Tyler says he usually specifies in the original contract how many revisions he's willing to do, which forces the client to be more thoughtful about each revision request. "Sometimes, clients ask you to start over from scratch," he says. "You can avoid this by doing your due diligence when creating the original contract."

Here is the final revision for Inbound Marketing Week's logo, along with secondary versions used on the website, lanyards, signs, and other various paraphernalia.

Step 5: Organize the final deliverable.
Once the logo's finished, Tyler will sort out with his client which file formats and other iterations they need that the logo might live on. For example a restaurant might need menus, signage, and t-shirts designed.

Designing a logo from scratch is a difficult creative process that takes a lot of research, knowledge of a business and its audience, and a deep consideration for the principles of logo design. But if you partner with the right designers and have a solid process in place, you should end up with something your company loves (and people can understand).

I hope this answers address the questions of how to design a logo, if u still find any difficulty, you can share on the life after NYSC platform


New have been spreading about NYSC 2019 Passing Out Strategies.

No much confirmations have been talked about but the spread of the Passing Out Starting this 28th of this Month can not lack total validity.

As we have explained before that NYSC cannot just extend the one year service because of the pandemic

The Passing Out Circular

How we Corp member travel

NYSC Travel Strategy;
This development has led many of the outgoing members of the Corps to a state of uncertainty as to how they are going to return to their various states of deployment, agreed to an inter-state lockdown that will begin across Nigeria on 4 May 2020.

In a statement issued by the NYSC headquarters in Maitama Abuja, it was reported that NYSC officials who are to conduct the Passing Out Parade exercise across the various states would be issued a passport (a document that enables them to travel between states during the lockdown) to be tendered at any military checkpoint upon request.

For the members of the Corps, the NYSC ID card, which serves as a means of identification, also serves as a passport which they may display at checkpoints in order to travel from one place to another during the lockdown with legitimate reasons for their movements.

All members of the Traveling Corps will always should travel with their NYSC ID card to prevent insult and the risk of being sent back. For those who may have lost their ID cards, a police report paper with a copy of your PPA letter may be used instead of your ID card.

The NYSC is doing its best to make the process smooth and quick while looking after the best interests of the members of the Corps across the world.

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Have you been unemployed for a while? Do you continue to send your CVs to various companies without getting called up for interviews?

Well, I present to you today, the basic things every recruiter looks forward to seeing in your CV.

Stay with me as I walk you through it all, as I know a thing or two from working with an HR firm early in my career!

1. Soft Skills

Beyond all your professional degrees, which obviously everyone applying for the position you are applying for will possess (some may even be more degree qualified than you), what else do you bringing to the table?

Are you internet savvy? How good are you Excel, and by extension, Microsoft skills? Are you a great communicator? Can you help analyse complex data?

What is that special something that you have in you, or, that comes easy to you, that can give you an edge and set you apart?

Then, list it/them conspicuously in your CV. Every recruiter wants to know!

2. Email Structure

You’re not a serious fellow if the email address used in sending your CV to recruiters is childish.

How do you expect a recruiter to take you serious when you send your CV via a or a

No one cares if that’s the email you have been using since 2005; get yourself a professional looking email. It won’t cost you anything.

A mixture of your name, surname and or middle name would do. Be smart.

3. Professional Certifications

Asides your university degree, every recruiter wants to see a conscious effort you take in bettering yourself with professional degrees in your chosen area of interest!

If like me, you’re in the digital sector, there are thousand and one online certifications in digital marketing by Hubspot Academy and Google you can bag and use in “fattening” your CV.

4. LinkedIn Profile

Permit me to say this: you are not serious if you don’t take time out t take care of your LinkedIn profile. Rightly tagged the Facebook for Professionals, LinkedIn is a platform you should seriously pay attention to.

After reading through your CV and email, very serious multinationals take time out to check you out on LinkedIn. Ensure it is properly optimized!

5. Online Footprint

For a candidate that catches their eye, every of the candidate they have an eye for.

The saying that the internet never forgets holds true. Even though what you do on your personal page is your personal business, but what serious company wants to employ someone who is fond of dragging companies on his/her TL or posting his/her nudes or known for putting hate and racist posts?

No one wants to deal with an unnecessary extra baggage.

6. CV Document Name and File type

Except otherwise stated by the recruiter, always save your CV with your full name e.g. Taye Paul Olubayo, Agbeniga Aderonke Esther and not Taye’s CV or Ronke’s CV new.

You must be intentional.

Also ensure that you convert your CV from whatever file format it was created into a pdf document.

It prevents it from being distorted when viewed (as you don’t know what version of operating system the recruiter uses in viewing CVs) and edited by an overzealous evil person from your village.

7. Achievements in Your Previous Place of Employment

For those who have been previously employed, it is important to state briefly your role(s) in your previous place of employment and your achievements.

In conclusion

If you use email signature it is unnecessary “sent from an iPhone” or any sort of annoying email signatures before you hit the send button.

Nobody gives a damn about the type of device you use in sending your emails.

For a recruiter, all these takes between 25 – 30seconds to take in, in some cases, shorter considering the volume of applications that they would be coming in. So, remember to keep it short and simple by sticking to only the important information, especially as it pertains text content on your CV.

Finally it is important to be part of a community if you are just finishing from NYSC or you been done for a while I recommend you stay up-to-date on this Telegram community Life after NYSC by



Why don't you add another skill to your archive. You do not want to be caught unawares after this lockdown. 🙅🏾‍♀️

My name is Raphael and I am a serving Corp member in Eket, Akwa-ibom State. A graduate of Computer Engineering in MOUAU UMUDIKE.

Most Corp members, Prospective Corp members and Ex Corp members even youths are sitting idle at home, watching movies, playing games, surfing the internet, eating without proportions and just not doing anything meaningful with the handful of time provided.

I'm here to tell you that you can make money with your smartphone doing advertisements and also making 3D animations, White board explainer Animations and 3D talking Animations all on your smartphone.

I'm holding a class to teach interested participants.

• N1500 regular price,
• Early birds: N1000 (for the first 20 people).

Take advantage of this offer😌
Click here to contact me directly.

Venue: closed Whatsapp group.
Time: will be disclosed soonest.


Permit me to start by saying this post is a response to the questions a group member asked on NYSC Telegram group

Commy "Are we going back to our original camp or relocated camp after d covid19 for dose that applied for relocation?"

The answer to this is quite simple, but we will explain the pretext of this

Let us first answer is NYSC still going to report to camp.

I will not just answer this, but will quote the words of NYSC DIRECTOR-GENERAL, BRIG GEN SHUAIBU IBRAHIM DSS PhD MTRCN
Therefore, the Corps Members shall be posted to commence their primary assignments forthwith, while they shall be invited back to the Orientation Camps when the situation improves,

This he said in his message to announce the suspension of camp, which is one of the four cardinal programmes of NYSC

How we can build a pretext on this, if we can establish that NYSC will still go back and complete the 21 days, which is compulsory as several training has been scheduled for those period in which 2020 Batch A Corp member could not finish

What now is the fate of relocated/redeployed corpers

One thing to note in this is that what makes a prospective corp members to be make a corper is the swearing in and registration.

With swearing in it can be done anywhere, but the registration especially in the book popularly known in NYSC as the book of life, it make such corp members a full brown member of the youth service in the receiving state.

Therefore it is not a matter of if the corp member is returning to his initial state but he/she is already by the virtue of completing the redeployment process for those who have completed and even those who have report. Especially fill the Book of Life in the receiving state a corper of that new state.

His/Her payment and allowance are made by the new state, especially after 3 months of stay, the ID card reflects the state, new state code issued and even such Corp member pass out and get his certificate and passing out parade from such state.

Let us look at some arguments against this above propositions

  • What if the state camp cannot occupy us all now. This is a valid point but we also know that each state already has a capacity they can accommodate and relocation will not make them over populate there state with corp member. This is part of why many redeploy to Lagos and will be given Osun or other Western state. Because it is full sometimes.

To also invalidate this argument, what about in a case of passing out parade, even though every corp member are usually not present. But they will be preparing for them, therefore that should not be an excuse.

2nd Argument

  • But the state don't start paying until after 3 months This also looks valid but in most cases, it is not just the former state paying. State not even pay allowance it is the federal government that pays corpers allowance through the central bank. So this will not really be the case.

In conclusion to simply answer Commy's questions I strongly think you will not need to go back to your former state of you are relocated.

Thanks, if you are yet to join our biggest and let us together be better informed.


Nine mistakes that Researchers often commit when writing Journal articles

Publishing scientific works is an important part of many disciplinary programs, and hence we have to choose an international journal where we can send our work for review. Sometimes, we may have re-send the research work multiple times due to rejections. But it is necessary to ask oneself why the scientific work, even after weeks of turmoil, blood and sweat and effort gets rejected. Perhaps the author is making mistakes that are unacceptable in good scientific work. So how can we identify these common mistakes and rectify them?

Below is a list of common errors authors usually make in scientific research-

  1. Vague or Unspecified Research- Every research paper need to have a clear and specific research question which the findings and results will finally attempt to answer. The research question can be one or many, but it cannot be confusing. It cannot be too broad that it remains unidentified. Let’s look at an example- “The paper studies children of the slum area, how they leave in poverty, and how they suffer in undernourishment. The research tries the answer if there is a good education system. The politics that play a major role in the dwelling of slums, how does that affect the living of slum children etc.” This is a vague research question, because it cannot be understood whether the question is “do slum children suffer from malnutrition?” or “do slum children have proper means of education?” or is it “what are the ways poverty affects slum children?” or if it is “how politics impact the life of slum children?”.

A research question should clearly address the problem at hand and focus on what the paper is attempting to find. Below is an example of a good research question- “What factors affect people's belief in a higher power?”

  1. Less Focus on Objective- A research paper which doesn’t clarify its objective, in the beginning, is not a good research paper. You have to define the problem focusing on all important aspects and explain why is it important to solve that problem. That is called the objective of your study. You have to formulate a very strong objective in order to justify the necessity of your research.
  1. Structure of Paper is Chaotic- It is a common an unintentional mistake to include your Methods in the Result section. Literature review in the discussion section. Before you begin writing, you need to organize what each section of your paper must contain, for e.g. Introduction should define the research question after giving a background to the topic. Methods discuss the way in which the research question has been answered i.e. the tools and techniques used in the study. Results show the findings that have achieved from the tests and Discussion/Interpretation says what these results may mean in the context of the topic.
  1. Introducing a Completely New Idea in the Summary- A summary or conclusion is meant to summarize what you do throughout the research. You are not supposed to talk about a completely alien viewpoint which you haven’t assessed anywhere

Continue reading in


Good day to everyone,

Today we talk about NYSC 19 B Stream 1

This post is a continuation of the first one . This article will answer the later the concern on what should be expected for this coming batch.

This is my opinion and does not express the side of any NYSC authority. In which we believe they will let us know their conclusion.


Let we point out, yesterday. NYSC is a Nigeria Youth Scheme that is not totally shutdown, therefore with this said service year will not exceed 1yrs. Which is against the bye law of having the graduate in the first place.

NYSC will have POP maybe a little delay but the can always inform all members to come and get their certificate later or apply online.

Let us not that what we are talking about here is if the virus linger in the country which is not our wish and desire.

Let us see the opposite logical side too


We explain yesterday, about NYSC four cardinal programmes, in which passing out is among, if you are yet to read that post do that Here.

And we pointed that this area of NYSC have been short down, especially the obvious Orientation activities.

Which this and POP been in this category, plus POP is called Passing Out Parade which is the last thing the country wants now.

There can be a change, delay and shift in this activity and cardinal programmes, this shift might not laps much into alot of time.

Has we might know, if we don't that NYSC is technically less than a year, and since no replacement can come in for this batch if this lingers then they might be a delay in the passing out of NYSC 2019 Batch B Stream 1 corpers.

I have given you both logical side of the coin, let us know what you think on the NYSC GROUP, share this with others too, and don't forget you can likewise create a topic and share your thoughts, experience and stories on this ONLINE CORPERS LODGE


The first question I think we should ask ourselves is

Is NYSC really Shutdowns?

This question can't be far fetched, as it has been well pronounced that even the federal government is on lock down.
If that is not communicating the answer, NYSC head the DG have pronounced the closed of camp and that corpers are free to go home.

Let us assign this a bit more critically before moving to the next question

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has four cardinal programmes which every Corps Member must successfully pass through to qualify for demobilization at the end of twelve months.

The first is

  • Orientation Course,
  • Primary Assignment,
  • Community Development Service also known as Secondary Assignment and
  • Winding Up/Passing-Out Ceremony.

And for now because of the suitation of things, this activities cannot continue, at least we know of the closing of camp.

Therefore it will be right to say, NYSC is shutdown.

This will lead me to the next question, don't get me wrong this doesn't mean it suspended or ceases to exist.

As it has been obvious this couple of weeks, NYSC has really been focused on its programme introduce 2012 SAED (Skills Aquisition and Entrepreneurship Development)

Which is usually only camp activities of many corpers, have now become the holy grail of been impactful to the society

Second Question what is happening to our dashboard

First and obvious one is that allawee is still been paid, many do not or have even forgotten the password if not email to their NYSC portal.

But as NYSC has while also validate corpers with un essential duty access to go home.

Does not stop or in anyway affect attendance in such every corpers are marked to be present for the month.

As we hope things resume to normal. The essence of all this is to see that this doesn't affect any corp member negatively nor lead to an absence in attendance clearance which is an important in payment and passing out

Stay tune, as tomorrow we will logically talk about the effects this might have on NYSC Batch B Stream 1 POP

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Getting the research published in peer-reviewed scientific journals is the best of academic assessment, and communication of research findings is possible with the publication. It is important to publish the articles in journals which are indexed by reputed databases.

Selection of high quality journal becomes a difficult decision for the authors as there is no clarity on the issue. Database research is the first activity researchers undertake as part of their study, and they naturally look to established, well-known databases.

Why is indexing essential?

Indexation of a journal is considered a reflection of its quality.
Indexed journals are considered to be of higher scientific quality as compared to non-indexed journals.
Indexing helps a journal achieve its main purpose of being accessible to a wide audience.
Being accessible in turn improves journal’s reputation as a reliable source of high-quality information in any field.
Being indexed in a known database in any field increases a journal’s readership. Thus, it is important to publish the articles in journals which are indexed by reputed databases


10 basic tips to consider when invited/preparing for an online interview:

1. Get to know the online technology that the interviewer(s) will use. Is it a phone call, WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom interview? If not clear, ask.

2. Familiarize yourself with the online tools that you’ll be using. Understand how Zoom/Skype works and test it well in advance. Test the sound and video quality.

3. Ensure that your internet connection is stable. If using mobile data, make sure it’s adequate to sustain the call to the end.

4. Ensure the lighting and the background is good. Remove background clutter. Isolate yourself in a place where you’ll not have any noise distractions.

5. For Zoom/Skype calls, use your desktop or laptop instead of your phone. They’re more stable especially for video calls.

6. Mute all notifications on your computer/phone to avoid unnecessary distractions.

7. Ensure that your posture is right. Just because it’s a remote interview does not mean you slouch on your couch. Maintain an upright posture.

8. Prepare on the other job specifics just like you would for a face-to-face interview

9. Dress up like you would for a face-to-face interview.

10. Be all set at least 10 minutes to the start of interview.

For more information and job opening updates join our

Kopa posted Apr 8 '20 at 9:55 am

The Coronavirus has given alot of state and corpers an opportunity to display their skills and innovation.

With PPA suspended in most places, SAED and community services has been peak in Nigerian Youths Service Corps Members to cause their change

Ranging from






This pack of facemask make by corpers is even presented to Nasarawa State Governor


I am of the opinion that if we youth can do this we can start an industry.

Let me hear your thoughts and comments, on our and you can also create your topic on this corpers online house by CLICK HERE

Kopa posted Apr 4 '20 at 7:34 am

Good morning to everyone, it been a long week as for some everyday looks like weekend.

Today let us see the act of philanthropy by some Corp member. We all know that there is what is called personal CDS for does who have not complete their orientation or you don't know much about it you can check this or this Example to see practical examples of what it is

The act of giving back to the community and society is part of out training as Corp members and with general CDS suspended due to Covid 19 this shouldn't stop and didn't not stop some people we will be sharing here today.

Examples of the week
Corps Member Unogwu Comfort FC/19B/9657, has donated different categories of foodstuffs comprising rice, tubers of yam, beverages and clothes to the inmates of Green Hero Foundation, Abuja.
The donation was made to empower the old veterans prior to the lock down directive of the Federal Government to curtail the spread of the dreaded COVID-19.
The donor, who grew up at Navy Barracks in Lagos stated that she was motivated to carry out the outreach program out of respect for the war heroes and appreciation to which the veterans have laid down their lives for the peace and unity of Nigeria as well as in the West African Sub-region.
She said she was financially empowered by the increment in her monthly allowance as provided by the President and also support from those who believed in her cause.
Unogwu Comfort who is serving at Army Headquarters Garrison, Mogadishu Cantonment, Abuja, enjoined all well-meaning Nigerians and corporate organisations to also put succour on the veterans towards living a happy post-service life.
The veterans during the presentation were all appreciative of the magnanimity of the Corps Member.

This Pandemic should not stop your impact to your community after all that is what serve his. With our education we can buy and distribute hand sanitizer, face mask or even just give people the right information. We don't need to make headlines for this, that should not be the goal or the motivation but the our fatherland that we are serving and humanity.

And if you still want people to know to motivate other or for documentation and reference, you share it HERE

Let us see the last example of the week
Corps Members in Oyo State have started mass production of hand sanitizer through the Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development (SAED) of the NYSC The sanitizers which would be distributed to hospitals and different communities within the State will prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic is not enough reason not to do anything or limited money, infact it is much appreciated if done without your money and the pandemic is also more reason why we should contribute to our society so therefore let us jointly #KickCOVID19outofNigeria.

Thanks, if you are yet to be part of our Big family of Corpers Join Here


In this post will be seeing the right outfit corpers should be found wearing in time like this. We already highlighted why corp members should be properly dress you can find that .

This times we are full of several risk, and as an educated and young population of the society we don't need to be all exposed, NYSC management as consistently talk about this kind of dressing


so if you want to be tying your jacket like a rope maybe you should reconsider, like we mentioned in the article reference above. Your NYSC attire or better said Uniform is for identity.

But can also greatly help at this time with the cap, the thickness and longness of the jacket. This is not to say you can't get a more protective wear than or not wearing facemask but we are only particular about corp member and things related here.


There are 7 major kit of NYSC this wears are sometimes optional depending on the occasion and often time choice;

  1. Cap 5e8665595e250
  2. Socks 5e866573493a0
  3. Jacket 5e86658e72b5b
  4. Crested Vest 5e8665b6ad345
  5. Trouser 5e86668095346
  6. Belt 5e86669c3f919
  7. Jungle Boot 5e8666b31ee02

Therefore when you are on the last 4 items, it can be refer to 4/7 also you can be on any number over 7 but to be identified as a corper the last four is important;

  • Crested Vest which can be substituted with White Round Neck
  • Jungle Book which can also be substituted with White Canvas
  • Belt
  • and Trouser 5e86679d8a8c8

It is also good to add that hijab have been added to the list of kit optional for muslim corpers and have to be short. Therefore it is now 8 (eight)

8 over 8 8/8 corpers kit

Photo of NYSC new complete kit which is 8 over 8 NYSC kits

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Skills That Will Serve You for a Lifetime

Skills are a set of abilities that are acquired through experience and exposure. Skills allow you to perform a certain designated task based on the areas of your skills- work skills help you stand out amidst your colleagues at your place of work. For instance, an architect will need to have creative thinking and problem-solving skills since this will help him design construction projects, read blueprints, make presentations and also analyze spatial data.

Furthermore, to make a huge success in the present global economy, you need to understand what skills are and also be able to communicate your skills. The communication is not meant to be its literal meaning, as mentioned earlier, you communicate your skills when you take up actions that show your level of expertise. It is important to note that your everyday success requires continuous improvement, upgrading your life cum learning new skills and strengthening the skills you already possess. Start directing and leading your life through the right path with the best skillset- reading this article is the first step.
Essential Life Skills
Life skills refer to your behaviours and abilities that aid your survival during the challenge and hard curves. Life skills cover the skills that help you handle all life issues; ranging from processing your emotions, identifying your problems and also interacting with others. That being said, life skills can also be said to be any skill that is useful and important in your life. These vary by a person’s culture and way of life. Sometimes life skills can be measured by a person’s age; it is expected of an adult to have more and stronger life skills than a growing person.
Life skills are one essential thing that every employer looks out for when hiring new hands to their organization. One can easily predict the growth and end of companies and organizations that hire people who have little or irrelevant skills; these people bring nothing to the table. Interestingly, everyone has more than two skills; the major task is discovering and building them. Those who discover and strengthen their skills are seen as being matured in the environment; they are perceived to be professionals in what they do, upon the fact that they possess all that is required. Build and develop the best life skills today; they are crucial to management and leadership positions.
Why Certain Skills are Necessary for Every Field of Life
Building all-important skills is a very essential exercise that should be handled with levity. Aside from building a good reputation between yourself and the community, skills also play a very crucial role in developing personal wellness and desired success, it helps build up good habits and aids their long term stability. It is noteworthy that skills are of different kinds and they also fit into diverse spheres of life. However, some skills fit in and are very integral for all fields of life- these are mostly referred to as life skills. These life skills do a lot more beyond what perfecting what you do at home or work; they extend to the unseen parts of your life- like the psychological and emotional aspects of life. Some of these skills include communication skills, creative and critical thinking, resilience and a lot more.

The skills are essential since they:
1) Teaches empathy;
2) Exposes you to differing and diversity;
3) Improves your level of concentration;
4) Helps in problem-solving;
5) Bring about a good relationship between you and other people
Skills that will serve you for a lifetime
Creating a list of beneficial and lifelong skills is very endless due to the diversity and broadness of skillset. However, these skills still need to be looked into since they help transform and develop every individual’s future for the best as they arise from the best things that lie within us. Lifelong skills are more like a lot of the skills we hear of daily. Learning and building on these skills have to do with how we connect with people around us and with the world at large. A lot of times, it also relates to starting and building relationships that last long. Noting that the mastering of lifelong skills helps us live better and happier, we will be discussing ten (and very important) skills that serve long term purposes and are beneficial to everyone – parents, students, educators, employers, and the likes.
 Creative Thinking
Creativity is a very important skill for all professionals. Creative thinking is very relevant to both work and personal life as it offers a lot to anyone in possession of it. People who think creatively are always able to view think from an unusual but plausible perspective. Thinkers are those behind the revolution and development of civilization and the human race entirely since they have introduced solutions to a lot of problems with their thoughts. Creative thinking extends to the ability to think, invent and create something new out of what already exists. The invention mentioned in the previous lines does not have to be scientific inventions, it could be a new method of doing things, a concept, a work of art, a solution to a problem and more countless options.
Since creativity is what drives progress and innovation, then creativity further entails looking at things from a point of view it has never been considered before- this could be attributed to why it is often referred to as thinking outside the box. Some typical examples of creative thinking include:
• Problem Solving;
• Creative Writing;
• Open-Mindedness;
• Analysis;
• Active Listening
• Sales and Marketing
• Graphic Design
 Communication and Interpersonal Skill
You might think these two stills imply the same thing; the truth is they are different in some ways. Although different, one cannot use one perfectly without developing the other; the difference between communication and interpersonal skills is further explained below.
Interpersonal skills have to do with the ability of a person to communicate and perfectly relate with his team- while also understanding each person and the capabilities. Embedded in interpersonal skills is the ability to get along and tolerate the ills, weakness, and strength of everyone while still maintaining a professional level of empathy towards the situation of every team member. Know that every person you work with has his/her own needs and feeling, this can only be well discerned and attended to with a comprehensive interpersonal skill.
On the other hand, communication skills cover your ability to take in an idea or set of instructions and pass them across to your audience in a way that delivers the message appropriately. Communication skills help you give clear and comprehensive instructions, communicate ideas to your team and also keep necessary bodies informed of the status of every project you are handling. Good communication skills have been said to be responsible for high self-esteem and confidence.
That being said, it is important to understand that both skills are intertwined and one cannot be replaced for the other. Also, none works perfectly without the other. If you have a good personality but cannot properly pass information across to your teammates, you have failed in one way. Likely, if you can give clear instructions and share comprehensive ideas but your teammates find you proud, rude or cruel; no one will follow your instructions or even find them helpful. The latter is to say that you need to build both skills simultaneously, they are inseparable.
 Listening Skill
Listening is a communication skill that refers to the ability to adequately receive and subsequently interpret messages through the communication process; the act of listening is very crucial and integral to effective communication. Listening has a very important role to play in organizations and firms which is why employers periodically provide listening skills training for their employees- this is to help them build more on their listening skills. Good listening skills also lead to better customer satisfaction, increment in the sharing of information and well greater productivity with fewer mistakes- which subsequently leads to more innovative and creative works.
One important thing to note is that listening is very different from hearing. Hearing is a physical action that has to do with the sounds that enter your ears. When a person has no problems with the ears, the process happens automatically. Listening, on the other hand, requires a highly concentrated effort and focus with diverse body parts- the process is usually mental and sometimes physical.
 Resilience
The act of resilience entails the ability to move with hardship, adversities, stress and even trauma strikes. Resilience is what allows a person to keep functioning (psychologically and physically) in times of grief, anger, pain and terrible situation. Although, resilience is not about going about it alone or being stoic; de facto, being able to reach out to other people for support and help is a core component of resiliency. Resilience further has to do with adapting to life’s setbacks and misfortune. How do you test your level of resilience? Ask yourself; when something goes wrong or things are not working out well, what do you do? Do you fall apart or bounce back and keep moving? Remember, ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’, the ‘tough’ referred to there are the resilient ones.
When you are resilient, you align this with your strength which allows you to rebound from a challenge, job loss, setback, disaster, illness or death of a loved one. Contrarily, when you lack resilience, you dwell on these problems, become overwhelmed, and feel victimized and sorry for yourself. This might even lead you to some unhealthy coping mechanisms like drug use and abuse. While resilience will not make your problems go away, resilience gives you the ability to look past them, explore life, find enjoyment and handle stress perfectly. Resilience also becomes very handy when facing some problems and tough times at work, and you still have to keep working. How do you do this? It is in situations like this that your resilience skills become more useful.
 Leadership Skill
What leaders do is highly selfless and often self-sacrificing. Leaders help others and themselves to achieve and do the right things, build an inspiring vision, set directions and also create something new out of what is already existing. This seems draining and requires lots of sacrifices. Leadership is very exciting, dynamic and inspiring especially when with the right people. While explaining and defining leadership might be some stress as it means diverse things to different people- everyone has their understanding of leadership- one cannot dispute some aspects of leadership as explained below:
• It creates an inspiring vision of the future;
• Motivates and inspires people to engage with the created vision;
• Manages the delivery of the vision;
• Coaches and builds a team, this is to make it more effective at achieving the vision.
Leadership brings the skills required to bring people together and meet up with their individual needs.
 Time Management Skill
When you plan and organize how you want to divide your time between certain activities and placing them in order of their relevance, you exhibit your time management skills. Great time management skills allow you to work smarter and get more done in less time- even when the time is very tight and you are working under high pressure. When you fail to manage your time, you get to work harder and cause yourself stress thereby damaging your effectiveness. It is sometimes said that there is not enough time in a day, but why do some people get more done within the same 24 hours will others have nothing to show for it? The simple answer lies in good time management skills!
To get better with managing your time, you need to first make an integral shift in focus from activities to getting results. You should understand that being busy is not the same as being effective; you get productive when you are effective, you only work harder when you are busy. Start by doing what is important not what should be done. It might be sounding less productive that you are taking out some time to learn about time management instead of getting on your work. However, with great time management skills, you get to benefit the following:

• Greater productivity and efficiency;
• A better professional reputation;
• Less stress;
• Increased opportunities for advancement;
• Greater opportunities to achieve important life and career goals.
When you fail to manage your time effectively, you can also get some undesirable results as outlined below:
• Missed deadlines;
• Inefficient workflow;
• Poor work quality;
• Poor professional reputation;
• Stalled career;
• Higher stress levels.
 Assertiveness
An assertive person is one who can stand up for personal rights, expressing feelings, thoughts, and beliefs appropriately and honestly. When you are assertive, you get to represent your views as well as the views of other people without the breach of human rights. Assertive people know how to fight for their rights positively and calmly without being passively accepting wrong or being aggressive. Assertiveness also entails being able to express your wants, feelings, desires and wishes appropriately. This is an integral interpersonal and persona skill in all your interactions with other people at home and work- understanding that people will always have different views from yours, your response to this difference makes you assertive.
While a lot of people act aggressively and passively from time to time, this way of responding and reacting to situations often shows a lack of self-confidence and how insecure you are. Assertive individuals have learned the most appropriate ways of interacting with others, hence; they make their point without getting themselves or others upset.
Assertive people are usually admired for their skilful communication skills. Their behaviour includes:
• Open-mindedness in expressing their feelings, wishes, and thoughts as well as encouraging others to do the same;
• Listening to other people’s views and giving appropriate responses- whether they agree with those views or not;
• Taking responsibility for their individual life and urging others to do the same;
• Periodic expression of appreciation to others for what they have done or what they are doing;
• Ability to take to their mistakes, apologize and make corrections;
• Maintaining self-control; and
• Placing themselves on an equal scale as with others.
 Employability Skill
Employability skills refer to the behaviour and set of skills that are integral and required for any kind of job you are seeking. This kind of skill has many names used in referring to it; some of them are work-readiness skills, soft skills, job-readiness skills or foundational skills. Whichever way it is referred, it is all to convey the skills that an employer will look for when you submit your curriculum vitae. Some of these skills include:
• Foundational Skills;
• Interpersonal Skills;
• Communication Skills;
• Problem Solving and Critical Thinking;
• Teamwork;
• Ethics and Legal Responsibilities;
• Professional Skills;
• Career Development;
• Leadership skills
Furthermore, employability skills allow you to do the following perfectly:
• communicate with coworkers;
• solve problems;
• understand your role within the team;
• make responsible choices;
• take charge of your career;
• Influence how you interact with others;
• Positively affects your job performance and career success;
 Anger and Stress Management
Anger is a very perfect and normal human emotion that is supposed to be exhibited once in a while. However, constant anger is what becomes wrong and requiring its management. Anger management can be viewed from two different but related points of view.
Firstly, anger management can be said to be a term used in describing the skills you need to recognize your state of anger or to realize that someone else is angry- or becoming angry- and how to appropriately handle the situation in a very positive way. This does not in any way mean you are trying to suppress or internalize anger; it is best explained as recognizing the signs and triggers of anger and seeking the alternatives and more appropriate ways of expressing feeling.
The other side of anger management is about learning to control your anger by understanding and knowing what made you angry. You can best access this by first learning to manage your emotions; since stress can easily lead to an outburst of anger. When you fail to control and manage your anger and stress, you affect your relationship with others and also put yourself in a bad state of health. You can start controlling your outbursts with the guidelines in subsequent lines.
• Start to understand your anger;
• Know your triggers and signs;
• Learn ways to cool down your temper;
• Find other ways to express your anger;
• Look after yourself;
• Sleep well
Confidence is not a trait that can be learned by a set of rules or by coaching; it is a state of mind to be achieved. Confidence can be improved and boost by training, positive thinking, knowledge and talking to others as well as constant practice and killing fears of all kinds. Confidence is a kind of belief in your abilities and self attributes, this usually comes from acceptance of your mind and body cum feeling of well-being. Undoubtedly, confidence is a highly cherished attribute that a lot of people wish to have; however, only a few people have it in their possession.
The secret about confidence is that it has a lot to do with our upbringing and training from infancy, this can only be changed if we learn how to think about ourselves from others. A lot of lessons we have learned have damaged and built our confidence; you can as well furnish and improve your confidence with the following:
• Planning and preparation;
• Learning, knowledge, and training;
• Positive thought;
• Accept compliments and compliment yourself;
• Be with people of like minds: Confidence is contagious;
• Be assertive;
• Keep calm;
• Avoid arrogance
To live your life to the fullest and utilize your potentials to the maximum, you need to develop and build on relevant and important life skills. You only get to live to the best when you discover your strengths and weaknesses- which are your skills- and add more value to your life.

Culled from: Uche Chidera (March 26th 2020)


It been a long time of posting here, huh let us talk today, typical life after NYSC, 30 secs video to describe this below

NYSC will soon finish for any batch.
NYSC go soon end even if you started yesterday.
All finally NYSC will soon become history.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. That bliss of eventually dumping khaki for good. Your total freedom given to you on a piece of paper. CDS becomes a thing of the past. You can travel for more than two weeks without pass or the fear of your LGI serving you with query once you return. No fear of the proprietor, principal or boss at your PPA breathing down your neck because you didn’t return to work after CDS meeting. None of that at all. You are finally a free human. You have successfully crossed over to adulthood.

Oya gbera!
After a month or two. The bliss that came with your eventual freedom starts to fade. It starts with;

BOREDOM: You are always bored because you have nothing tangible to do aside pressing your phone, watching t.v. and hanging out with your friends who are equally bored. Later, you start feeling empty. What can you use to fill that emptiness you feel? You don’t know because you are too scared to even know. You want to be responsible but you are also scared of being responsible.

This continues in a monotone until your parents or a nosy neighbour or relative starts asking what is next after your service year?

‘Ade so what is next now?’
‘My daughter is currently running a professional course. What about you?’

FRUSTRATION: Your frustration starts when suddenly all your acquaintances start winning. Getting engaged, getting married, enrolling for a masters degree, securing a job in an oil firm, traveling overseas on scholarship, becoming a celebrity while you are there with your phone in hand following up on everything on their social media pages.

THE BLAME GAME: You start reconsidering your life choices. You blame your destiny. You blame the grade you graduated with. You blame your skin tone. You blame the colour of your teeth. You blame AIRTEL. You blame yourself. You blame the shoe maker. You blame Stormi Webster. You blame everything for your woes.

NAGGING FROM PARENTS: Then your parents start their own, by getting pissed at every little thing you do.

‘Es, please the way you are drinking that juice is disturbing my ear.’

‘How will you know Saraki is contesting for president when you don’t go out to work?’

‘The price of tomato paste has increased but you can’t know that. Since you are not buying it.’

‘You will just be there sleeping and eating. You don’t have shame?’

DISAPPOINTMENTS: You decided to call your mum’s brother after much insults. He always drummed it in your ears that he can find something for you after school. You called him and told him. He told you to come see him. You go and he told you to wait. You waited for hours then he told you to go home and come back. You returned the next day and waited for hours. He told you to go home and come back the next day. You returned the next day… After an endless circle of excuses and bush beating. You realize your uncle never had anything for you. You cursed your luck and returned home dejected. You tried applying for jobs by yourself but you have no long legs or connection.

LOITERING: Then you start spending your days at the barbershop or the stall down the street. You go there to sit around 10am in the morning. Return home around 3pm. Stroll out around 5pm. Return finally around 8pm. You do anything. Anything not to be in your parents faces.

How you peep to confirm your parents are not around before sneaking inside the house.
Frustration made you contemplate Yahoo, engaging in online scam, being a runs babe. But home training keeps holding you back.

DEPRESSION: Months of being utterly jobless took it toll on you, you feel useless. Having to beg your siblings or friends for petty cash, made you feel worthless. The side eyes your parents give you anytime you go out, eat, change the television or press phone made you feel unwanted. Come to think of it even your bae has been acting up because you just don’t have an answer whenever bae asks ‘what’s the plan now?’
You feel hopeless.

When you came to the realization that you just can’t get a job no matter what. You decide to go and learn tailoring/graphics/automobile work just to keep yourself busy. You, a graduate of History and International relations. Who was hoping to find a job at the Nigerian embassy. With your big big dreams.

You thought everything will be easy after NYSC. Alas! It wasn’t.

PS – Dear corp members, have a plan. Any plan before the passing out parade. Do not think things will fall into place after service year. Post NYSC depression is real but you can always avoid being a victim. By having a plan!

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