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Kopa posted Apr 8 at 9:55 am

The Coronavirus has given alot of state and corpers an opportunity to display their skills and innovation.

With PPA suspended in most places, SAED and community services has been peak in Nigerian Youths Service Corps Members to cause their change

Ranging from






This pack of facemask make by corpers is even presented to Nasarawa State Governor


I am of the opinion that if we youth can do this we can start an industry.

Let me hear your thoughts and comments, on our and you can also create your topic on this corpers online house by CLICK HERE

Kopa posted Apr 4 at 7:34 am

Good morning to everyone, it been a long week as for some everyday looks like weekend.

Today let us see the act of philanthropy by some Corp member. We all know that there is what is called personal CDS for does who have not complete their orientation or you don't know much about it you can check this or this Example to see practical examples of what it is

The act of giving back to the community and society is part of out training as Corp members and with general CDS suspended due to Covid 19 this shouldn't stop and didn't not stop some people we will be sharing here today.

Examples of the week
Corps Member Unogwu Comfort FC/19B/9657, has donated different categories of foodstuffs comprising rice, tubers of yam, beverages and clothes to the inmates of Green Hero Foundation, Abuja.
The donation was made to empower the old veterans prior to the lock down directive of the Federal Government to curtail the spread of the dreaded COVID-19.
The donor, who grew up at Navy Barracks in Lagos stated that she was motivated to carry out the outreach program out of respect for the war heroes and appreciation to which the veterans have laid down their lives for the peace and unity of Nigeria as well as in the West African Sub-region.
She said she was financially empowered by the increment in her monthly allowance as provided by the President and also support from those who believed in her cause.
Unogwu Comfort who is serving at Army Headquarters Garrison, Mogadishu Cantonment, Abuja, enjoined all well-meaning Nigerians and corporate organisations to also put succour on the veterans towards living a happy post-service life.
The veterans during the presentation were all appreciative of the magnanimity of the Corps Member.

This Pandemic should not stop your impact to your community after all that is what serve his. With our education we can buy and distribute hand sanitizer, face mask or even just give people the right information. We don't need to make headlines for this, that should not be the goal or the motivation but the our fatherland that we are serving and humanity.

And if you still want people to know to motivate other or for documentation and reference, you share it HERE

Let us see the last example of the week
Corps Members in Oyo State have started mass production of hand sanitizer through the Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development (SAED) of the NYSC The sanitizers which would be distributed to hospitals and different communities within the State will prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic is not enough reason not to do anything or limited money, infact it is much appreciated if done without your money and the pandemic is also more reason why we should contribute to our society so therefore let us jointly #KickCOVID19outofNigeria.

Thanks, if you are yet to be part of our Big family of Corpers Join Here


In this post will be seeing the right outfit corpers should be found wearing in time like this. We already highlighted why corp members should be properly dress you can find that .

This times we are full of several risk, and as an educated and young population of the society we don't need to be all exposed, NYSC management as consistently talk about this kind of dressing


so if you want to be tying your jacket like a rope maybe you should reconsider, like we mentioned in the article reference above. Your NYSC attire or better said Uniform is for identity.

But can also greatly help at this time with the cap, the thickness and longness of the jacket. This is not to say you can't get a more protective wear than or not wearing facemask but we are only particular about corp member and things related here.


There are 7 major kit of NYSC this wears are sometimes optional depending on the occasion and often time choice;

  1. Cap 5e8665595e250
  2. Socks 5e866573493a0
  3. Jacket 5e86658e72b5b
  4. Crested Vest 5e8665b6ad345
  5. Trouser 5e86668095346
  6. Belt 5e86669c3f919
  7. Jungle Boot 5e8666b31ee02

Therefore when you are on the last 4 items, it can be refer to 4/7 also you can be on any number over 7 but to be identified as a corper the last four is important;

  • Crested Vest which can be substituted with White Round Neck
  • Jungle Book which can also be substituted with White Canvas
  • Belt
  • and Trouser 5e86679d8a8c8

It is also good to add that hijab have been added to the list of kit optional for muslim corpers and have to be short. Therefore it is now 8 (eight)

8 over 8 8/8 corpers kit

Photo of NYSC new complete kit which is 8 over 8 NYSC kits

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Skills That Will Serve You for a Lifetime

Skills are a set of abilities that are acquired through experience and exposure. Skills allow you to perform a certain designated task based on the areas of your skills- work skills help you stand out amidst your colleagues at your place of work. For instance, an architect will need to have creative thinking and problem-solving skills since this will help him design construction projects, read blueprints, make presentations and also analyze spatial data.

Furthermore, to make a huge success in the present global economy, you need to understand what skills are and also be able to communicate your skills. The communication is not meant to be its literal meaning, as mentioned earlier, you communicate your skills when you take up actions that show your level of expertise. It is important to note that your everyday success requires continuous improvement, upgrading your life cum learning new skills and strengthening the skills you already possess. Start directing and leading your life through the right path with the best skillset- reading this article is the first step.
Essential Life Skills
Life skills refer to your behaviours and abilities that aid your survival during the challenge and hard curves. Life skills cover the skills that help you handle all life issues; ranging from processing your emotions, identifying your problems and also interacting with others. That being said, life skills can also be said to be any skill that is useful and important in your life. These vary by a person’s culture and way of life. Sometimes life skills can be measured by a person’s age; it is expected of an adult to have more and stronger life skills than a growing person.
Life skills are one essential thing that every employer looks out for when hiring new hands to their organization. One can easily predict the growth and end of companies and organizations that hire people who have little or irrelevant skills; these people bring nothing to the table. Interestingly, everyone has more than two skills; the major task is discovering and building them. Those who discover and strengthen their skills are seen as being matured in the environment; they are perceived to be professionals in what they do, upon the fact that they possess all that is required. Build and develop the best life skills today; they are crucial to management and leadership positions.
Why Certain Skills are Necessary for Every Field of Life
Building all-important skills is a very essential exercise that should be handled with levity. Aside from building a good reputation between yourself and the community, skills also play a very crucial role in developing personal wellness and desired success, it helps build up good habits and aids their long term stability. It is noteworthy that skills are of different kinds and they also fit into diverse spheres of life. However, some skills fit in and are very integral for all fields of life- these are mostly referred to as life skills. These life skills do a lot more beyond what perfecting what you do at home or work; they extend to the unseen parts of your life- like the psychological and emotional aspects of life. Some of these skills include communication skills, creative and critical thinking, resilience and a lot more.

The skills are essential since they:
1) Teaches empathy;
2) Exposes you to differing and diversity;
3) Improves your level of concentration;
4) Helps in problem-solving;
5) Bring about a good relationship between you and other people
Skills that will serve you for a lifetime
Creating a list of beneficial and lifelong skills is very endless due to the diversity and broadness of skillset. However, these skills still need to be looked into since they help transform and develop every individual’s future for the best as they arise from the best things that lie within us. Lifelong skills are more like a lot of the skills we hear of daily. Learning and building on these skills have to do with how we connect with people around us and with the world at large. A lot of times, it also relates to starting and building relationships that last long. Noting that the mastering of lifelong skills helps us live better and happier, we will be discussing ten (and very important) skills that serve long term purposes and are beneficial to everyone – parents, students, educators, employers, and the likes.
 Creative Thinking
Creativity is a very important skill for all professionals. Creative thinking is very relevant to both work and personal life as it offers a lot to anyone in possession of it. People who think creatively are always able to view think from an unusual but plausible perspective. Thinkers are those behind the revolution and development of civilization and the human race entirely since they have introduced solutions to a lot of problems with their thoughts. Creative thinking extends to the ability to think, invent and create something new out of what already exists. The invention mentioned in the previous lines does not have to be scientific inventions, it could be a new method of doing things, a concept, a work of art, a solution to a problem and more countless options.
Since creativity is what drives progress and innovation, then creativity further entails looking at things from a point of view it has never been considered before- this could be attributed to why it is often referred to as thinking outside the box. Some typical examples of creative thinking include:
• Problem Solving;
• Creative Writing;
• Open-Mindedness;
• Analysis;
• Active Listening
• Sales and Marketing
• Graphic Design
 Communication and Interpersonal Skill
You might think these two stills imply the same thing; the truth is they are different in some ways. Although different, one cannot use one perfectly without developing the other; the difference between communication and interpersonal skills is further explained below.
Interpersonal skills have to do with the ability of a person to communicate and perfectly relate with his team- while also understanding each person and the capabilities. Embedded in interpersonal skills is the ability to get along and tolerate the ills, weakness, and strength of everyone while still maintaining a professional level of empathy towards the situation of every team member. Know that every person you work with has his/her own needs and feeling, this can only be well discerned and attended to with a comprehensive interpersonal skill.
On the other hand, communication skills cover your ability to take in an idea or set of instructions and pass them across to your audience in a way that delivers the message appropriately. Communication skills help you give clear and comprehensive instructions, communicate ideas to your team and also keep necessary bodies informed of the status of every project you are handling. Good communication skills have been said to be responsible for high self-esteem and confidence.
That being said, it is important to understand that both skills are intertwined and one cannot be replaced for the other. Also, none works perfectly without the other. If you have a good personality but cannot properly pass information across to your teammates, you have failed in one way. Likely, if you can give clear instructions and share comprehensive ideas but your teammates find you proud, rude or cruel; no one will follow your instructions or even find them helpful. The latter is to say that you need to build both skills simultaneously, they are inseparable.
 Listening Skill
Listening is a communication skill that refers to the ability to adequately receive and subsequently interpret messages through the communication process; the act of listening is very crucial and integral to effective communication. Listening has a very important role to play in organizations and firms which is why employers periodically provide listening skills training for their employees- this is to help them build more on their listening skills. Good listening skills also lead to better customer satisfaction, increment in the sharing of information and well greater productivity with fewer mistakes- which subsequently leads to more innovative and creative works.
One important thing to note is that listening is very different from hearing. Hearing is a physical action that has to do with the sounds that enter your ears. When a person has no problems with the ears, the process happens automatically. Listening, on the other hand, requires a highly concentrated effort and focus with diverse body parts- the process is usually mental and sometimes physical.
 Resilience
The act of resilience entails the ability to move with hardship, adversities, stress and even trauma strikes. Resilience is what allows a person to keep functioning (psychologically and physically) in times of grief, anger, pain and terrible situation. Although, resilience is not about going about it alone or being stoic; de facto, being able to reach out to other people for support and help is a core component of resiliency. Resilience further has to do with adapting to life’s setbacks and misfortune. How do you test your level of resilience? Ask yourself; when something goes wrong or things are not working out well, what do you do? Do you fall apart or bounce back and keep moving? Remember, ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’, the ‘tough’ referred to there are the resilient ones.
When you are resilient, you align this with your strength which allows you to rebound from a challenge, job loss, setback, disaster, illness or death of a loved one. Contrarily, when you lack resilience, you dwell on these problems, become overwhelmed, and feel victimized and sorry for yourself. This might even lead you to some unhealthy coping mechanisms like drug use and abuse. While resilience will not make your problems go away, resilience gives you the ability to look past them, explore life, find enjoyment and handle stress perfectly. Resilience also becomes very handy when facing some problems and tough times at work, and you still have to keep working. How do you do this? It is in situations like this that your resilience skills become more useful.
 Leadership Skill
What leaders do is highly selfless and often self-sacrificing. Leaders help others and themselves to achieve and do the right things, build an inspiring vision, set directions and also create something new out of what is already existing. This seems draining and requires lots of sacrifices. Leadership is very exciting, dynamic and inspiring especially when with the right people. While explaining and defining leadership might be some stress as it means diverse things to different people- everyone has their understanding of leadership- one cannot dispute some aspects of leadership as explained below:
• It creates an inspiring vision of the future;
• Motivates and inspires people to engage with the created vision;
• Manages the delivery of the vision;
• Coaches and builds a team, this is to make it more effective at achieving the vision.
Leadership brings the skills required to bring people together and meet up with their individual needs.
 Time Management Skill
When you plan and organize how you want to divide your time between certain activities and placing them in order of their relevance, you exhibit your time management skills. Great time management skills allow you to work smarter and get more done in less time- even when the time is very tight and you are working under high pressure. When you fail to manage your time, you get to work harder and cause yourself stress thereby damaging your effectiveness. It is sometimes said that there is not enough time in a day, but why do some people get more done within the same 24 hours will others have nothing to show for it? The simple answer lies in good time management skills!
To get better with managing your time, you need to first make an integral shift in focus from activities to getting results. You should understand that being busy is not the same as being effective; you get productive when you are effective, you only work harder when you are busy. Start by doing what is important not what should be done. It might be sounding less productive that you are taking out some time to learn about time management instead of getting on your work. However, with great time management skills, you get to benefit the following:

• Greater productivity and efficiency;
• A better professional reputation;
• Less stress;
• Increased opportunities for advancement;
• Greater opportunities to achieve important life and career goals.
When you fail to manage your time effectively, you can also get some undesirable results as outlined below:
• Missed deadlines;
• Inefficient workflow;
• Poor work quality;
• Poor professional reputation;
• Stalled career;
• Higher stress levels.
 Assertiveness
An assertive person is one who can stand up for personal rights, expressing feelings, thoughts, and beliefs appropriately and honestly. When you are assertive, you get to represent your views as well as the views of other people without the breach of human rights. Assertive people know how to fight for their rights positively and calmly without being passively accepting wrong or being aggressive. Assertiveness also entails being able to express your wants, feelings, desires and wishes appropriately. This is an integral interpersonal and persona skill in all your interactions with other people at home and work- understanding that people will always have different views from yours, your response to this difference makes you assertive.
While a lot of people act aggressively and passively from time to time, this way of responding and reacting to situations often shows a lack of self-confidence and how insecure you are. Assertive individuals have learned the most appropriate ways of interacting with others, hence; they make their point without getting themselves or others upset.
Assertive people are usually admired for their skilful communication skills. Their behaviour includes:
• Open-mindedness in expressing their feelings, wishes, and thoughts as well as encouraging others to do the same;
• Listening to other people’s views and giving appropriate responses- whether they agree with those views or not;
• Taking responsibility for their individual life and urging others to do the same;
• Periodic expression of appreciation to others for what they have done or what they are doing;
• Ability to take to their mistakes, apologize and make corrections;
• Maintaining self-control; and
• Placing themselves on an equal scale as with others.
 Employability Skill
Employability skills refer to the behaviour and set of skills that are integral and required for any kind of job you are seeking. This kind of skill has many names used in referring to it; some of them are work-readiness skills, soft skills, job-readiness skills or foundational skills. Whichever way it is referred, it is all to convey the skills that an employer will look for when you submit your curriculum vitae. Some of these skills include:
• Foundational Skills;
• Interpersonal Skills;
• Communication Skills;
• Problem Solving and Critical Thinking;
• Teamwork;
• Ethics and Legal Responsibilities;
• Professional Skills;
• Career Development;
• Leadership skills
Furthermore, employability skills allow you to do the following perfectly:
• communicate with coworkers;
• solve problems;
• understand your role within the team;
• make responsible choices;
• take charge of your career;
• Influence how you interact with others;
• Positively affects your job performance and career success;
 Anger and Stress Management
Anger is a very perfect and normal human emotion that is supposed to be exhibited once in a while. However, constant anger is what becomes wrong and requiring its management. Anger management can be viewed from two different but related points of view.
Firstly, anger management can be said to be a term used in describing the skills you need to recognize your state of anger or to realize that someone else is angry- or becoming angry- and how to appropriately handle the situation in a very positive way. This does not in any way mean you are trying to suppress or internalize anger; it is best explained as recognizing the signs and triggers of anger and seeking the alternatives and more appropriate ways of expressing feeling.
The other side of anger management is about learning to control your anger by understanding and knowing what made you angry. You can best access this by first learning to manage your emotions; since stress can easily lead to an outburst of anger. When you fail to control and manage your anger and stress, you affect your relationship with others and also put yourself in a bad state of health. You can start controlling your outbursts with the guidelines in subsequent lines.
• Start to understand your anger;
• Know your triggers and signs;
• Learn ways to cool down your temper;
• Find other ways to express your anger;
• Look after yourself;
• Sleep well
Confidence is not a trait that can be learned by a set of rules or by coaching; it is a state of mind to be achieved. Confidence can be improved and boost by training, positive thinking, knowledge and talking to others as well as constant practice and killing fears of all kinds. Confidence is a kind of belief in your abilities and self attributes, this usually comes from acceptance of your mind and body cum feeling of well-being. Undoubtedly, confidence is a highly cherished attribute that a lot of people wish to have; however, only a few people have it in their possession.
The secret about confidence is that it has a lot to do with our upbringing and training from infancy, this can only be changed if we learn how to think about ourselves from others. A lot of lessons we have learned have damaged and built our confidence; you can as well furnish and improve your confidence with the following:
• Planning and preparation;
• Learning, knowledge, and training;
• Positive thought;
• Accept compliments and compliment yourself;
• Be with people of like minds: Confidence is contagious;
• Be assertive;
• Keep calm;
• Avoid arrogance
To live your life to the fullest and utilize your potentials to the maximum, you need to develop and build on relevant and important life skills. You only get to live to the best when you discover your strengths and weaknesses- which are your skills- and add more value to your life.

Culled from: Uche Chidera (March 26th 2020)


It been a long time of posting here, huh let us talk today, typical life after NYSC

NYSC will soon finish for any batch.
NYSC go soon end even if you started yesterday.
All finally NYSC will soon become history.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. That bliss of eventually dumping khaki for good. Your total freedom given to you on a piece of paper. CDS becomes a thing of the past. You can travel for more than two weeks without pass or the fear of your LGI serving you with query once you return. No fear of the proprietor, principal or boss at your PPA breathing down your neck because you didn’t return to work after CDS meeting. None of that at all. You are finally a free human. You have successfully crossed over to adulthood.

Oya gbera!
After a month or two. The bliss that came with your eventual freedom starts to fade. It starts with;

BOREDOM: You are always bored because you have nothing tangible to do aside pressing your phone, watching t.v. and hanging out with your friends who are equally bored. Later, you start feeling empty. What can you use to fill that emptiness you feel? You don’t know because you are too scared to even know. You want to be responsible but you are also scared of being responsible.

This continues in a monotone until your parents or a nosy neighbour or relative starts asking what is next after your service year?

‘Ade so what is next now?’
‘My daughter is currently running a professional course. What about you?’

FRUSTRATION: Your frustration starts when suddenly all your acquaintances start winning. Getting engaged, getting married, enrolling for a masters degree, securing a job in an oil firm, traveling overseas on scholarship, becoming a celebrity while you are there with your phone in hand following up on everything on their social media pages.

THE BLAME GAME: You start reconsidering your life choices. You blame your destiny. You blame the grade you graduated with. You blame your skin tone. You blame the colour of your teeth. You blame AIRTEL. You blame yourself. You blame the shoe maker. You blame Stormi Webster. You blame everything for your woes.

NAGGING FROM PARENTS: Then your parents start their own, by getting pissed at every little thing you do.

‘Es, please the way you are drinking that juice is disturbing my ear.’

‘How will you know Saraki is contesting for president when you don’t go out to work?’

‘The price of tomato paste has increased but you can’t know that. Since you are not buying it.’

‘You will just be there sleeping and eating. You don’t have shame?’

DISAPPOINTMENTS: You decided to call your mum’s brother after much insults. He always drummed it in your ears that he can find something for you after school. You called him and told him. He told you to come see him. You go and he told you to wait. You waited for hours then he told you to go home and come back. You returned the next day and waited for hours. He told you to go home and come back the next day. You returned the next day… After an endless circle of excuses and bush beating. You realize your uncle never had anything for you. You cursed your luck and returned home dejected. You tried applying for jobs by yourself but you have no long legs or connection.

LOITERING: Then you start spending your days at the barbershop or the stall down the street. You go there to sit around 10am in the morning. Return home around 3pm. Stroll out around 5pm. Return finally around 8pm. You do anything. Anything not to be in your parents faces.

How you peep to confirm your parents are not around before sneaking inside the house.
Frustration made you contemplate Yahoo, engaging in online scam, being a runs babe. But home training keeps holding you back.

DEPRESSION: Months of being utterly jobless took it toll on you, you feel useless. Having to beg your siblings or friends for petty cash, made you feel worthless. The side eyes your parents give you anytime you go out, eat, change the television or press phone made you feel unwanted. Come to think of it even your bae has been acting up because you just don’t have an answer whenever bae asks ‘what’s the plan now?’
You feel hopeless.

When you came to the realization that you just can’t get a job no matter what. You decide to go and learn tailoring/graphics/automobile work just to keep yourself busy. You, a graduate of History and International relations. Who was hoping to find a job at the Nigerian embassy. With your big big dreams.

You thought everything will be easy after NYSC. Alas! It wasn’t.

PS – Dear corp members, have a plan. Any plan before the passing out parade. Do not think things will fall into place after service year. Post NYSC depression is real but you can always avoid being a victim. By having a plan!

Your time starts now.
Let's help ourselves
The only antidotes to depression is Purpose
Have a clear vision

Join community of and stay connected.
Information is power and needed for that than ever


What shall we say, National Youth Service Corps have shutdown the Scheme because of the respiratory virus.


DG said the welfare of Corpers come first.


But what should we be doing?

When we are sent out of camp, and our camp turned in isolation centres?
Are you sure you still ever want us to go back to such place?

NYSC has now has a response to this;

Training, Practicing and Learning
Digital Skills

With a push everywhere on online courses, NYSC have finally recommended a course to its members


See the link below by

Also don't forget to get connected, on NYSC Group and you can also create your topic here too to share your stories and experiences


The Effect of Coronavirus On NYSC

NYSC has put a pause to majority of its activities, inline with Nigeria federal advise.

After the suspension of its orientation camp activities, National Youth Service Corps has released official memo to confirm this

NYSC has suspended its;

  • Orientation programme
  • Clearance
  • Community Development Service Meetings (CDS)
  • Issues of certificate
  • And even preventing activities his workers with relocation corp members

This is like suspending the Scheme itself, so when some are arguing if corp member can go home or not. It is simply up to us, as the scheme light down, and we hope activities resume on time.

Because at the end our serve year can be paused, the memo of relocation is attached below


for more information you can stay in touch with other Corp member on Telegram the largest group for corpers


This week is full of numerous drama from NYSC

  • Starting from the suspension of camp, on Wednesday, this is very understandable. But the suitation was on ground before the camping activities of a week.

There even declaim that the Covid 19 will not affect the camping activities.

Still this might be justify will the increase of cases of the virus in the country, which they should have forsee worst case scenario before bringing PCM down for just registration.

  • The week still continues, the joke and drama did not end there

Why should only female be able to register for NYSC 2020A stream 2?

PCM trying to register for NYSC batch A stream 2 have been experiencing gender biased segregation.

With female having a full list of four available slot of state to choose from while guys can only hope and look up to for all four slot empty.

At the end I think we should all be equal, with equal rights and privilege, obvious not so, some can be married and pregnant and nursing mother which are Corp member but we can't have nursing fathers privileges.


With drama still continues with little response and validation of alot of things, we want to believe that thumbprint and CDS have been cancelled.

I hope this is not an opportunity for many to neglect their duty post.

At the end the week is yet to end let us wait and see

If you are yet to be in the community of corp members it is much more important than before especially for new Corper


Today let us answer a major question


You will be able to know how to write acceptable letter for* any reason you want has a corp member. For easy access to all the letter you might need and to avoid embarrassment just follow the format. Here are the format letters with pics to see and replicate them.

Format Letter;

Permission to travel

Clearance letter Here

Letter of reposting Here

Medical leave letter Here

Medical bill refund letter Here

Personal CDS letter Here

Corpers Request letter Here

NYSC Query letter Here

NYSC Query letter (Response) Here

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Together we are better

Are you a corp member serving in Lagos? Is your PPA in/around Ikeja or yaba axis? Do you need a place for free to stay on the mainland, around Ogba, Ikeja,Agege,Iju and environs. Are you a Christian? If YES, We would be glad to house you. Please reach out to Kehinde- 08165990364, emmanuel 08131145146...for enquiries on how to get an accommodation.
Nb:This is not out of any compulsion. .it's just a charity based organization doing this.


As part of any organization, association, community or family their are some basic culture and value are communicated to all the member in an Anthem, so also the Nigerian National Scheme NYSC

Here are some basics things fundamentally expected for all Nigeria university to know about NYSC

Basic Terms and Explanation

Allowee:- Allowance paid every month from the Government. All Corpers nationwide receive N19,800 from the federal government. In most states, corpers also receive a state allowee (amount can vary from state to state).
AI:- Area Inspector. Official in change of corp members in a given area. Same as LGI
Book of Life:- It is a real, huge book signed in camp by all corpers.
CD:- Community Development by an individual, couple or group. Also called CDS.
Clearance:- AN activity you must to do every month end to show that you are still alive and present. You also submit a letter from your employer to get paid.
CLO:- Corps Liaison Officer. The head corper of your Local Government Area
Ghost Corper:- A corper that does everything (including collect money), but nobody has ever seen them.
LG:- Local Government. You will be meeting for your CD group here once a week.
LGI:- Local Government Inspector. The official rep in your LG. Same as AI(see definition above).
LGA:- Local Government Area.
Mami Market:- A collection of shops in camp where corpers can find everything they need from bukka to tailors and cobblers. Some camps even have shawarma and arcade games. Call it the chillaxing spot for corpers, camp officials and soldiers.
NYSC:- National Youth Service Corps that as what you are doing!.
OBS:- Orientation Broadcasting Station. It is the station inside the orientation camp to give information to pple inside the camp and to make the camp more lively too.
Otondo:- Friendly word for new Corper but some say it actually means Mumu.
PCM:- Prospective Corp Members. Recent graduates who are just about to start NYSC.
Platoon:- In camp corpers are split into groups called platoons.
Platoon Commander:- A corper placed in charge of a Platoon.
POP:- (Passing Out Parade) the end of your NYSC year. (Best day everrrrr!!!)
Posting Letter:- This letter tells you where you have originally been posted.
PPA:- Place of Primary Assignment.
PV:- Payment Voucher.
RSM:- An RSM serves as a general overseer to all the platoons. Platoon commandants report directly to RSM while RSM reports directly to captain.
SAED:- Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development. A program set up by government to provide skills to corpers enabling them to start businesses after service.
"You are wrong":- Used in camp by soldiers if you are in the wrong place or doing the wrong thing.
ZI:- Zonal Inspector. Person in change of corp members in a given zone.


The audio of this full NYSC stanza is attached below you can follow the lyrics through

Stanza 1
Youths obey the clarion call
Let us lift our nation high
Under the sun or in the rain
With dedication and selflessness
Nigeria is ours, Nigeria we serve.

Stanza 2
Members, take the great salute
Put the Nation first in all
With service and humility
NYSC for the noble youths
Make Nigeria a great nation.

Stanza 3
Far and near we come to serve
And to build our fatherland
With oneness and loyalty
NYSC for unity
Hail Nigeria, our great nation.

Download Full Anthem

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This is to show case fake news declaimer of NYSC

The attention of the Management of the National Youth Service Corps has been drawn to a fraudulent advertorial, purportedly issued by the Scheme, calling on unsuspecting Nigerians to apply for recruitment.

Management wishes to state that the Scheme did not place the advert, and shall duly observe laid down rules for recruitment into the Public Service when the need arises.
Members of the public, particularly 2019 Batch "A" Corps Members that recently passed out from the Service are therefore admonished to disregard the phantom advert.

Thank you.


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If you are seen a NYSC Medical Certificate Online or Online Redeployment and Relocation and you are thinking,

Can I do Online redeployment?
Can I do Online medical report?
Can I do Online medical fitness report?

The answer is simply, No can you be tested or treated online, just simply go to the hospital or government clinic to check. That might be the only time in your life to even know those details

The saddest is
Can I reduce my age to go to NYSC

Don't even if you can. NO there is so much out there than a change in location and camping for you life.

NYSC Replied with this

As the 2020 Batch 'A" Stream One Corps Members travel across the length and breadth of the country in response to the clarion call to serve the Nation, it has become very imperative to release this caveat.

1, Relocation of Corps Members is done free of charge and on two major grounds namely: Marital and Health.
Marital is applicable only to female Corps Members that are genuinely married. However, the applicant must support her application with valid documents, such as: Marriage Certificate or Affidavit of Marriage, Newspaper Change of Name, a Letter indicating the husbands Place of Domicile.
Relocation on Health ground is applicable to only those with life - threatening ailments. The applicant must support his/her request with his/her Medical History and be ready to appear before a Medical Panel for an interview that will either validate or invalidate the request as the case may be.

2, Kindly note again that the National Youth Service Corps Scheme does not charge money for relocation which is the right of every qualified Corps Member, neither does it charge money for deployment, posting or any of the services it renders.

3, Be wary of criminals who masquerade as NYSC Officers promising you what they cannot offer in order to fleece you of your money.

4, The Director - General Brigadier General Shuaibu Ibrahim DSS PhD MTRCN wishes you a resounding success as you proceed to render selfless service to the Nation.

Thank you.


Thanks, have a great trip to all prospective corp members throughout your life, service year and to camp

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Easy Transport Initiative the organizer of STRAIGHT TO CAMP transport services, that facilitate movement of PCM to camp.
With over 3 year experience, we make sure the safety of everyone to the doorstep of their respective Orientation Camps group.

Starting from March 8th when callup letters is out, booking will kick start at;

  • University of Ibadan Gate
  • Eternal filling station, FUTA road, Ilara-Mokin Akure.

Let us together go to camp, and have a memorable experience, with an affordable price

For more enquiries contact
Ibadan call Gbenga: 09014287289
Akure call Buty: 07036196773
Other state contact: 08167899349

or for support line contact 08174993334, 08174993335

Your safety our optimum priority



Good day to everyone, as a prospective corp member PCM there are a number of things that are not compulsory or even necessary to take along food is one, and before we go deep into that there are numerous list of things that is often sent around for PCMs to take along.

But if you pick all this it will make your movement to camp more stressful. ALWAYS REMEMBER CAMP IS NOT YOUR LAST DISTINATION BUT A BEGIN OF A SHORT STAY. especially for those relocating you have to bring some of this things back when you can even buy some things there

Let us start by saying materials not accepted in camp

  • Sharp objects are not allowed in camp, forks, knife etc
  • Hard drugs are not accepted on camp ground
  • Medication are generally not accepted too, their is a clinic available for your use
  • Car, and automobile are not allowed, afterall it is a camp
  • Laptops are often not accepted too

Let us move to the second point of discussion, which food will NYSC give me;

This can be the worries of some PCM but often times there are standard Nigerian food that you will be feed with with a regular and more often Bread and Tea in the morning.

To address this better, a Timetable will be set for your feeding in which with a feeding ticket, you can be served this meal. Not to forget their is also local meal given to corp member which is often dependent on your state of camping.

To conclude on this, PCM are also involved in the preperation of their mean in which every Platoon will have their kikchen day and even a cooking competition.

Important Camp Document

Document are needed in NYSCcamp for the registration procedure during camp,
you are requested to bring to camp your

  • original statement of result,
  • Institution identity card and
  • 8 recent passport photographs.
  • Callup Letter
  • Green card

In addition, if you are a Medical Doctor, Pharmacist or an Optometrist you will be
expected to bring along original of your registration certificate with the Nigerian Medical Council, Pharmacist Board or
Optometrist Registration Council and evidence of completion of housemanship or internship.

Don't forget this is the fundamental documents and you can have excess copy to prevent exuberant prices that comes with camp. But Note every other things are secondary but does not make tell less important for a memorable camp experience.


if you are yet to be in with the community of other corp member where you can ask you questions

sg1024 posted Mar 3 at 10:09 am

:- The HDFC School Gurgaon follows a holistic CBSE education focused on creativity, collaboration, inquisitiveness. Besides academic excellence, we aim to nurture an atmosphere where students can learn critically, analyze things and express themselves freely.


Good day to everyone, especially to foreign graduates. March 2 is here and just a few days to beginning of NYSC camping.

  • Remember verification of your documents start on Monday March 2 for Batch A, don't forget your location of the verification that your choose.

  • If you are yet to know the details of the NYSC verification center .

  • Also note to go to the designated secretariats on time don't forget you are yet to have call up number. Meaning you are yet to be a verified prospective corp members (PCM)

  • Also note to have enough photocopies of all the 5 documents you uploaded and if you have old passport or previous visa try and get them all ready and photocopied. Photocopies around NYSC secretariat can be very expensive.

  • Lastly, be preparing for the rigour of that day and most NYSC camping activities, it is a rigour exercise.


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Since Wednesday evening NYSC 2020 Batch A have been witnessing successful registration with all the four slot of state completely empty

NYSC Finally reply with a post on wrongly uploaded Thumbprint and this issue

This is to inform 2020 Batch "A" Prospective Corps Members with wrongly uploaded Thumbprint and Passport Photographs during Online Registration to contact our States Secretariat before the commencement of the Orientation Course. No change of Passport Photographs after registration at the Orientation Camp.
Those who can't select State of Deployment should exercise patience, more slots will still be available.


Are you a corp member needing extra cash to get by your daily activities or get an accommodation while pay up in installment during your service year?

Introducing CashNowNow...

About CashNowNow
CashNowNow offers loans to active NYSC corp members during their service year. Active corps members can receive up to ₦100,000 to aid with accommodation, training costs, and other personal needs.


  • Simple application process
  • Quick disbursement
  • Loan amount up to ₦100,000 (based on FG allowance)

  • Additional personal loans available (based on Place of Primary Assignment(PPA) allowance)

  • No guarantor or collateral required
  • Flexible repayment options

About additional personal loans
You can get extra cash of up to N50,000 when you present a bank statement
showing a proof of your extra income as paid by your place of primary assignment(PPA).

The loan process is simple The online application process allows for easy submission and tracking of your application throughout the process. Your loan will be disbursed within 24 hours of approval.
Register now with this link belowsmile

Once you have registered apply and get your loan advance..
also share testimonies in comment section.
There will be another review of how to earn with CashNowNow.

Engr Richard posted Feb 26 at 8:37 am


  1. You get your final clearance from your PPA. It must be a letter headed paper, it must be signed with stamp or sealed from your office. You will staple your ID card to that final clearance.
  2. Take it to your Area Inspector to clear you.
  3. Then your CDS Officer will sign and clear you for CDS, Foundation Form and Magazine payment.
  4. Your CDS Officer will take your final clearance to Z.I office for Z.I stamp, then she will give it back to you.
  5. You will use that your final clearance for final biometrics. When you do your biometrics, the officer will sign and stamp your final clearance for the final biometrics.
    Then you are done; which means you must have five (5) to seven (7) stamps or seven (7) signatures on your final clearance paper.
    You are to present your final clearance, FCT ID card and endorsed 2B / 2C forms at the point of collecting certificate on your passing out day.

    Congratulations to all batch A 2019 corps members.


Continuation On Online Registration FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) series 5

Why ask prospective corps members to pay N2,786.24 just to print call-up letters?

The N2,786.24 is not just for printing call-up letters. It is for the entire package of online registration, which requires the deployment of IT hardware and software and personnel to orientation camps all over the country but which also gives those who subscribe to it the advantage of processing their registration online, saving time during registration at the orientation camps and allowing them to use their thumbprints to identify themselves in case they lose or are dispossessed of their call-up letters.

In the past, corps members who lose or are dispossessed of their call-up letters had to go through a cumbersome process of swearing affidavits, getting validation from their schools which takes time and may force them to enlist on another batch.

With online registration, those who are unfortunate to lose their letters can identify themselves with their fingerprints. So the N2,786.24 fee is for the entire process and package of benefits.

Is the initiative not extortionist and insensitive?

As explained above, the initiative was designed with all sense of fairness and sensitivity.

It is not extortionist, as extortion implies the use of open or subtle threat. No open or subtle threat is involved here. It is not compulsory and non-use of it carries no sanction. It is only for those who choose to exercise the option after doing their own cost-benefit analysis. NYSC is sensitive to the fact that not everyone needs or can afford this.

Both those who need and can afford it and those who don’t need it or can’t afford it are given options to choose from. The initiative is thus both fair and sensitive.

Why not maintain the status quo?

Contrary to claims, the status quo remains. NYSC has not
abolished the practice of prospective corps members going to their schools to pick call-up letters.

That is still allowed. What has happened is that an extra option has been introduced, which prospective corps members may choose or may not choose to exercise. Closing this new option will not necessarily be at zero cost to those who prefer the status quo, as prospective corps members have always been responsible for picking their call-up letters. But closing the option will be at the expense of those who will prefer it as this will rob them of their right to choose.

Source: NYSC website
Posted on: @nyscmembers

To be continued an. d precious series are at

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Good day to everyone, today we want to conclude about NYSC Query, if you are yet to check the previous post you can check it

How to reply an NYSC Query

Here’s how to reply an NYSC query letter

Begin by understanding the message communicated in the query letter.
What is it about?

Who is concern personal, or general (might be for those who are not around for something)?

Is it about something that you are aware about or unaware of?

If you are aware about it, was it intentional or circumstances forced you to?

Here is a sample of a specific NYSC query letter


Read the query letter, acknowledging the tone used by your NYSC management strata issuing it. This will help know the best way to reply to the query letter. This step applies to how to reply a query letter at your PPA following any kind of misconduct.

The next step is to analyze what you will write. Remember, your disciplinary action(extension) might be at stake depending on the level of misconduct.

Therefore, you do not want to use a tone, words or explanation that will communicate more reasons to have a bad perception about you.

Preferably, you can write your points down before you compose the final draft. For instance, when writing a reply to query for negligence of duty, you can think of the factors that led to such a malpractice and how you can phrase your ideas so that the apology is genuine.

Now, write your response. When replying to high level query letter, you have to bear in mind that the letter is for official purposes. Therefore, use a professional tone rather than a conversational one.

On the left margin of the paper indicate the contact details of the official you are replying to. In replying an official query letter, then it is important to know that you must indicate the topic of the matter you want to address in the paper.

When writing begin by acknowledging your misconduct. If there is enough evidence to show that you were lateness or absent, do not argue. Show acceptance of your mistake to avoid conflicts with the authority.

Proceed to explaining why you failed to adhere to the regulations of the institution. Remember, you want to convince the authority to accept your apology. As such, give valid reasons why you acted the way you did.

In the last paragraph, give your boss the assurance that you will never repeat the mistake.

In conclusion, when writing, be specific. Do not add unnecessary information. The information you provide should be very brief and do not wander away from the main topic.

Unless you are asked to respond to several issues related to misconducts at work, then it can be lengthy. However, responses to query letters are usually short and straight to the point. Also, use correct sentence structure and be grammatical, so it might be understood your explanation submit a well written response.


Nigeria is our Nigeria will serve!
Nigeria is u and i

You can check all other NYSC Format Letter HERE

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Reasons while Prospective Corps Members should choose to travel to far place

What is the fun of doing your National youth service year at your region or zone? Many will say because of security or access to home? But not all part of Nigeria is insecure and why do you need access to home, when you can explore and have friends, father mother elsewhere, people that cheers you and want you well.
I personally have access to travel to the far north for my national youth programme, then I was posted to Yobe State and it was a whole lot of experience, let me share with you reasons why you should travel;

  1. It gets you out of your comfort zone

Whether you travel independently or as part of an in a group, you’re stepping into a completely new world that may be well out of your comfort zone. Perhaps you’ve never traveled alone before or being around people other than your close family and friends makes you feel intimidated. This people will end up been your friends at camp. But once you take the plunge, you’ll probably be surprised at the transformation that takes place. Chances are you’ll find a confidence you never knew you had and be able to take on challenges you never would have tackled previously.

  1. It puts life in perspective

If you’ve grown up, a graduate at least in your 20's with all the comforts of the modern world and had the opportunity to go to school and even university, it’s easy to forget that this isn’t the case for everyone in the Country. Traveling to other part of the country, particularly those in the local areas, can be a big wake up call and put your own life in perspective. Things that you may take for granted, like having running hot water, modern appliances and the opportunity to study in the best universities and get a well-paid job at the end of it are not available to everyone, purely because of where they were born. You’ll probably come away with a new appreciation for everything you have and the opportunities that life throws your way.

  1. You’ll make friends from across the country

One of the best things about NYSC is undoubtedly the friendships, unity it fosters and connections you make with people from people from everywhere. You might be surprised at just how close you can come to people within a matter of hours if you’re thrown together by circumstance in a Local government, that is home to neither of you. Volunteer placements are a great way to establish firm friendships as you work towards a common goal, not only with other Corp members, but also the local community. The interactions you’ll have will provide an incredible local insight into cultural traditions which can only be experienced in those state camps, beliefs and way of life on a communal level – something that you just can’t experience on TV or in a text book.

  1. You’ll discover the world’s incredible cultural diversity

Even if you live in a multicultural society like Lagos or Abuja and there are people of all beliefs and cultures living in your city, this is only scratching the surface of what is out there. NYSC Travel is a great way to immerse yourself in the cultural diversity that exists in our world. From festivals to food which you will be served in camp, ceremonies, the mammi filled with cultural wears and carnival day, it’s mind blowing the unique ways,

  1. You might learn a new language (or three)

Whether it’s just a few words (usually the curses, and greetings) or you decide to go fluent, NYSC travel is the best way to learn a new language. Once you’re immersed in a new destination, you’ll be surprised at just how fast your language skills develop with everyday interactions. Even if you can only manage

  1. NYSC Travel opens your eyes.

If you’re open and willing, journey will lead you to an incredibly more well-rounded human being. And that’s really the goal, isn’t it?

  1. Traveling develops skills you didn’t know you had

Sometimes it’s only far from home that you realize you you’ve got skills you’ve never used. It’s scheme that brings them to the surface and makes you smile, satisfied to have reached the mountain top, or crossed a gorge or helped a villager clean up after a storm, like I experienced passing through Jos in snow, cross the Niger Bridge and the vast landscape of the North (sahel)

  1. NYSC travels bring out freedom in you and make you a better man

How will it sound that after NYSC you are still fully dependent on home for everything, you can still be monitored, this is not to be unruly or irresponsible. But NYSC travelling to a long distance will allow you to make your choices, your phone will usually be dead for some day, you have to be able to navigate your way around things. Is this not what makes you a man or woman?

  1. Travel helps you move forward

You have been within the four walls of the schools for so long, you may be in a job or have kids, or relationships, around NYSC travel can be a perfect way to move from some of these life stages into your next great adventure. A big trip won’t just ease your transition into the next stage of your life, it’ll give you a chance to reflect on where you’ve been, where you’re going, and where you want to end up.

  1. Travel is education

NYSC provides platform education about more of the country that’s absolutely impossible get in school. NYSC travel will teaches you more of economy, politics, history, geography, and sociology in an intense, hands-on way no class will. Fortunately, the travel will be paid for even though negligible(bicycle allowance)

  1. It looks great on your resume

Taking a NYSC Year or time out to a distant place gives you a unique story and experience, it will always looks good on a resume, and employers see it as a sign of maturity and experienced that will make you a better employee. Most understand that travel improves confidence and independent thinking, and they are secretly hoping that you’ll step into your new professional role having seen some of the world and (perhaps) having kicked the travel bug a little!

  1. Travel challenges you and shakes things up

During your journey you will stop, like I remember will did then and I took a bike to the atm at Kogi the man was not from my tribe and I have a little paranoia. You will choose to work on the road (and keep staring at the screen), you’ll have to find a new place to drink, and depending on your destination, finding food, or money like me then look for ATM could prove to be a sizeable challenge. Travel is full of moments of joy and challenges. Overcoming the challenges gives you some of the greatest joys of all.

Finally NYSC is a means for some maybe once a life to explore and Travel so if you are about to register or travel down to camp while not see it as dreams do come true. I remember I use to take a stroll every night, to explore every around me. When weather the people, you walk in the dark and ask for road, someone somewhere will even say "Corper",

Away from your father and people you should imagined it, daydreamed about it, envisioned it. Guess what? It can be done.

Here is another chance to register again, while not Abia if you are from Osun or Ekiti if you are from Kano.
or going to camp, while not accept your posting with good faith, don't let us influence it but rather have a great stories, the opportunity will can create for others should be in our hearts

Make you choices wisely as others are direct may feel your impact better, than just looking the state allowance, like we could all do.

Written by: Done
Posted on: @nyscmembers

Together we are better informed


Good day to everyone,

Let us start with the fact to guide foreign graduate in their NYSC online registration and mobilization, if you are a Nigerian graduate you can learn from this too

Here are few facts;

  1. Upload your Original documents not photocopy, we will talk more on this document below,

  2. Do not create multiple accounts.

  3. Input your name correctly as it is on your certificate.

  4. You can register anywhere you are but you must thumbprint in Nigeria before going to camp.

  5. Contact Federal Ministry of Education Abuja, if your Institution of study has not been evaluated to obtain Evaluation Letter.

  6. Note that SSCE result uploaded must be equal or greater than four (4) years.

  7. If you are exempted from service, you are to collect your Exemption Certificate at NYSC NDHQ.

  8. Those excluded from service will print their Exclusion Letter on their dashboard Online.

  9. Go to camp with your Original documents as uploaded online including translated version of your certificate.

  10. Always get your information from the right source and not fake media outlet


  • Foreign-trained prospective corps members should ensure that their Institutions are accredited. Where in doubt, it is their responsibility to approach Federal Ministry of Education for verification. The letter of verification must be uploaded during registration.

  • Foreign trained graduate should also note that the same marriage documents verification applies to them which is PCM uploading copies of their marriage Certificates, evidence of Change of name and their husbands’ place of domicile during registration.

  • Foreign Trained Corps Members should not send their credentials home after preliminary registration in the Camp until the credentials are physically verified by duly assigned officer(s) from National Youth Service Corps, National Directorate Headquarters Abuja.

  • Oxford Brookes, Professional Certificates, Correspondence Courses and Certificates through online courses are not acceptable

  • Scanned, online print out or photocopies of Credentials are not acceptable

  • Foreign graduates who are Exempted from Service must present all academic credentials and International Passport uploaded for physical verification at the Evaluation Division, Corps Mobilization Department, National youth Service Corps, National Directorate Headquarters, Abuja before Exemption Certificate is issued

  • Foreign graduates who are excluded from Service must also present all academic credentials and International Passport uploaded for physical verification at the Evaluation Division, Corps Mobilization Department, National Youth Service Corps, National Directorate Headquarters, Abuja before Exclusion Letter is printed



Entry visa to the country of study First Departure Date from Nigeria Date of return to Nigeria after the period of study Date page of the passport Graduates with dual nationality are required to Upload Data pages of both International Passports and present the Passport for verification at the Camp (where more than one international Passports were used during the period of study, candidates should upload Data Pages of the International Passports
Residence Permit (for Graduates from Institutions located within West African Countries Only)


In the event of loss of international passport, a prospective Corps Member is expected to obtain the following:

Police and Immigration reports from the country where the Passport got missing

Sworn affidavit
Evidence of stay in country of study and a New International Passport

Personal Data page of the newly obtained International Passport must be uploaded

Certificates not written in English Language must be translated at the Embassy of the country of study or a University in Nigeria where the language is studied, before presentation to the NYSC.

Special Note
Holders of Diploma of Higher Education and Higher Certificate of Education are not qualified for mobilization. Therefore, they need not register Attestation Letter, Letter of completion of course To Whom It May Concern letter or any related document is not acceptable in lieu of Degree or HND Certificate, Please Statements of Results are also not acceptable in lieu of any certificate


Good day to everyone, even so this category of PCM (prospective corp members) are not high.

But to enjoy the privilege that come with this PCM status, we need to talk about the requirements to qualify for this especially as a married PCM, this applies to female PCM.

Married female prospective corps members (whether locally or foreign-trained) is required to upload copies of their documents if they want aConcessional Posting based on Marital grounds are to upload the following documents;

i. Marriage Certificate
ii. Newspaper change of name
iii. Identity of Husband ( National
ID, International Passport or Driver's Licence )
iv. Evidence of Husband's State of Residence.
v. Letter from Employee/Utility bill.

Pregnant and Nursing Mother

The orientation camp is highly not ideal for pregnant and nursing mothers. Prospective corps members in this category are therefore to note that they will not be accommodated.

For full requirements about NYSC Registration check nyscmembers on Telegram, you can also create a post by clicking


The Keys to Producing Meaningful Research and Writing for International Journals

From the Desk of BUTY GLOBAL

Several pieces of research are turned out and being published in various national and international journals on a daily basis. Working on research and then producing it on paper takes a great amount of time and effort. For a scientist, it’s their dream. But with an increasing volume of works coming out over the last few decades, every work doesn’t get the attention that it deserves.
Hence it is important when you write for an international journal, you need to be creative. If your academic work isn’t creative enough, it won’t be noticeable to the traditional publications. Again, creativity is the key to drawing grants for further research. In the vast ocean of talented science works, creativity is the only thing that will make your academic work stand out from others.
However, making academic work interesting can be quite a challenging thing. Writing research is based on facts and findings; generally, people view that as dull and boring. To make it appealing, you can be creative in the following ways:
1) Choose your subject wisely
Choose an out of the world concept which has never been thought of before. You can achieve this by engaging in conversations. Talk to people from diversified fields and origins. A topic from your field of work, itself can be something unique. Engaging in conversations can bring up new ideas in your field or genre of research; you can identify new scope from where you are working.
2) Look hard for errors in the past
Be alert for anomalies and paradoxes, things that are accepted but perhaps should not be. Scientific progress often involves an ability to notice small (often minutely) anomalous events or outcomes. A new idea at first can be problematic as it will break the rules established earlier by experts. But the willingness to probe into related works and critique them logically and scientifically can bring up something creative for your new research work. The idea is to closely study your literature review and find out minor changes that can make your work different from others in the field.
3) Break-free from set rules
It is important to let go of the inhibitions you are confined to. We are structured to live and think under a set pattern of rules. But to be creative we have to look beyond what is obvious and think critically outside the normal hemisphere. To create research which will be appealing to readers, think like a child who views the sky as pink. Get away from the desk. Release yourself from the pressure of guidelines and template of the international journal. Give your brain the incubation period to think afresh on subjects over a cup of coffee, before you proceed with the findings.
4) Read more and more journals
Consult several international journals, both in and outside your area of work to discover new things. Diversified understanding can often give you the right clue which you can adopt in your research.
5) Look beyond the written words
The complete meaning and implication of an idea can never be conveyed through a 6000 words article. When you are reading journals and literature reviews for your inspiration, try to understand the inner meaning beyond the written words; the intention or perhaps a hidden message from the study which you can utilize. Perhaps, the same work could become creative if it was presented differently, like sung or painted or danced to! Who knows!
6) Get inspiration from storytelling
All writings are essentially creative, but with the tightened deadlines, format and pressure of sticking to facts and findings, we often forget the essence of communicating our research to the audience. We have to understand that all readers aren’t essentially scientists. Use metaphors and similes from daily life things to define and compare scientific ideas.
7) Broaden your circle
Associate yourself with creative people who have successfully implemented their ideas. Talk to them, the group with them to know their notions and perspectives.
smile Be stress-free
Stress is the most important factor for inhibiting us from thinking. Be happy. Eat what you enjoy; be surrounded by bright colours, good music and nice fragrance which will boost your brain to think outside the box.

In conclusion, writing for international journals isn’t easy especially if your objective is to cater to a wider audience and maximize the reach of your academic research. The power of creativity can take your work from ordinary to exceptional heights which will make you noticeable as a scientist and a writer. Your work will speak for you and it will be simpler to get funding for the time and effort you put in. So do not hesitate to be creative.

Adapted from International Journal Corner (IJC)

Consult BUTY GLOBAL on
Phone: +2347036196773

Moto: Contributing Significantly to Knowledge and Sustainable Living

Kopa posted Feb 14 at 11:54 am

In preparation for online registration Series 1

The Date have been confirmed the ball is row as we wait for NYSC portal to open we will start rolling out the online registration series out.

Note and find answers to this before the portal will be finally opened, template of this format will be attached below

Jamb Registration number:
Matriculation Number:
First Name, middle name:
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Marital Status:
Already Have a Previous Call-up? Yes or No;
Space for passport_
Physically Challenged?:
State of origin:
Local Government Area:
Present contact Address:
Permanent Address:
Town/ village:

Next Of Kin (1)
GSM number:

Next Of Kin (2)
GSM number:

Primary school details;
Date of Graduation:

Secondary school details;
Date of Graduation:

Higher Institution Details

Military Personnel/Paramilitary/National Award Honour
Are you a serving member of Nigerian?
Armed Force (NAF, NA, or NAVY) and served for minimum of 9 months? Yes No
Are you a serving member of National Intelligence Agency (NIA)? Yes No
Are you a serving member of Nigerian Police Force (NPF)? Yes
Are you a National Awardee? Yes No
Nigerian Language(s) you speak__

Nigerian State(s) visited__ _
More on state selection and zoning

Kits ‎Specification:‎

1 Small 30-32 32-35 12-14
2 Medium 32-33 36-38 14-15
3 Large 35-36 38-40 15-16
4 X-Large 36-38 40-42 16-17
5 XX-Large 38-40 44-46 18-20

1 Small 40-41 28-32 18-20
2 Medium 41-42 34-36 20-21
3 Large 42-43 36-38 21-22
4 X-Large 43-44 38-38 22-23


  1. that some information will be supplied by you some will have been sent to them by your school, therefore such information cannot be edit, to edit them if any errors you will have to submit a request.

  2. Don't bother yourself with your kit size as just any size will be given to you in camp, without consideration of what you choose. You will therefore have to slim fit it yourself or change with someone else.

Posted on:

To be continued in other series, if you are yet to be part of this community click @nyscgroup for discussion.

Online registration format.pdf

Together we are better informed


Good day to everyone

Today we will talk about timetable and NYSC 2019 Batch A official POP date

Finally NYSC gives an official statement, after various speculation and lies have been purported in various online space


NYSC likewise officials confirm NYSC 2019 Batch A. Passing Out Parade (POP)

In a Official Facebook page reply as March 5th 2020


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Updated: NYSC State Allowee Amount In All States In Nigeria

Let me start by addressing copying content without reference of where it is copied from. Including source, will not make anyone think less or take anything from you, check most of our post on our Telegram page they are sourced.

No one has all information, that is why this is a lodge every one information, gist and story is important if you are yet to create yours you can do that . Only together we can be better informed, others will benefit from your info


This is the extra allowance paid to Corp member from the state government, this is not general it change often, especially with government changes

This might not be very accurate this is the latest edit and might not be consistent, some differ their payments with difference in discipline, some monthly some yearly (that is after services)

Abia State Pays ₦5,000

Adamawa State nil

Anambra state ₦8,500

Akwa-Ibom State Pays ₦5,000

Bauchi State nil

Bayelsa State Pays ₦3,500

Benue State nil

Borno State Pays ₦10,000

Cross River State nil

Delta State Pays ₦5,000

Ebonyi State pays ₦10,000

Enugu pays ₦1,000 to town dwellers and ₦4,000 to rural dwellers

Edo nil

Ekiti nil

Gombe nil

Imo nil

Jigawa Pays ₦5,000

Kaduna nil

Kano nil

Katsina nil

Kebbi Pays ₦2,000

Kogi nil

Kwara nil

Lagos pays ₦15,000 and sometimes ₦10,000 to the first 2,000 corpers posted to the state.

Nasarawa Pays ₦3,000

Niger Pays nil

Ogun nil

Ondo nil

Osun Pays ₦5,000

Oyo Pays ₦5,000

Plateau nil

Rivers Pays ₦15,000 Government, ₦10,000 Private though not regularly.

Sokoto Pays ₦4,000 and ₦9,000 to those posted to the state hospital.

Taraba Pays ₦6,000

Yobe Pays ₦2,500

Zamfara Pays ₦3,000

FCT nil

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