Prospective Corp Members

This categories is for graduating student of every CPI (corps producing institution)


Let us demystify some NYSC preconceived notion and myth in this series we talk about NYSC camping

Things to Note about NYSC camp

In continuation to our previous discussions.
I'm writing this to gist every prospective corps member.

  1. Charging phones: Corps members are not allowed to charge phones in the hostels or in any nysc building... Do not even think of breaking this rule because there is no socket or other provision for charging. Corps members pay #50 to charge phones or torchlight to those doing it as business at mami market. Some of the shops at mami market are owned by nysc officials. There may be light in the hostels but whether light or no light you must pay to charge your phones, period!!! That is Nigeria for you. Lol!

  2. Light out hour: Once it is 10:00pm, Corps Members are expected to be on their bed bug sleeping mattresses. At this time, the only noise expected from you is ‘snoring’. All light must be off, no call, no chat, nothing nothing except snoring, until 4.00am in the morning when soldiers will come and pursue corpers to the military fortified pared ground. Do not violate any rule because soldiers won't take it easy with you.

  3. Sex and romance: Maybe you have heard or misinformed that camp is an opportunity for sexual activities. Some bad guys have bought some condoms already, waiting for the time to click. Unfortunately, there is no room for sexual intercourse in nysc camp. Bad market, I guessed!.. lol!. You better throw those condoms away because there is no room for that 'thing'.
    Females hostels and male hostels are far apart with Soldiers patrolling day and night. Hostels are like a big hall, where everybody is your roommate. A corps member may have approximately 400 people as roommates.

Remember soldiers are everywhere watching you, and they are trained to catch sex offenders, if they catch you crawling around opposite sex hostel, brother or sister...

  1. Falling in love: NYSC camp is not an ideal place for love, courtship or meeting one's life partner. In camp some ladies are too cheap to get, but are temptations as well. Some of them have very rough background, and you won't know. I advise you to forget about girls and focus on your mission to nysc camp... . In camp bad girls always chop 'mumu' guys. You think she is in love with you, after 21 days in camp, Na that time u go know.
  1. NYSC food: Even though the food is always like poison, eat it if you can. But some people are too funny shaa…! In camp you will see some guys and gals ‘forming’ too big to eat NYSC food. They buy food at Mami market. After one week in camp, you will be surprise to see them fighting in the queue to collect NYSC food. Lolz! O boy money don finish!!

  2. Fainting: It is very common to see Corpers fainting nysc pared ground. Do not be surprise when you faint or see someone beside you faint. Huge guys with big muscles do faints as well. So it is not a matter of,, how big I am (NYSC camp no be moi moi).

  3. Waking up: You must wake up every morning, around 4:30am for morning drills, till 8:00am when you will be released to take your breakfast, after that another pared or boring SAES lecture. when you come back from the lecture, another drill. No time to rest. Just take a look at yourself, you think say there is rest for NYSC camp? Lol!

  4. Snoring: This one is the most annoying thing you will ever meet in camp. Imagine having about 400 people as roommates! That would be snoring competition. As you battle snoring, there are also people that scream in the middle of night while sleeping. O boy! There is nothing you will not see.
    After all the drills and stress soldiers caused you , your fellow PCMs will still not allow you to sleep at night...

Have you ever slept in a small hall containing about 400 people and at night not less than 150 people will be snoring and another 50 screaming in the middle of night.

Oh! oh! you thought you would have your own room? Lol! Hahaha! The hostel is like a hall, many people will be there.

9.. Stand Still: you must stand still for Nigeria to sleep at 6:00pm and at 6:00 am you must stand still for Nigeria to wake.

This you must do when you hear the beagle’s sound, you must remain stand still until the sound stop. Make sure you don't violet that rule.

  1. Money: Please, come with enough money. #15,000 is ok, but you will have to be combining NYSC food and mami food OR come with #40,000 if you have no intention to eat NYSC poisoned food.. LOL!


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As the day draws nearer, to know our state of deployment and see call-up letter.
If you are yet to read the first series check


Pls take note of this FAQ so has not to have issues with your allowance even though your first allowance will be received by hand in camp

Gentlemen Prospective Corps Members, today as part of our promise to keep you informed, We take a walk into your minds to dig out likely questions you may want to ask about NYSC allowance (allowee) account.

It is important you know all you should before you go to the camp. Note that every question comes with an answer.

Below are the questions and answers:
QUE: Is it compulsory to open a new bank account in NYSC camp?

ANS: Yes it is compulsory to open a new bank account.

QUE: I have a bank account before, do I still need to open another new bank account at the Orientation Camp?

ANS: Yes, it is compulsory. Every corps member is mandated to open a new bank account during camp registration.

QUE: What type of account is it, is it different from the normal day to day bank account?

ANS: It is the usual "savings account", and not different from the normal day to day "savings" bank account.

QUE: Where should we go to open the NYSC bank account, can we be allowed to go to places outside the Orientation Camp to open it?

ANS: No, you won't be allowed to go outside the camp's gate. Agents from different banks will be available in camp to help you facilitate the process.

QUE: Is it possible to open the new account before going to camp?

ANS: No it is not possible. Opening NYSC allowance account is one of the stages you go through during camp registration. NYSC must clear you before you can open the account. It is, in fact, your camp clearance documents you would use to open the account.

QUE: You said different banks' agents would be available in camp to help us open the account, which of the banks should I go for?

ANS: It all depends on your choice, but do not choose banks with which you are already an existing customer. For Example: If Muhammad is in camp, and he has account with First Bank, Diamond Bank and Zenith Bank before his NYSC, Muhammad should not choose any of the banks he has account with. He should choose any other available bank that he has no account with. In that case, Muhammad can choose any of the following: UBA, Sky, Fidelity, First City, Eco, GTB etc.

QUE: Must the name I used for BVN match with the one I am using for NYSC?
ANS: Yes, name match is very important.

QUE: What are the documents required for opening NYSC allowance account?

ANS: The documents that will be required of you are: Your Passport photograph, BVN and NYSC clearance paper which you will get after you must have completed vital camp registrations. Your full name would be written bold in all your documents. So, if the names in your documents do not match with the one you have on BVN, it becomes a big problem.

QUE: What if I do not have bank account or BVN?

ANS: You should go and get one now; if you are really serious about NYSC. Because having none is an automatic disqualification.

QUE: Then what should I do if the name on my BVN doesn't match with the one in my Documents?

ANS: Go to the bank that registered your BVN, ask them to update or change your BVN name to match with the one on your NYSC documents. Do that before you go to camp.

QUE: What if I don't need NYSC allowance, is it compulsory to recieve it?

ANS: Yes, NYSC allowance is compulsory to recieve. If at all you didn't receive it, you may not pass out of the programme. Recieving NYSC allowance is a prove that you are serving; to recieve it involve lot of clearance which prove you're indeed serving. If for any reason you don't need the money, collect it and give it to someone who is in need.

QUE: Can I use my NYSC account to recieve money from family and friends?
ANS: Yes, you can even use it to do business transactions or international transaction.

QUE: What if the Federal Government mistakenly pay me double allowance?

ANS: Better return it to the NYSC state secretariat, during your final clearance they will ask for Bank statement of account from day one. The reason is to catch those that 'chop' double.

QUE: What will happened to my NYSC allowance account after my one year service?
ANS: NYSC will stop paying your monthly allowance. But you can continue using the account for other transactions.
Interesting, isn't it?


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Today we want to address what is mobilizing and calling up, in this post we will answer
What does the law says about call-up?
Must I go for NYSC?
Who are exempted from going?
Why are they exempted?

Let us look at what mobilization is, mobilization is done by your institution. This only applies for CPI (Corp members producing Institutions). This them involve the institution send a list of students which are qualified that is graduated this list is usually called Senate list, to NYSC. Note: Without Mobilization you can't be called up. This is what have lead to some so called Corpers to be labelled Fake by NYSC administration.

What if I did not go to camp or have to leave what happened to my mobilization status check to find out what is then remobilization and what is the difference from revalidation

After I have been mobilized, by my institution what is calling up and what does the law says about this.

You must also note that NYSC is established by some Act of law, let us check what the law says about calling up to have a clear legal view of this.

Must I report to NYSC call-up?

Calling-up of members of service corps

(1)subject to the provisions of this Act,every Nigerian shall-

(a) if,at the end of the academic year 1972-73 or,as the case maybe,at the end of any subsequent academic year,he shall have graduated at any university outside Nigeria;
(b) if,at the end of the academic year 1974-75 or,as the case maybe,at the end of any subsequent year,he shall have graduated at any university outside Nigeria;
(c) if,at the end of the academic year 1975-76 or,as the case maybe,at the end of any subsequent year,he shall have obtained the higher National Diploma or such other professional qualification as maybe prescribed;
(d) if,at the end of the academic year 1975-76 or,as the case maybe,at the end of any subsequent academic year up to the end of the1983-84 academicyear,he shall have obtained the National Certificate of Education,be under an obligation,unless exempted under subsection

(2)of this section or section 17 of this Act,to make himself available for service for a continuous period of one year from the date specified in the call-up instrument served upon him.

(2)Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection(l)of this section,with effect from 1 August 1985,a person shall not be called upon to serve in the service corps if,at the date of his graduation or obtaining his diploma or other professional qualification-

(a)he is over the age of thirty;or
(b)he has served in the armed forces of the Federation or the Nigeria Police Force for a period of more than nine months; or he is member of staff of any of the follow, that is-

(i)the Nigerian Security Organisation;
(ii)the State Security Service;
(iii)the National Intelligence Agency;
(iv)the Defence Intelligence Agency;
he has been conferred with any National Honour.(c)(d)

(3)A person liable to be called upon to serve in the service or shall serve for a continuous period of one year as from the date specified in the call-up instrument served upon him or,as the case maybe, if a general or special notice to that effect is given in the prescribed manner; and when so-called upon,such person shall make himself available for service and shall present himself at such place and time and to such person or authority as may he specified in the instrument or notice.

(4)The President may, by order published in the Gazette, extend the application of the provisions of subsection(I) of this section to other categories of Nigerians who shall have obtained such diplomas, certificates or other qualifications as may be prescribed in the Order from universities, colleges and other institutions of higher learning within or outside Nigeria, and the Order may specify different dates for call-up in relation to different categories of those affected or to be affected by the Order.

Let us conclude by saying, it is an honour to be called into service for our fatherland and just 21 days of training will not be too much for the Labour to our fatherland, we should remember if some did not serve you might not have that school of yours

Donenysc posted Aug 17 '19 at 12:33 am

At exactly to 12 am NYSC release the long awaited callup letters to Prospective Corps Members after over 2 months waiting especially for stream 1 corp members that could not make it to camp.

Which state are you posted to?

comment below

Donenysc posted Aug 15 '19 at 1:08 pm

Details of what Orientation can is like, if you are yet to check the about and objectives of NYSC check, prospective corp members .


NYSC Orientation Camp is a once in a life opportunity . its a time you really meet different kind of individuals most especially for the butty children and those who went to private university. You will meet , live and learn from strangers. At the end of the day, our experiences might be different but having a fore-knowledge of what to expect will reduce your “camp-shock.” For some this would be a 3 weeks to remember . Try to prepare well as much as you can for the 3 weeks of camp life:

Yes o . everything in camp is about money . You pay to charge phones , pay to wash , some pay to eat (mammi). pay to even use clean toilets. So just try o and have enough cash. But having experienced being broke (you might not get an ATM to withdraw money), I’ll say please bring pocket money…
But also learn to budget. Don’t spend extravagantly… Be very frugal in your spending. Don’t buy everything you see… Also don’t allow camp photographers take pictures of you randomly- of course unless it is part of
your plan. Be kind to others but also ensure you are not careless with your spending.

These is another aspect to prepare for. Most camps if not all do not have good toilets and bathrooms. Some people have to bath outside , some in
the bush and like i said in number 1 if you have money you could pay around to use a clean one . Just do not expect to see a good one . Some
people have to wake up as early as 3 am to have their bath.

Security should be your watch word right from the first minute you step into camp till after you step out of camp. You don’t know the kind of human beings you would mix up with. Just try as much as possible to have
a kind of safe lock for your bags. Most importantly you don’t have to show off or flaunt what you have then you are calling the petty thieves to come collect what they want. Note that nothing is too small to be stolen o!. Be very careful with your belongings…
For example, don’t leave your phone or purse on your bed and turn away for a minute. Don’t get me wrong, the camp is pretty safe. But some cases of theft were reported in my hostel as well as others. There are no locks on hostel doors so everyone including non-corpers (e.g. women who hawk goods) have access to these hostels. So, ensure you up your skills in keeping your things safe.

I never ate camp food for once ,i only used my kitchen card to collect bread once. It all depends on you, Some corpers are ‘allergic’ to eating from camp kitchen so they end up spending a huge part of their pocket- money in ‘Mami market.’ The government paid loads to ensure you have three square meal per day. Don’t miss the opportunity to use your meal ticket. Okay, they don’t cook the best meal. But trust me, it is not that bad. You can complement what the kitchen provide with fruits from Mammi

Make friends , no one is an island . Camp is an opportunity for you to make friends .Camp life is pretty stressful. Being around the right people or having the right people around you will help you stay sane. But don’t be too desperate about making friends that you land in the wrong company.
Try to have fun… and relax. Don’t complain too much. Moaning and depressing murmurings will leave you exhausted. Avoid depressing conversations if possible.

Do not got to camp expecting everything to be as you planned or have been told. Things change . So the best advice i can give you is just to expect the worst.

Almighty Mammy market is the happening place in camp. It is the spot where things are sold on camp. And yes, things are very expensive there.
The traders/retailers there blame the inflation in the market on camp officials. They say they were charged mercilessly for their rented space. So corpers bear the burden. To avoid being exploited in this market, try as much as you can to come with all the things you need . The traders

know that you don’t have any other choice than o buy it there. In mammy is where you have different canteens and restaurants and bars. Some Corpers resume their early in the morning and close with them at night sef .lol. It's just the happening place in camp .There is no camp without mammy

In every camp there are various worship groups but the only recognized ones by the NYSC officials are the NCCF (National christian Corpers fellowship) and MCAN (Muslim corpers association of Nigeria) . There are also
Winners christian fellowship , Catholic fellowship , Believers world and even deeper life fellowship. Actually due to the various activities in camp one may even not attend there religious activities but that’s no excuse o.There are also other activities competing for attention. Not to forget how tiring waking up early for all those activities can be. But try to maintain a healthy time for devotion. Attend the (NCCF), Catholic or Muslim fellowship where applicable… Don’t neglect your faith. Fellowship with brethren revitalizes.

Do not just go to camp and warm he bench or beds ,participate in events
and activities in your various platoons where possible. There game teams like football , volleyball etc. for both male and female. There are also other competitions like miss nysc, other beauty pageants, Mr macho , Mr nysc, drama presentations , talent hunts and much more .
Try as much as you can to be active on camp… Volunteer to serve in the different groups- Nigeria red cross, OBS, man o’ war, etc. When in your platoon, also try as much as you can to participate in the group activities.
All the team dynamics is part of the learning process. Active participation is not necessarily to get cheap recognition… Or massage your ego. It is just that there is no need to tiptoe through camp… You won’t have the experience twice.
Some of the seminars are annoying or a time-waster but try as much as you can not to stay idle…listen up anyway. Maximize all learning avenues. ( I was not ultra-active but I did try to at least participate in some

Congratulations on reading all the tips i have written above. I hope you’ve gained something . Well finally just go to camp open-minded to camp , I’ll advise that you take your time to actually allow yourself experience the uniqueness of the place you are posted to and the people you’ll meet as well. Try not to judge everyone and everything at first contact.
No amount of experience-sharing can replace your own unique experience
while on camp. So don’t box yourself in. Go to orientation camp and rock
GIVEN DURING REGISTRATION.Check it here. As irrelevant as the small booklets might
look, reading them will save you a lot of headache .

Bonus: Learn from the challenges you’ll face. Embrace camp life with a
thankful heart. Stay positive even when it seems you have no reason to.
Glad you are ready so read the following for more info and help

Donenysc posted Aug 14 '19 at 4:02 pm

Let us continued from our discussion on our introduction , let us move to looking at what the objective of NYSC is;

Objectives of NYSC

The objectives of the National Youth Service Corps Scheme are clearly spelt out in Decree No.51 of 16th June 1993 as follows:

1. To inculcate discipline in Nigerian youths by instilling in them a tradition of industry at work, and of patriotic and loyal service to Nigeria in any situation they may find themselves.

2. To raise the moral tone of the Nigerian youths by giving them the opportunity to learn about higher ideals of national achievement, social and cultural improvement

3. To develop in the Nigerian youths the attitudes of mind, acquired through shared experience and suitable training. which will make them more amenable to mobilisation in the national interest

4. To enable Nigerian youths acquire the spirit of self reliance by encouraging them to develop skills for self employment

5. To contribute to the accelerated growth of the national economy

6. To develop common ties among the Nigerian youths and promote national unity and integration

7. To remove prejudices, eliminate ignorance and confirm at first hand the many similarities among Nigerians of all ethnic groups

8. To develop a sense of corporate existence and common destiny of the people of Nigeria.

9. The equitable distribution of members of the service corps and the effective utilisation of their skills in area of national needs

10. That as far as possible, youths are assigned to jobs in States other than their States of origin

11. That such group of youths assigned to work together is as representative of Nigeria as far as possible

12. That the Nigerian youths are exposed to the modes of living of the people in different parts of Nigeria

13. That the Nigerian youths are encouraged to eschew religious intolerance by accommodating religious differences

14. That members of the service corps are encouraged to seek at the end of their one year national service, career employment all over Nigeria, thus promoting the free movement of labour

15. That employers are induced partly through their experience with members of the service corps to employ more readily and on a permanent basis, qualified Nigerians, irrespective of their States of origin

Source: NYSC website
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Together we are better informed

Donenysc posted Aug 10 '19 at 4:38 pm

Questions PCM and CM should have asked, or have in mind.

What if i want to do as i like, or do it my way

you should note that there are laws that have established NYSC as a organization in Nigeria and therefore if there is a law guiding it, it cannot act as it like. There is a law NYSC have set in place to guide you as a PCM and CM and this is called NYSC bye law, which you signed and agree to, to learn more about this .

even thou this is an extract from its 1993 bye law it as been revised but will still serve the purpose of this post

[Bye-laws 3 (2) and 10 (2).]
The following tines shall be payable in the following circumstances

1. During the period of orientation-

(a) For lateness in any official engagement, at lectures or place of work

Thirty minutes extra drill on the field a time to be fixed by the camp commandant
(b) Leaving the Camp without the written permission of the principal inspector

Extension of the Service year by the same number of days for which the member was absent from his camp subject to the approval of the President as specified in section 16 (2) of the National Youth Service Corps Act [Cap. N84.]
(c) Absence from any activity without principal inspector's written permission

Fine of not less than ₦I but not more than ₦2
(d) Gambling

Fine of not more than ₦4
(e) Possession of firearms or ammunition Member shall be handed over to the Police for prosecution

Member shall be handed over to the Police for prosecution
(f) Smoking or chewing while on parade

Extra drill for three days of one hour per day
(g) Depriving other members of food by taking double ration

Fine of not more than ₦1
(h) Drunkenness resulting in disorderly behaviour

Fine of not more than ₦4
(i) Failure to wear the uniform provided for any particular activity

Extra drills for two days of thirty minutes per day
(j) Receiving visitors in camp on any unauthorised day or hour minutes

One day's extra drill of thirty
(k) Infringement of fire-preventive measures

Extension of service by fourteen days at the end of service year subject to the same approval as specified in subparagraph (b) of this paragraph
(l) Keeping animal pets in camp

Fine of not more than ₦3

comment below, if you have thought about any of this or your have a camp experience of getting extra drilling

Fast and Ready posted Jul 27 '19 at 3:36 am

Useful N.Y.S.C Terms And Definitions You Should get Familiar With

Terms & Definitions

Allowee :- Allowance paid every month from the Government. All Corpers nationwide receive N19,800 from the federal government. In most states, corpers also receive a state allowee (amount can vary from state to state).

AI :- Area Inspector. Official in change of corp members in a given area. Same as LGI

Book of Life :- It is a real, huge book signed in camp by all corpers.

CD :- Community Development by an individual, couple or group. Also called CDS.

CD card :- An official NYSC card you attach a passport pic to, that is signed by your LGI at the end of your Cd day.

Clearance :- AN activity you must to do every month end to show that you are still alive and present. You also submit a letter from your employer to get paid.

CLO :- Corps Liaison Officer. The “head corper” of your Local Government Area

Ghost Corper :- A corper that does everything (including collect money), but nobody has ever seen them.

HSE :- Health Safety Environment. A course available in NYSC.

LG :- Local Government. You’ll meet your CD group here once a week.

LGI :- Local Government Inspector. The official rep in your LG. Same as AI(see definition above).

LGA :- Local Government Area.

Mami Market :- A collection of shops in camp where corpers can find everything they need from bukka to tailors and cobblers. Some camps even have shawarma and arcade games. Call it the chillaxing spot for corpers, camp officials and soldiers.

NIM :- National Institute of Management. A course available in NYSC.

NYSC :- National Youth Service Corps……..that’s what you’re doing!.

OBS :- Orientation Broadcasting Station. It is the station inside the orientation camp to give information to pple inside the camp and to make the camp more lively too.

Otondo :- Friendly word for new Corper but some say it actually means Mumu.

PCM :- Prospective Corp Members. Recent graduates who are just about to start NYSC.

Platoon :- In camp corpers are split into groups called platoons.

Platoon Commander :- A corper placed in charge of a Platoon.

PMP :- Project Management Professional. A course available in NYSC.

POP :- (Passing Out Parade) the end of your NYSC year. (Best day everrrrr!!!)

Posting Letter :- This letter tells you where you have originally been posted.

PPA :- Place of Primary Assignment.

PV :- Payment Voucher.

RSM :- An RSM serves as a general overseer to all the platoons. Platoon commandants report directly to RSM while RSM reports directly to captain.

SAED :- Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development. A program set up by government to provide skills to corpers enabling them to start businesses after service.

“You are wrong”: - Used in camp by soldiers if you’re in the wrong place or doing the wrong thing.

ZI :- Zonal Inspector. Person in change of corp members in a given zone.

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Together we are better informed



Today let us see what the NYSC Act says about calling up of members?

Who can be called up?

And failure to accept the national calling?

Any person who fails to report for service in the service corps as directed in the Call-up Letter and/or refuses to make himself available for service in the service corps shall be prosecuted in line with the provisions of Section 13 sub-section 19(a)and (b) of the NYSC Act, Cap. N84, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004

Also, any person who is not eligible to participate in the service corps or has been duly issued with a Certificate of National Service or Certificate of Exemption but so participates or attempts to so participate shall be prosecuted in line with Section 13 sub-section 2(a) and (b) of the NYSC Act, Cap, N84, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004

Source: NYSC website

Kopa posted Jun 15 at 9:22 pm

As NYSC Registration closes tomorrow's at least according to plan (which still comes with alot of questions and issues)

Let us answer the first question
Is all Registration Errors worth correcting?
Ans: No, mistakes like kit size, date of graduation of primary school should not be taken with seriousness.

But there are mistakes that you don't want to be in your database, this are what we will be discussing and how to fix them, some of which might be an error prior to registration

First thing is to figure out whose mistake is it, JAMB, WAEC/NECO, OR YOUR INSTITUTION.

Below are some of those questions and the answers to them:

> How do I Correct Spelling Mistake in my Name

The following procedures are to be followed:

1. Login into your Dashboard using your username and password

2. Click on Apply for Name Correction: Fill the required fields

3. Click on Place Request to submit and wait for approval

NB: Please note that NYSC does not approve addition or removal of names. Contact your Institution to officially write NYSC for such request.

> How do I Correct Wrong Date of Birth

The following procedures are to be followed:

1. Get 19 or 20 digits WAEC verification pin from any First Bank branch

2. Login to your dashboard and click on the link to Date of Birth

3. Enter WAEC Verification PIN, select WAEC Type, Year of exam and enter your Examination Number; and

4. Click on Verify button


> How do I Correct Wrong Course of Study

The following procedures are to be followed:

1. Login to your dashboard and click on the link for Correction of Course of Study;

2. Select Course of Study; and


Note: This approval is strictly done by your Institution’s Student Affairs Officer (SAO).

> How do I Correct Wrong Class of Study Degree

The following procedures are to be followed:

1. Login to your dashboard and click on the link for Correction of Course of Study;

2. Select Class of Degree; and


Note: This approval is strictly done by your Institution’s Student Affairs Officer (SAO).

> How do I Correct Wrong Qualification

The following procedures are to be followed:

1. Login to your dashboard and click on the link for Correction of Course of Study;

2. Select Qualification; and


Note: This approval is strictly done by your Institution’s Student Affairs Officer (SAO).

Source: NYSC website
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Together we are better informed


Like we once said in this corpers house that there are gender issues during the closure of the last opening

Read more about that

This could be a sign that things have wanted to get started with NYSC gradually.

As the DG himself have to visit and submit is plans to PTF (Presidential Task Force) through the NCDC today.

Registration Extension

This usually registration spanning about 4 months now have been extended to end Tuesday 16th June 2020.

As a week was added to allow those who are yet to register or facing issues to get registered.
This will also give opportunity to those who want to correct anything on their dashboard from name arrangement to date of birth etc.

Stay up to date with NYSC information on our NYSC group on Telegram Don't forget you can create a topic too on this online corperslodge for every Corp Members to see

Together we are better informed


Questions have been coming in for a while that
What is the fate of those who are yet to complete their camping?
When is stream 2 Batch A going to be called up?
When is another mobilization taken place?

The Director-General of NYSC in this interview clarity some of that

Director General of the National Youth Service Corps, Ibrahim Shuaibu, has said that there are no plans to mobilise recent graduates in the country for the compulsory scheme due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Shuaibu in an interview with Economic Confidential said only Batch A, Stream 1, who were asked to leave camp due to COVID-19 would be asked to complete orientation.

He said, “We don’t know when we are going to start mobilising our corps members. You know our training is also structured like that of the military and paramilitary. You can see that the Nigerian Navy recently suspended its training for its freshly recruited cadets.

“So, the moment the coast is clear, we are going to key into the way others will conduct their exercise, so that our corps members can be called back soonest.”

To some this might be a good news as they can continue whatever meanful thing thing they are doing while to others it is not as they have stopped things they are doing and expecting mobilization.

Whatever way you find yourself, you still need to be uptodate with mobilization, camping and other related new. and stay up-to-date


If you are seen a NYSC Medical Certificate Online or Online Redeployment and Relocation and you are thinking,

Can I do Online redeployment?
Can I do Online medical report?
Can I do Online medical fitness report?

The answer is simply, No can you be tested or treated online, just simply go to the hospital or government clinic to check. That might be the only time in your life to even know those details

The saddest is
Can I reduce my age to go to NYSC

Don't even if you can. NO there is so much out there than a change in location and camping for you life.

NYSC Replied with this

As the 2020 Batch 'A" Stream One Corps Members travel across the length and breadth of the country in response to the clarion call to serve the Nation, it has become very imperative to release this caveat.

1, Relocation of Corps Members is done free of charge and on two major grounds namely: Marital and Health.
Marital is applicable only to female Corps Members that are genuinely married. However, the applicant must support her application with valid documents, such as: Marriage Certificate or Affidavit of Marriage, Newspaper Change of Name, a Letter indicating the husbands Place of Domicile.
Relocation on Health ground is applicable to only those with life - threatening ailments. The applicant must support his/her request with his/her Medical History and be ready to appear before a Medical Panel for an interview that will either validate or invalidate the request as the case may be.

2, Kindly note again that the National Youth Service Corps Scheme does not charge money for relocation which is the right of every qualified Corps Member, neither does it charge money for deployment, posting or any of the services it renders.

3, Be wary of criminals who masquerade as NYSC Officers promising you what they cannot offer in order to fleece you of your money.

4, The Director - General Brigadier General Shuaibu Ibrahim DSS PhD MTRCN wishes you a resounding success as you proceed to render selfless service to the Nation.

Thank you.


Thanks, have a great trip to all prospective corp members throughout your life, service year and to camp

You can also share your thoughts here on by


Easy Transport Initiative the organizer of STRAIGHT TO CAMP transport services, that facilitate movement of PCM to camp.
With over 3 year experience, we make sure the safety of everyone to the doorstep of their respective Orientation Camps group.

Starting from March 8th when callup letters is out, booking will kick start at;

  • University of Ibadan Gate
  • Eternal filling station, FUTA road, Ilara-Mokin Akure.

Let us together go to camp, and have a memorable experience, with an affordable price

For more enquiries contact
Ibadan call Gbenga: 09014287289
Akure call Buty: 07036196773
Other state contact: 08167899349

or for support line contact 08174993334, 08174993335

Your safety our optimum priority



Good day to everyone, as a prospective corp member PCM there are a number of things that are not compulsory or even necessary to take along food is one, and before we go deep into that there are numerous list of things that is often sent around for PCMs to take along.

But if you pick all this it will make your movement to camp more stressful. ALWAYS REMEMBER CAMP IS NOT YOUR LAST DISTINATION BUT A BEGIN OF A SHORT STAY. especially for those relocating you have to bring some of this things back when you can even buy some things there

Let us start by saying materials not accepted in camp

  • Sharp objects are not allowed in camp, forks, knife etc
  • Hard drugs are not accepted on camp ground
  • Medication are generally not accepted too, their is a clinic available for your use
  • Car, and automobile are not allowed, afterall it is a camp
  • Laptops are often not accepted too

Let us move to the second point of discussion, which food will NYSC give me;

This can be the worries of some PCM but often times there are standard Nigerian food that you will be feed with with a regular and more often Bread and Tea in the morning.

To address this better, a Timetable will be set for your feeding in which with a feeding ticket, you can be served this meal. Not to forget their is also local meal given to corp member which is often dependent on your state of camping.

To conclude on this, PCM are also involved in the preperation of their mean in which every Platoon will have their kikchen day and even a cooking competition.

Important Camp Document

Document are needed in NYSCcamp for the registration procedure during camp,
you are requested to bring to camp your

  • original statement of result,
  • Institution identity card and
  • 8 recent passport photographs.
  • Callup Letter
  • Green card

In addition, if you are a Medical Doctor, Pharmacist or an Optometrist you will be
expected to bring along original of your registration certificate with the Nigerian Medical Council, Pharmacist Board or
Optometrist Registration Council and evidence of completion of housemanship or internship.

Don't forget this is the fundamental documents and you can have excess copy to prevent exuberant prices that comes with camp. But Note every other things are secondary but does not make tell less important for a memorable camp experience.


if you are yet to be in with the community of other corp member where you can ask you questions


Good day to everyone, especially to foreign graduates. March 2 is here and just a few days to beginning of NYSC camping.

  • Remember verification of your documents start on Monday March 2 for Batch A, don't forget your location of the verification that your choose.

  • If you are yet to know the details of the NYSC verification center .

  • Also note to go to the designated secretariats on time don't forget you are yet to have call up number. Meaning you are yet to be a verified prospective corp members (PCM)

  • Also note to have enough photocopies of all the 5 documents you uploaded and if you have old passport or previous visa try and get them all ready and photocopied. Photocopies around NYSC secretariat can be very expensive.

  • Lastly, be preparing for the rigour of that day and most NYSC camping activities, it is a rigour exercise.


If you are yet to join NYSC Largest Telegram community Click Here

You can click create a topic to make a post on this forum too, together we are better informed


Since Wednesday evening NYSC 2020 Batch A have been witnessing successful registration with all the four slot of state completely empty

NYSC Finally reply with a post on wrongly uploaded Thumbprint and this issue

This is to inform 2020 Batch "A" Prospective Corps Members with wrongly uploaded Thumbprint and Passport Photographs during Online Registration to contact our States Secretariat before the commencement of the Orientation Course. No change of Passport Photographs after registration at the Orientation Camp.
Those who can't select State of Deployment should exercise patience, more slots will still be available.


Continuation On Online Registration FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) series 5

Why ask prospective corps members to pay N2,786.24 just to print call-up letters?

The N2,786.24 is not just for printing call-up letters. It is for the entire package of online registration, which requires the deployment of IT hardware and software and personnel to orientation camps all over the country but which also gives those who subscribe to it the advantage of processing their registration online, saving time during registration at the orientation camps and allowing them to use their thumbprints to identify themselves in case they lose or are dispossessed of their call-up letters.

In the past, corps members who lose or are dispossessed of their call-up letters had to go through a cumbersome process of swearing affidavits, getting validation from their schools which takes time and may force them to enlist on another batch.

With online registration, those who are unfortunate to lose their letters can identify themselves with their fingerprints. So the N2,786.24 fee is for the entire process and package of benefits.

Is the initiative not extortionist and insensitive?

As explained above, the initiative was designed with all sense of fairness and sensitivity.

It is not extortionist, as extortion implies the use of open or subtle threat. No open or subtle threat is involved here. It is not compulsory and non-use of it carries no sanction. It is only for those who choose to exercise the option after doing their own cost-benefit analysis. NYSC is sensitive to the fact that not everyone needs or can afford this.

Both those who need and can afford it and those who don’t need it or can’t afford it are given options to choose from. The initiative is thus both fair and sensitive.

Why not maintain the status quo?

Contrary to claims, the status quo remains. NYSC has not
abolished the practice of prospective corps members going to their schools to pick call-up letters.

That is still allowed. What has happened is that an extra option has been introduced, which prospective corps members may choose or may not choose to exercise. Closing this new option will not necessarily be at zero cost to those who prefer the status quo, as prospective corps members have always been responsible for picking their call-up letters. But closing the option will be at the expense of those who will prefer it as this will rob them of their right to choose.

Source: NYSC website
Posted on: @nyscmembers

To be continued an. d precious series are at

Together we are better informed

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