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This categories is for graduating student of every CPI (corps producing institution)


It been a long while, I last posted here. I hope this post get visibility and share on the Telegram channel. (I will actually message @donenysc for that too).

Let us get right into it, just check telegram after a long time and saw that people are now reported to camp, I this post, I will be sharing how to be a sharp corper and at the end share a picture of our ancestor that served 1976. (Huh not so long at least many will still be alive, but I am sure they must have hack their way).

Hack 1- Many go to NYSC with alot of excitement, but less consciousness of their health and finance;

Life can look rosy in camps, pictures and glamour but don't be deceived. That is why you see some falling and collapsing in camp. If you are now in camp, you have past the risk of road, rail, or air travel. But there is still more reason to be smart.

Never over spend thinking things will just happen after camp, be conscious.

Hack 2- Not all parade or activities is compulsory;

Depending on which camp you find yourself, but this is a stem of the first hack. DO NOT OVERSTRESS YOURSELF be conscious, you can always stay back. lock yourself in the room (remember this are hacks and they are proven hacks) Soldiers will shout but wouldn't hurt or hit you. If you ignore fear you can stay back to read or rest.

Afternoon parade can be okay for some, but if not you give yourself brain, we will talk more about this. WHEN SOME USE 2 WEEKS BREAK AFTER CAMP TO REST OTHER USE IT IN THE HOSIPTAL because their body broke down.

Things like been in the kitchen, man o war, clinic can save you stress and unnecessary wahala, so be wise

Hack 3 - You can eat camp food if you are not buoyant financially;

If you are in this category, using this hack sure the last thing you want to consider is spending on camp yellow/sexy girls. Chai, if you think federal government is now your good uncle. Let me tell you they don't pay when due every time, and leave camp is very costly.

So if you don't have additional support from somewhere does girls you might never see them again forever, so will relocate, so posted to a far distance PPA. So my guy be smart. They often say in camp that girls save more than they came with just because of this.

Camp food doesn't kill, may not be sweet but at least you have something to return home and not that you are begging people for your first money food, T'fare (especially serving in long distance). You can wash your cloth yourself don't copy the jones.

Hack 4- Look at your environment before loosening up;

Many complain about Nigeria but when they get to camp, there is just this vibe where you feel you are not part of the presidency. Don't be foolish those protection and vibe is because you are together. You would be like that in the next few weeks.

So what is my point, look at the field, toilet and environment well before loosing up. Many camp bath room requires you waking up early to have anything that can be close to a quality birth

Next and most important is you are playing football, look at the field, if you fall or get injured na, your body oo. Don't because of impressing your platoon mate or that girl, be foolish. First aid is free but the marks we always remain with you. So measure the risk, your are not paid like Messi (Still he value his body)

Hack 5 - Be nice;

There is always no point been a jerk, you want to look like big boy or girl while loosing opportunity some people dey camp wey fit here you get better PPA or relocation. (Not by sleeping with soldier this time oo). But by been nice to people.

Think creatively, how to impress the state coordinator (one way is by been artistic draw him/her and present it to him/her) and there are many other ways, be smart.

Some of this camp official left there family to be with you there so a little help wouldn't hurt. They are NYSC officials that will be with you the own year.

The essence and summary is be wise, hope I am not too mean neither am I trying to say be a boring person. I am just trying to say don't be an Otondo and let me end like I said with the pictures of our parent who served 1976



Like you know, trying to get information, from different sources can be overwhelming. Even official NYSC page, uses several post and image to send out information, so some tend to miss out from vital information.

That is the essence of and with growing information created a channel to share only vital info, yet there can just be alot to communicate at once that social media scroll up and down will not present well.

Let us jump into it;

It is no more news that NYSC has release deployment for some PCM (though some pcm who register Batch A still yet to be place in a stream)

Some PCM posted to Lagos will do their orientation camp in Ogun and Oyo camps

So if you are yet to check the location of your camp, check it well now before setting out even as registration 27th July, 2021

PCMs who cannot print their Call-up Letter have been moved to 2021 Batch 'B' Stream II.

Note that this does not apply for those who miss camp, as it as earlier been stated that they will have to wait till 2022 Batch A before they can revalidate.
And honestly with alot of backlog of graduate on ground it might take time and been deliberate from the scheme to smoothness things out. If not the program will become unpredictable and a potential official time waster for graduate, which i know might not help attract foreign graduate to the system like before.

You will not be registered in camp, if there is disparity in the Name on the Statement of Result and that on the Call-up Letter.
Apply for Name Correction (Addition or Removal) on your dashboard.
Note that your SAO will process online by uploading backing documents.

Before doing documentation, there is still an opportunity to check all your detail to dot the i's and cross the T's. So kindly check now

What materials do I need for camp

Check here for the materials you will be needing, not not all materials is important and it depend on individuals

How can I get to camp

You can always use the local car pack, if you can't afford flight for long journey. try and split your journey. Note that life is important in this present security condition of the country journey strictly in the day and let know your direction.

Lastly NYSC 2021 Batch B Memo



Don't forget to stay connected


As you get excited and pumped up about the coming NYSC this fundamental things need to be at the bad of your head to be a smart PCM not already an Otondo one.

The Facts are;

  1. Covid 19 is still around and the normal little no mobilization will still apply

  2. So be abit prepared for disappointed of not going now,

  3. If you are not part of the about 1200 that will be going per state, just note that you should keep doing what you are doing, don't let NYSC waste of time/life, 2020 has shown us all that we can wait, plans canceled or shifted

  4. Before you start spending 200k or whatever to serve in lagos, note that not everyone posted in Lagos will camp in lagos with this there might not be not much difference between those who relocate to lagos and you

  5. Lastly don't trust that NYSC will allow anyhow redeployment. Learn from the past batch and don't join to waste your time/life. NYSC is meant to be enjoy so don't spend unnecessary time at home when your only one year you can be called a corper pass away.

I rest my case, share with other and if you have not joined or added your other colleague to NYSC Group do that by

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Fast and Ready posted Jul 3 at 11:27 pm


We will be highlighting more NYSC Update here, check out the last post incase you miss , we discuss the purpose of this there too.

We will be Note 5 New ones tonight

1st Silly mistakes correction

PCMS with wrongly uploaded Passport Photograph during Online Registration to contact our state secretariat before the commencement of the orientation exercise.
Note that there will no change of passport photograph after camp registration

I wonder how someone should make this mistake, that means your fingerprint is most likely wrong, anyway things happen and situations differs

2nd Date of Graduation

PCMs should note this. Your date of graduation is the date senate approved your result. The date of graduation on your Statement of Result should not be different from the one on your dashboard. Since the Institution who gave you your Statement of Result, also uploaded your record ( date of graduation) online which appears on your dashboard and eventually on your Call-up Letter.

3rd Date of graduation implication

PCMs should note that they will not be registered in camp, if there is disparity in the date of graduation on the Statement of Result and that of their dashboard which will appear on their Call-up Letter.
Note that the date of graduation on your dashboard was uploaded by your Institution.
You are to Contact your Institution (SAO) if there is disparity.

This is the new thing in town to be noting while doing/undergoing your registration there is need to check for correspondence, not only DOB again

4th Corrections available

PCMs are to make use of the links on their dashboard appropriately

  1. Name Correction.
  2. Correction of Date of Birth.
  3. Correction of Qualification.
  4. Correction of Class of Degree.
  5. Correction of Course of Study.

Some of this link might not sure immediately on your dashboard but once you have call up number, expect to see them

5th NYSC error Correction requirement and timeline

Reasons for Name Disapproval.

  1. Total change of name/names.
  2. Introduction of new name, not in any of your records.
  3. Wrongly application of name correction.
  4. Abbreviation of Name.

Note: If you applied for Name re-arrangement and spelling errors, be patient. It will be treated and it

If you are yet to be part of our large community of corpers, prospect and EX join THE NYSC GROUP HERE

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Fast and Ready posted Jun 30 at 12:07 am

NYSC have actually release many update till date and many surprising things and changes sef.

This post was created instead of moving from one NYSC picture to another, we simply want to compress them to a single post you can check through.

1st is the no deployment rules

Effective from 2021 Batch 'B' there will be no self deployment options on the portal during online registration.
NYSC Management reserves the authority to deploy all Prospective Corps Members Nationwide based on approved criteria.

2nd is NYSC Batch B Registration starts with no notification

Online registration for 2021 NYSC Batch 'B' commence today 29th of June to 12th of July

3rd is error correction by PCM

PCM are to make use of the links on their dashboard appropriately
(This cover following error)

  1. Name Correction
  2. Correction of Date of Birth
  3. Correction of Qualifications
  4. Correction of Class of Degree
  5. Correction of Course of Study

4th reminder of married female posting

Married female corpers who want to apply for Concessional Posting base on martial grounds are to upload the following documents;

  1. Marriage certificate
  2. Newspaper of change of name
  3. Identity of husband (National ID or Driver's License)
  4. Evidence of husband state of residence
  5. Letter from employer/utility bills

5th NYSC also unveil some changes to the certificate

Effective from 2021 Batch 'B' the following will be on both certificate of national service as well as exemption letter;a. Date of Graduationb. Course of StudyIf your date of graduation is wrong report to the institution for correction. You can also apply for course correction on the dashboard your SAO will see it and treat it.Failure to do so implies you will not be registered at the Orientation Camp. Note that NYSC will no longer correct date of graduation after Camp Registration.

We should not forget that this number 5 is after they started putting date of birth (DOB) on the certificate that is all this on one certificate.

6th Name addition or removal error

PCM can apply for addition or removal from their dashboard. Your SAO will see the request and process it by uploading the following scanned documents;

  1. Recommendation Letter signed by the Registar
  2. Senate list extract from the school where you name appears
  3. JAMB Admission Letter
  4. Statement of Results

It is good letting PCM know what to expect from the school to send at least they know how to follow up with their school to, incase you don't know SAO mean Student Affairs Officer

7th which is the last, it is usual warning of proxy registration

The number 1 cause of problem is allowing a cyber cafe operator to register for you when you are absent (especially thumbprinting)
Make sure you are present when during your online registration
If the cyber cafe can't register you while present go to another cafe immediately.

This is important too especially in time when there is alot to check on your registration and dashboard.

Another comment, I love to note is the addition of person to contact in case of death, if there is chance of death in this scheme then make it optional. Contact in case of emergency is already there which one is death again.

I know they been experiencing death that is the reason to the inclusion. But that is a prove that deployment needs overhauling not to include the 1st discuss today of blank deployment. Which will even include more expensive bribing

Thanks for reading

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Today we will be explaining why and how to go about NYSC Date of Birth Correction.

The first thing to note is that the wrong date of birth is not a big deal and that does not mean that it can't be changed.

For 2021 Batch A Stream 2 there is important news below this post.

Let us dive into it;


Don't think it is dumb question to ask, actually some don't care especially in the rush of getting their registration done, so some don't know, why others wave it.

But you should not.

Unlike before on every certificate, there is now your date of birth there so not paying attention to this now when it can be fixed might lead to an employer not taking your certificate serious,

And do you know what; There can't be any correction of Date of Birth on Certificate of National Service (CNS) after the completion of National Service.

That is why I strongly advised to utilize the link provided on your dashboard for Date of Birth correction during your Online Registration, or before going to camp.

Still, on why you should care; NYSC (National Youth Service Corp) will not entertain any request for Date of Birth correction once you have been deployed in camp or during the commencement of your Service year.

So the question is now why not now


In answering this we will have to talk about this change and where does the mistake comes from, because these days from the little registration I have seen it is usually rampant for there to be a mistake on people's portal.

First, it can't just change on the portal, I think by now it should be obvious to everyone. It is information NYSC got from your JAMB Registration Number that was displayed.

This information is also sent to jamb by from your SSCE (Senior Secondary Certificate Examination) registration. Be it WAEC, NECO, or GCE.

Therefore for this to be solved it has to be resolved by this body. Right now I will be walking you through the process for the correction from the WAEC perspective which I want to believe is the most common.

The following procedures are to be followed:

1. Get 19 or 20 digits WAEC verification pin from any First Bank branch

2. log in to your dashboard and click on the link to Date of Birth

3. Enter WAEC Verification PIN, select WAEC Type, Year of exam and enter your Examination Number; and

4. Click on Verify button




Thanks for reading through don't forget that if you have any question or inquiries you can ask on the and you will have someone to answer you.

You can likewise share your thought on this forum by CLICKING HERE

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Kopa posted Mar 10 at 11:24 pm

Post Lockdown Protocol every PCM (Prospective Corps Members) Should Note about Camping

I am posting this particularly for the PCM who are yet to be deployed, if you have, it is already in your dashboard. This article will evaluate all you need to know about;

NCDC protocol to opening camp
Covid 19 self test
Self evaluation test
And what you should expect in camp

All prospective Corps members/Corps members are to note the following for strict compliance during the Orientation Course:

  • Prospective Corps members/Corps members are expected to go to their Dashboards and fill in the COVID-19 test self-reporting format before printing call up letters

  • Corps members are to download and print the code and slip generated, for presentation at the Orientation camps.

  • All prospective corps members/corps members must adhere strictly to their assigned date of reporting to the Orientation Camps.

  • No prospective Corps member(s)/Corps member(s) will be allowed into the camps if they come before their appointment date.

  • Upon arrival at Camp, prospective Corps members/corps members must subject themselves to COVID-19 test.

  • Prospective Corps members/Corps members must report to camp with at least two (2) washable facemasks.

  • Wearing of facemasks on Camp at all times Is mandatory.

  • Corps members must take responsibility of their own safety And ensure strict compliance with all COVID-19 Safety Protocols.

  • All foreign trained prospective Corps members/corps members must arrive the Country two (2) weeks before the commencement of the Orientation Course.

  • Frequent washing of hands at the wash hand points And use of alcohol based hand sanitizer.

  • Physical distancing must be observed in all Camp activities.

  • Avoid touching of face with unwashed hands.

  • Number of worshippers will be regulated at the approved religious centres.

  • All Corps members must attend the sensitization on Infection, Prevention And Control (IPC) of COVID-19 to be conducted in the Camps.

Kindly click on this link to register for COVID19 test/print your registration slip ( the link will be in your dashboard to take the self-evaluation test)

For more discussion about the new reality for NYSC join the chat with thousands of corper and pcm

Donenysc posted Feb 22 at 11:51 pm
In preparation for online registration series 4

It will be great to educate ourselves on what we should and can expect.
Many are getting excited already on the Senate list release. But to be frank that is a good accomplishment but doesn't mean you are going to camp by March/ April


Why that is what this picture above explains;

Zoom out: The screenshot is not to represent the date, but a new norm of post-pandemic mobilization. Before the PTF gave NYSC the go-ahead to start holding orientation, which is crucial in the deployment of graduates. The work out a new system of operation with NCDC, which we have videos of this protocol on

Implication of this new system: It means NYSC has slightly changed from what your brother or elder use to narrate to you. Yes, definitely the world changed too. But one thing we notice about NYSC and almost any system that works is that they don't change it easily. Therefore

  • The Numbers of graduates that can be mobilized change. Like that opening up of camp seminar, an average of 800 corpers per state
  • Some school have department may be close to that number, so it means all of you can not go once
  • The date of reporting to camp, like also shown there 200 per day
  • Meaning you might not rely on someone else to get you to camp as you may all have different days
  • No Positive graduate will be allowed in the camp, as the new rules have shown every PCM not swore in is not one of the corps members, and testing positive will means such will be handed over to the NCDC
  • Several streams of a batch will now be conducted so as to accommodate more corpers in a batch just not at the same time in the camp
  • NYSC has made a calculation with small numbers and will not want to accommodate not reporting to camp on time or breaching this rule
  • Therefore if you are not yet ready , no need going to register, once you are mobilized by your institution you can always register anytime, once registered and callup disobeying the clarion call is the crime

Conclusion:Therefore in summary this means you should relax it is not always the first register that will guarantee, first deployed. The chance and rush for deployment as been on a lot of air even when there is full capacity, so don't just totally leave what you are doing, what if you do not call up till stream 3.

Disclaimer; Everything I express here is my thought and observe it has nothing to do with the management plan or tips

Thanks for the read, you can always join us for discussion or express your thought on this on our nysc group

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Fast and Ready posted Feb 22 at 10:42 pm

We will be talking today more about the age qualification of NYSC, if you don't know NYSC is only for below 30 years but who is this below 30? and why are old people in the camp? (maybe not this covid times she)

For more on the Academic qualification


In preparation for online registration series 3

You are only mobilize based on the age on the day you graduated. Not your current age

Most likely it will be sent by your department, the day you finished your final exams.

Why is this important; Some PCM with 2019/2020 set that is now 30 can still hope that they will be mobilized to serve their fatherland

Posted: @nyscmembers

Kindly share with others, any questions, and discussion @nyscgroup

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Fast and Ready posted Feb 14 at 11:43 pm

Today, we will be talking about how to prepare for NYSC camp or better put orientation program.

This will talk more on the mental preparation if you want to read about the academic preparation .

  1. The foundation of a successful service year is the orientation course programme or camp training. The first duty you owe yourself, therefore, is to live through the rigours of the camp exercise and be sufficiently focused to imbibe the instructive training. This has not changed due to pandemic, but maybe worst because the numbers have reduce and the eye is on everyone now, that before. Note that the course is a compendium of the service year where the facts, the figure, the dos, and don'ts are spelt out.

A corp member that fails to listen well or ignore the lessons of the camp does so his/her own risk and exposed to diverse dangers during the service year. Many sensitization is done during this orientation course including Security, Health, Community Development Service and even Skills Acquisition that can be useful for anyone during/after the service year.

  1. The following are important points to note

a. Make up your mind to adapt, submit to, and obey all the rules and regulations spelt out for NYSC scheme, on your call letter when you get them.

b. Determine to persevere, be painstaking, and diligent.

c. Endeavour as a matter of compulsion to carefully read and study all materials, protocols, and instruction issued to you.

d. Be committed to keeping a notebook for jotting important information arising from all lectures and other instructional sessions. Those will become very valuable during your primary assignment.

e. There is emergency training meant to prepare you mentally and physically for survival during periods of crisis. Make sure you respond sharply and promptly to fire alarms, which is a military drill for mobilizing people. These are essential tools for your safety and general security.

f. Report promptly to your primary assignment duty post after the orientation exercise. participate effectively in the local reception and welcome programmes. Register and take the briefing from the NYSC Local Government Inspectors seriously.

g. Always stay connected with other corps members and if you have any questions ask them. A good way to stay connected is by joining Telegram NYSC Supergroup by searching "nyscgroup" on Telegram or CLICKING HERE

Immediately has you have posting save your LGI number and since you don't have it yet you can check out NYSC Distress Line on that group.

Like, I said earlier this post is for mental preparation, and with our society getting more and more unsafe in almost all parts of the country (not to scare anyone) we need to prepare all around.

Nigeria is ours
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Terms & Definitions

Allowee:- Allowance paid every month from the Government. All Corpers nationwide receive N33,000 from the federal government. In most states, corpers also receive a state allowee (amount can vary from state to state).
AI:- Area Inspector. Official in change of corp members in a given area. Same as LGI
Book of Life:- It is a real, huge book signed in camp by all corpers.
CD:- Community Development by an individual, couple or group. Also called CDS.
CD card:- An official NYSC card you attach a passport pic to, that is signed by your LGI at the end of your Cd day.
Clearance:- AN activity you must to do every month end to show that you are still alive and present. You also submit a letter from your employer to get paid.
CLO:- Corps Liaison Officer. The “head corper” of your Local Government Area
Ghost Corper:- A corper that does everything (including collect money), but nobody has ever seen them.
HSE:- Health Safety Environment. A course available in NYSC.
LG:- Local Government. You’ll meet your CD group here once a week.
LGI:- Local Government Inspector. The official rep in your LG. Same as AI(see definition above).
LGA:- Local Government Area.
Mami Market:- A collection of shops in camp where corpers can find everything they need from bukka to tailors and cobblers. Some camps even have shawarma and arcade games. Call it the chillaxing spot for corpers, camp officials and soldiers.
NIM:- National Institute of Management. A course available in NYSC.
NYSC:- National Youth Service Corps……..that’s what you’re doing!.
OBS:- Orientation Broadcasting Station. It is the station inside the orientation camp to give information to pple inside the camp and to make the camp more lively too.
Otondo:- Friendly word for new Corper but some say it actually means Mumu.
PCM:- Prospective Corp Members. Recent graduates who are just about to start NYSC.
Platoon:- In camp corpers are split into groups called platoons.
Platoon Commander:- A corper placed in charge of a Platoon.
PMP:- Project Management Professional. A course available in NYSC.
POP:- (Passing Out Parade) the end of your NYSC year. (Best day everrrrr!!!)
Posting Letter:- This letter tells you where you have originally been posted.
PPA:- Place of Primary Assignment.
PV:- Payment Voucher.
RSM:- An RSM serves as a general overseer to all the platoons. Platoon commandants report directly to RSM while RSM reports directly to captain.
SAED:- Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development. A program set up by government to provide skills to corpers enabling them to start businesses after service.
“You are wrong”:- Used in camp by soldiers if you’re in the wrong place or doing the wrong thing.
ZI:- Zonal Inspector. Person in change of corp members in a given zone.

Source: The Bugle/OMGVoice
Posted on: @nyscmembers

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Greetings to everyone

As Orientation Camp draws closer, the official handler keep answering important basic questions of prospectives let us dissect into some recently answered ones and we end with the screenshot of NYSC important notice to all PCM

Don't forget that NYSC has tried alot to answer alot of questions already and if you still need answers to any questions of clarification check or Check FAQ series 2 as your questions will most likely have been answered there, let us start;

Tips of guide PCMs as Orientation Course commences on the 10th of November, 2020

1. You are to strictly adhere to date of reporting on your Callup letter.
2. The name on your Callup letter must correspond to your Statement of Result.
3. You are to take note of camp address.
4. You are to come with Facemask and always wear it.
5. Automobiles are not allowed in camp.
6. Foreign trained graduates should come with original documents they uploaded online.
7. Ensure you report to camp with the NCDC registration slip you printed.
8. You will not be allowed to enter camp before 10th of November.
9. You are to come with items specified in the Callup letter and Addendum.
10. COVID-19 Safety Protocols will be observed in the Camps.

Questions: Good evening Sir. All my credentials bears my full name Eze Benedict Chukwudi, exception of my WAESC certificate that bears Eze Benedict without my native name Chukwudi. I was advised to swear an affidavid of which i had done. Sir, with this, am i good to go?

Answer: You have no problem once you are with a sworn court affidavit.

Important information for every prospective corp members should notice and read on their dashboard is an explanation to number 8 above. Which is stated on everyone dashboard about assigning of date to every PCM for reporting to camp

. 5fa1b9438d913

This images are from our NYSC super group Here join other corp member for any instance concerning camping, relocation and reposting.

Together we are better informed


Greeting to everyone

Let us continue from where we have stopped, I mean the . NYSC has continued their laudable effort in assisting prospective member and it will reduce fake and fraud experts.

Let us have all the new faq, permit me to call them series 2 FAQ pls if you have not read one click the link above to read it, as they have easy and break down every common confusion for 2020 Batch B;

Question: Why is my portal showing "sorry! you are not in this stream. You will be notified when to print your call-up letter
Answer: Do not worry about this, it will be changed soon to your stream when you have been deployed.

Question: I was previously mobilized for Batch 'A' Stream 1 but I was unable to go, will I still be posted to the same state or not?
Answer: You are in a new Batch and will be deployed according to NYSC policy. Reprint your Call-up Letter when you are notified to do so

Question: We have already printed our green card with Batch 'A'. Are we going to reprint another one or not?
Answer: Yes, Re-print your Corps Member's Personal Details(Green Card) when you are notified to do so, it will be updated to your current Batch

Question: I got a Medical Certificate of Fitness before the lockdown, can it still be accepted at the Orientation Camp?
Answer: No, if the date on the Medical Cerficate of fitness is more than three (3) months, you have to get another one.

Question: Can I use my medical certificate to apply for relocation on health grounds
Answer: No, your Medical Certificate of fitness shows you are fit for the Orientation Course. You have to get Medical Report from a Government or Military Hospital if you want to be relocated on health grounds

Question: Would the Orientaion Camp carry full capacity as before in line with Covid-19 protocols
Answer: The Orientation Camp capacities have been reduced with Covid-19 protocols, also the Batches will be divided into Streams

Question: What are the requirement of things to bring to camp?
Answer: What you are to bring to Orientataion Camps is contained in an Addendum that you will print together with NYSC Call-up Letter

Question: Inline with Covid-19 guidelines would there be need to perform Covid test prior to camping?
Answer: All PCMs will be tested for coronavirus before they register in the camp, all NYSC camp officials and mammy market operators will also be tested, details will be communicated in due course.

Question: When is someone awaiting re-mobilization likely going to be demobilized?
Answer: The NYSC portal will be open for re-mobilization after the end of the Orientation Course for the current Batch (during the last Stream).

FAQ 10
Question: What if I was mobilized during 2020 Batch 'A', and am above thirty (30) years old currently because of the pandemic, will I serve or be exempted?
Answer: You are mobilized based on your age on the day you graduated not your current age.

FAQ 11
Question: I was told laminated Statement of Result won't be accepted at camp. How true is this?
Answer: It is better not to laminate your Statement of Result to enable easy verification. However, if you have already laminated your documents, they will be accepted.

FAQ 12
Question: What about foreign graduates that did pre-camp verification but their dashboard is still showing "You have not been evaluated yet"?
Answer: The ease is usually because you are yet to upload some documents, look carefully on your dashboard to see the reason given by Evaluation Officiers and do the needful, afterwards, send an email with your details to (

This are all the questions taken by the NYSC officers for 2020 NYSC Batch B PCMs as they release more we will continue this series, note you can stay update on the go by joining our Channel by CLICKING HERE or search 'nyscmembers' on telegram


Someone asked a question on on Telegram, I will like us to address is

"Someone pls tell us how to change our dob @our dashboard"

Let us start by saying this
You cannot change your date of birth once you are mobilized. Let us explain this further;

There shall be no correction of Date of Birth on Certificate of National Service (CNS) after the completion of National Service.

Accordingly, you are strongly advised to utilize the link provided on your dashboard for Date of Birth correction during your Online Registration.

Also, note that NYSC will not entertain any request for Date of Birth correction once you have been deployed and commenced your Service year.

With the timing of applications well said let us see the procedure of how to correct it

Procedure to apply for correction of date of birth

1. Get 19 or 20 digits WAEC Verification Pin from any First Bank branch.

2. Login to your Dashboard with your Username and Password.

3. Click on the Date of Birth link.
Enter WAEC Verification Pin, select WAEC Type, Year of Exam and enter your Examination Number.

4. Click on Verify button

Together we are better informed

Fast and Ready posted Oct 18 '20 at 10:46 pm

This is a transcribe of all NYSC FAQ so far to date of writing this, let us simply title this series A

Let me start by saying, I am impressed by NYSC information handler, ever since the announcement of orientation camp for 10th November 2020, they been releasing graphic design of questions and answers. That is great especially knowing that NYSC has not been responsive in the past.

Now, incase you don't know, you can ask your questions in the comments section or of any of their social media and it has higher likelihood of getting an answer unlike before.

I also believe this will reduce fake new and like I always believed reduce blog spread them, I am always of the opinion of more forum where this answers can be retiritated and locally spread than channels with no sources. If you want to join NYSC Group

That said let us start the work of the day, each day have been getting about 3 frequently asked questions answered in such format
NYSC 2020 Batch B FAQ


Question: What NYSC Batch is starting 10th November, 2020?
Answer: The Batch starting on 10th November, 2020 is 2020 Batch "B" Service Year. This replaces 2020 Batch 'A' Stream II


Question: What streams are in the 2020 Batch 'B' Service Year?
Answer: 2020 Batch 'B' Stream I A
2020 Batch 'B' Stream I B
2020 Batch 'B' Stream ll


Question: How do I know which Stream I belong to?
Answer: Keep checking your dashboard on the NYSC Portal


Questions: When can I print my call-up letter?
Answer: You will be notified through your dashboard on the NYSC Portal.


Questions: Are the 2020 Batch 'A' Stream l Corps Members coming back to the orientation camp?
Answer: Yes. You will be notified after 2020 Batch 'B' Stream l B


Questions: How many days are we spending at orientation camps?
Answer: Three (3) weeks


Questions: Will the NYSC portal be reopened for registration for the next Batch?
Answer: No. All registration for 2020 Batch 'B' has closed for now to enable the NYSC clear the backlog


Questions: Can someone apply for correction of date of birth or can it be changed in the camp
Answer: You can only apply for correction of date of birth through your dashboard during online registration (check the NYSC website for more details). However, after registration in the orientation camp, you cannot change your date of birth


Question: Can I apply for name correction on my dashboard?
Answer: Yes.
Click on "Apply for Change of Name" link on your dashboard.
i. Spelling Errors
ii. Re-arrangement
iii. Addition
iv. Removal
Kindly note that your Student Affairs Officer will see the request for addition and removal of name, process and forward to NYSC for further action.

This is where this series of Frequently Asked Questions for 2020 Batch B ends for now don't forget you can stay up-to-date on information on our platform by searching "nyscmembers" on Telegram

Together we are better informed


Today let us see what the NYSC Act says about calling up of members?

Who can be called up?

And failure to accept the national calling?

Any person who fails to report for service in the service corps as directed in the Call-up Letter and/or refuses to make himself available for service in the service corps shall be prosecuted in line with the provisions of Section 13 sub-section 19(a)and (b) of the NYSC Act, Cap. N84, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004

Also, any person who is not eligible to participate in the service corps or has been duly issued with a Certificate of National Service or Certificate of Exemption but so participates or attempts to so participate shall be prosecuted in line with Section 13 sub-section 2(a) and (b) of the NYSC Act, Cap, N84, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004

Source: NYSC website

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As NYSC Registration closes tomorrow's at least according to plan (which still comes with alot of questions and issues)

Let us answer the first question
Is all Registration Errors worth correcting?
Ans: No, mistakes like kit size, date of graduation of primary school should not be taken with seriousness.

But there are mistakes that you don't want to be in your database, this are what we will be discussing and how to fix them, some of which might be an error prior to registration

First thing is to figure out whose mistake is it, JAMB, WAEC/NECO, OR YOUR INSTITUTION.

Below are some of those questions and the answers to them:

> How do I Correct Spelling Mistake in my Name

The following procedures are to be followed:

1. Login into your Dashboard using your username and password

2. Click on Apply for Name Correction: Fill the required fields

3. Click on Place Request to submit and wait for approval

NB: Please note that NYSC does not approve addition or removal of names. Contact your Institution to officially write NYSC for such request.

> How do I Correct Wrong Date of Birth

The following procedures are to be followed:

1. Get 19 or 20 digits WAEC verification pin from any First Bank branch

2. Login to your dashboard and click on the link to Date of Birth

3. Enter WAEC Verification PIN, select WAEC Type, Year of exam and enter your Examination Number; and

4. Click on Verify button


> How do I Correct Wrong Course of Study

The following procedures are to be followed:

1. Login to your dashboard and click on the link for Correction of Course of Study;

2. Select Course of Study; and


Note: This approval is strictly done by your Institution’s Student Affairs Officer (SAO).

> How do I Correct Wrong Class of Study Degree

The following procedures are to be followed:

1. Login to your dashboard and click on the link for Correction of Course of Study;

2. Select Class of Degree; and


Note: This approval is strictly done by your Institution’s Student Affairs Officer (SAO).

> How do I Correct Wrong Qualification

The following procedures are to be followed:

1. Login to your dashboard and click on the link for Correction of Course of Study;

2. Select Qualification; and


Note: This approval is strictly done by your Institution’s Student Affairs Officer (SAO).

Source: NYSC website
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Together we are better informed


Like we once said in this corpers house that there are gender issues during the closure of the last opening

Read more about that

This could be a sign that things have wanted to get started with NYSC gradually.

As the DG himself have to visit and submit is plans to PTF (Presidential Task Force) through the NCDC today.

Registration Extension

This usually registration spanning about 4 months now have been extended to end Tuesday 16th June 2020.

As a week was added to allow those who are yet to register or facing issues to get registered.
This will also give opportunity to those who want to correct anything on their dashboard from name arrangement to date of birth etc.

Stay up to date with NYSC information on our NYSC group on Telegram Don't forget you can create a topic too on this online corperslodge for every Corp Members to see

Together we are better informed

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