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Donenysc posted Jan 1 at 7:21 pm

Happy new year to everyone, make this season come will so many blessings and joy to everyone.

For our PCM moving into serve in greater strength.

Our CM finishing well and strong.

And our Ex CM having their desired job and creating such for others.

See you in greater heights and feet this year. We love you

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Donenysc posted Dec 18 '19 at 12:03 pm

Congratulations to everyone Corp Member who successfully completed their orientation training today.

Are you have issues checking your relocation status, it can be so hard that you don't know either to board a bus back home or stay and go to your local government.

I also experience it, but I later tried something out that might work for you too, read to the end.

My Advice is that;

  • Pls safe conscious and carefully with your journey and vehicle.

  • Walk together and in your uniform especially in area that are not city centre.

  • Note that for Travel Permission letter you can get them Here major kind of format letter is also available on the website

  • If you are having issues checking your relocation, it might be because of traffic, be patient or you can also use a VPN to access the website, it might work.

  • Lastly let us stay connected, Telegram is a good way to do that because of its capacity, so join us

Together we are better informed

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Donenysc posted Aug 15 '19 at 1:19 pm

This house is for every participants which includes Prospective Corps Members, Corp Members and Ex Corp Members to share their stories and experiences.

Click on create topics to share your stories and experiences , it will be of benefit to someone else, ensure it is posted in the right category

If you are yet to be a user, verify your email, if you can see the mail check your spam box.

Together we are better informed

corper ade posted Jul 3 at 5:49 am

There are several ways, you can make money as a youth corp member, but some will only make you some change, while other can take alot of your time. And even be a threat to your primary place of assignments. This type is now what we are talking about.

The new way you can make money

This is not meant for every Corp Members though, as you will soon understand why, simply because many don't leave their comfort zone.

Neither does it take alot of your time, or stress. Not distrust your primary assignments, anything distrusting this is not legal and part of the oath you may sign as a corper

Step of how to go about this


Let me explain, and specifically let me you an answer of an Agric ecommerce company, who retail farm produces directly from the farmer

You can better see while I said earlier it is not meant for everyone.

Let us go through the steps using still as case studies

1. Simply Look for farmers in your area
2. Convince the farmers to sell online
3. List their products by contacting DayDone, (you can do via their website or through their mobile number 08174993336)
4. When the product is ready for harvest they will come and pick it up themselves
5. You will be paid by the company and you can even be appreciated by the farmers (note they pay farmers directly)

This are the simple steps to be part of those who will make alot of money in the New money era. Anyone could do it but Corp Members are more fitted.

It still requires work, but smart work. Ensure your listing is exact since they will confirm before replying your offer. That is the essence of step 2

Bingo, it is time to make money, what are you waiting for


Obaseki donates equipment to tackle outbreak
Delta State government has debunked rumours that a cadet of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) was diagnosed with Lassa fever in Asaba, thereby recording an isolated case of the dreaded disease in the state capital.

The Commissioner for Information, Charles Aniagwu, made the government’s position known during a press briefing in Asaba.

Aniagwu, at the end of the first State Executive Council (Exco) meeting on Wednesday, said information from Irrua Specialist Hospital in Edo State, where the patient was erroneously rushed, proved otherwise.

His words, “I want to seize this opportunity to debunk the story making the rounds that a case of Lassa fever has been recorded in Delta. As a government, we have followed the development and can authoritatively say that it is not true, because the patient, who was erroneously rushed to the hospital at Irrua on the recommendation of Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Asaba, is responding to treatment.”

Meanwhile, Edo State government has donated of 200 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital, as part of efforts to curb the spread of the disease in the state.

The Godwin Obaseki government had over the years equipped the Institute of Lassa Fever Research and Control at the hospital with dialysis machines, ventilators, PEP and drugs, among others required for effective management and treatment of patients.

Presenting the items, the Commissioner for Health, Dr. Patrick Okundia, reassured the citizens of the Governor Obaseki-led administration’s commitment to combat the scourge, adding the donation was to arrest the spread of Lassa fever for the benefit of Edo people and to protect caregivers.

Commending the institute for its cooperation, the medical expert described the hospital as a centre of excellence in the management of Lassa fever in the country.

Earlier, the Chief Medical Director (CMD) of hospital, Prof. Sylvanus Okogbeni, who received the donation on behalf of the hospital management, expressed appreciation to Governor Obaseki for his immediate response and keen interest in fighting the scourge.


Two members of the 2019 National Youth Service Corps Batch C Stream currently undergoing the three-week orientation exercise in Ebonyi State have been sent home from camp for refusing to wear trousers.

A statement from the spokesperson of the NYSC in the state, Ngozi Ukwuoma, listed the corps members as Okafor Love Obianuju with registration number EB/19C/0523 and Odji Oritsetsolaye (EB/19C/0530).

According to the statement, they were spotted by the Camp Director, Isu Josephine, and her team during her routine morning inspection, wearing white T-shirts and skirts.

“When they were accosted and interrogated, they disclosed that they could not wear the white shorts and the trousers given to them by the NYSC since it was against their faith,” the statement read.

“Efforts were, however, made by the office of the Camp Director to make them see reason why they must obey the rules and regulations guiding the orientation and NYSC, but all efforts to do that proved futile”, the statement said

The spokesperson narrated that after efforts to make them change their minds were rebuffed, the matter was officially reported and the proceedings for de-kitting were initiated.

“The corps members were queried and subsequently made to face the camp court, where they were found guilty, having made it categorically clear that they were ready to bear the consequences of their actions”, she said.

Mrs Ukwuoma noted that the court recommendations were submitted to the camp Management and the Camp Director was directed to de-kit the Corps Members.

“They were de-kitted in the presence of security agents, who also escorted them to the gate as they left the camp”, the spokesperson added.


Can Corpers where hijab?
Hijab has been in past not part of NYSC wear but with this article you will see the commission redress of this

The National Youth Service Corps has said that it will allow female corps members, who are Muslims, to use white, shoulder-length hijabs for religious purposes.

The NYSC added that only three types of dressing used for different occasions would be acceptable for corps members.

The corps stated this in a document exclusively obtained by our correspondent in Abuja.

The document reads, “The modes of dressing for corps members are classified into three categories, which are used for different occasions. One, within the camp during the orientation programme, their normal attire, except otherwise directed, consists of a pair of white shorts with a white vest and white canvas shoes and socks.

“Two, for ceremonial purposes, the proper dressing is crested vest on top of a pair of Khaki trousers with a pair of jungle boots and socks with the trouser folded inside the socks. The belt and the Fez cap are to match.

“Three, for Man O’War activities at the camp and Community Development Service programmes, they are expected to appear in a jacket and trousers with the plain white vest inside, the jungle boot and the Fez cap, as well as a customised belt to match.

“On the use of the hijab, the NYSC does not issue the hijab as part of its uniform. However, the NYSC management allows corps members to use a white hijab that drops at shoulder level for religious purposes.”

The scheme in the document listed the complete dress kit issued to a corps member as: a set of Khaki trouser and jacket, one crested vest, a pair of jungle boot, two pairs of white shorts, two plain white vests, a pair of white canvas shoes, one Fez cap, two pairs of customised socks and a customised belt.

Source: Punch newspaper


The Management of National Youth Service Corps wishes to notify all Foreign Trained Nigerian Graduates that the Scheme has devised a new strategy of verifying certificates and other documents submitted for mobilization by foreign graduates, with effect from 2019 Batch "B" Stream Two Service Year.

To ensure that the verification exercise is carried out seamlessly, Management has earmarked one centre in each of the six geo-political zones.

The centres are:

Lagos State - NYSC Secretariat, Old Census Office, Baba Animasahun Street, Surulere, Lagos.

Enugu State - NYSC Secretariat, 2, Abakaliki Road, GRA, Enugu.

Rivers State - NYSC Secretariat, 40, Ikwere Road, Port-Harcourt, Rivers State.

Bauchi State - NYSC Secretariat, Turaki Abdu Road, Fadamar Mada, Bauchi.

Kano State - NYSC Secretariat, Gwarzo Road, Kano.
FCT (Abuja) - NYSC Secretariat, Orientation Camp, Kubwa, Abuja.

Accordingly, all Foreign Trained Nigerian Graduates are hereby advised to physically present themselves along with original copies of their certificates, transcripts, travel documents and evaluation letters from Federal Ministry of Education and residence permit (where applicable) for sighting/verification.

The verification exercise will last for four days starting from Tuesday 6th to Saturday 10th August, 2019.

All persons who were exempted from service and those whose mode of study was part-time should also present themselves with their credentials for physical verification.

Please note that this exercise is mandatory.

All foreign trained graduates are at liberty to present themselves at any of the verification centres nearest or most convenient for them.


Source: NYSC media
Posted on: @nyscmembers

Together we are better informed


To All Serving Corps:
Please ensure you enrol in atleast one of the on-going professional courses with any Certified Chartered Institute around.

As our school courses are mainly academic, these courses broaden your knowledge and understanding in the professional field especially to those that may likely work in an organization where the knowledge is a requirement and it is a plus for you to have the certification.

For those in sciences and other areas of study needs management studies, and for those in management and other areas too needs computer knowledge vice versa.

For most of us with less work experience, these courses are expected from us and will serve as a big tweak to our resumes.
As a graduate, taking three of these courses can earn you as much as nine (9) certifications which would definately differentiate you from someone who hasn't. The more courses you take, the lesser the price per course!

This is the best time to participate as you have lesswork load upon your shoulders.
Also after your service year, you may not be opportuned to have the time and all it takes to enrol.
As a Corps member, the courses are relatively cheap compared to the price of working class. Have a successful service year!

NASIR, Mubaak


Like we started this series, because our data as Corp members matters and we must know how it is been used.

Especially since in the past it has been missed used by our loved schemes before

Now this


First thing the came to mind is to read carefully, because in this digital age, we are not reading anymore nor taking our time to understand or ask questions but only want to tick "I agree" and move on

My Thoughts

  • .... Research, Statistics and Promotional activities

Is NYSC now Facebook or Google, and why promotions for a data I must give you, even Facebook and Google is optional.

  • And why should there third party processors have access to my data, can't it all be managed in house?

  • And my last thought is, nice that they gives access to withdraw consent of data, but why? (don't forget this data includes Serving corp members and Ex corp members)

Maybe because they want to start selling the data or running promotions with it
Why I am asking this, like I said earlier is that many will not see this and will not be able to withdraw there data usage, because I am sure this usage warning is not for NYSC normal mobilization and the likes usage, if so they will not have been giving out withdrawal form

In conclusion

At the moment, if you click do not agree, you will be logged out and if you log in, you will be re asked again. No form whatever. It makes me think;
Is it by force?
Why should anyone especially ex corp members want to accept this?
Is NYSC looking for other sources of revenue?


If you are yet to be following our series exploring NYSC privacy policy and Corper data usage Join me and other here the largest corpers group, click and we will make sure will simplify the all this there existing data policy and even the correction policy

Together we are better informed


Let us start discussing an important series, that many don't bother about.

NYSC and my Data

In this introduction, I will show you a sample of missed use of corpers data with the management. We are in an ICT era where our digital print, records and information is very powerful and important. Can you just imagine how much NYSC know about you as a registered corp member

Datapoint on;

  • Your next of kin details,
  • fingerprints,
  • blood group,
  • health condition
  • and even academic records.

Imagine all that exposed to the wrong hand. That is a whole lot of data point on each graduate in the country to be sincere that is so much.

In this series, we want to know what is done by the scheme. like you must know NYSC ICT does not operate the collection of data alone, as they partner and work with alot of companies specifically about 4 (four) of them with Sidmach the lead of them, if you not read our report of this

Example of such data misuse


In the sample above, not only was the name right but the mobile number even the state of deployment, even as though this CM is a relocated member, this is only one but several sample some who have the corp members first and last name even with state code number.

then simply question how much do this perpetrators know?
Definitively so much if not even corp member data

In conclusion

Out of numerous of such target scam, i am sure some will fall victim, even as data usage has not started been take so serious in our country. Stay tune on our channel even as we look into what laws are guiding NYSC on this and many more interesting things.

Stay Safe

Only together we can be better informed

corper ade posted Sep 3 at 10:14 pm

When will NYSC Resume?; Answered, even with screenshot

The national youth scheme NYSC management has been holding on the opinion that they are waiting to receive approval/go ahead from the presidential task force (PTF) to begin resumption of its activities.

Even as some workplaces have started resuming the chain of command are already giving the nodding of NYSC full activities soon.

As you may know this activities we begin with the continuous of the orientation course, which was suspended in which the relocated members have been told to resume to their new state camp.

See the screenshot below from the Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on New Media



This Year National Youth Service Corps Members (NYSC) has been but experienced a great disrupt in the way it has ever been done.

What scheme having the longest registration ever for a stream. Spanning from February to Now

The question is now will this continue or stop?

Today let us see three(3) possible scenarios that can happen


  1. Another unpronounced One week extension. I this might likely happen because NYSC activities are yet to obviously be resuming anytime soon

  2. Put an end to the registration: what is the essence of registration if people are no longer using it, I think with the number of new registration and no new institutional mobilization the registration should come to an end for good.

  3. Lack of updates: this likewise should not surprise anyone as by September. It can still be there for registration to end a day prior without actually really closing it.

In conclusion, all this suggestions above are based on my opinion and experience with the scheme in the past. Neither of the prediction might occur and feel free to say what you think about this lact of activities on


Together we are better informed

Kopa posted Aug 4 at 9:31 pm

NYSC Revolution video

When Corp member saw Special Announcement they might be happy, and thinking something very positive But this;

A video posted 7 hours earlier have make NYSC (National Youth Service Corp) to officially comment, this could even led to a more popularity

The video was posted by a corp member name Sanusi Emmanuel Abiodun which was a serving corp member in Imo state as stated by him and must have been confirmed the scheme post

Early comment might for NYSC to disassociate herself from the video which calls for a revolution of things

This is the Sanusi Emmanuel Abiodun video that make NYSC to be Afraid wait and watch the video

Some have said this action is as a result of NYSC Batch A been half baked in camp.
But I see it as when you have a lot of free time, you just have to do something plus it looks planned and organised toward the sowore campaign.

Whatever you think about the video let us talk on Telegram, (a secure platform) search or click @nyscgroup to join others or just drop your comment below


This is how to make extra cash as Corp member or student

Freelance eBook Writer – Work from home

Are you looking for a job or a side-hustle that allows you to work from the comfort of your home?

We are looking for two content and creative writers to join our team of freelance writers.

You will be required to write eBooks, proposals, website articles, and social media posts as needed.

Ideal candidates are students or NYSC Corp members, but this opportunity is open to the general public.

The payment rate is N2/word. That is, for a 7,500-word eBook, you will be paid N15,000. Bear in mind that this role affords you a lot of flexibility so you can do other things.


  1. You will have the flexibility and freedom to work from your own home and to determine your working hours; however, you will be given a deadline for each project.

  2. You will get paid based on the number of projects you complete. So, there is no cap on how much you can earn.


  1. Must be a Creative Writer with good writing skill and a strong desire to write
  2. Must be computer literate – familiar with MSWord and Internet research
  3. Capacity to work with minimal supervision.


  1. Formulating texts per prescribed editorial and formatting guidelines.
  2. Ensuring that texts are properly researched.
  3. Maintaining originality in your work. No plagiarized content.
  4. Proofreading your assignments to detect and correct errors.
  5. Submitting completed works via the requisite channels before specified deadlines.

Share the opportunity with other

How to apply:
Fill this

If you are yet to join the biggest corp member group. Click


A member of the House of Representatives, Zakariya Dauda Nyampa, has advocated for fresh graduates to be enlisted into the army.

Nyampa who represents representing Michika/Madagali constituency of Adamawa state, said the military service should replace the mandatory one-year National Youth Services Corps (NYSC).

He said graduates who do not have the interest to serve as military personnel should be allowed to venture into other endeavours after the mandatory one-year training and service in the Nigerian army.

What do you think about this guys.


Fast and Ready posted Jun 25 at 7:47 am

Imagine the development in NYSC from the early 70's, things that make me think;

This is how the first Passing out Parade looks like.
Knowing that NYSC started a year before.

I can't imagine the people's training, drilling.
As even the soldiers seem to match funnily

I can't also imagine the kind of opportunity this graduate will have
Looking at how few then are, maybe automatic employment

The Uniform seem to me, not same all through, in colour
especially the pants

I wonder what is people's ages might be looking at there faces
Hardly will there be pcm in there 20's in this set

NYSC First POP 1974.mp4

At the end it is wonderful to look back in history and have a glimpse in development that have happened in the scheme of the national youth service corps

Together we are better informed stay up-to-date with us on Telegram by joining the biggest family of corp members

Fast and Ready posted Jun 16 at 6:23 am

We all know that the world is changing and digital systems is not the new norms, so as NYSC Batch A is preparing back to camp (according to NYSC DG) and stream 2 preparing for call up and even for ex corp members.

Video screening and interview is not a norm and certain ethic have to be followed to have a success in this.

This post is all about the must do in a video conference interview and standard one on one job interview.

If you have a video conference job interview, the same rules apply as a standard job interview. This includes:

1. Dress for success – Wear what you would for a normal job interview for a corp member khaki will not be bad. Either way make sure you are smart, presentable, business attire.

2. Be prepared for the interview – Learn a little about the company, the industry, have your interview answers ready to showcase how you can serve them, what you can do, and have suitable questions to ask.

3. Bring evidence of achievements/qualifications if you have it – If sales increased by 10% or efficiency increased by 5% and you have the documents to show this, have it with you. Also, have digital versions of this which you can share with the interview panel should you be asked.

For a video job interview, there are a few extra aspects to take on board, such as:

4. Practice looking at the camera – When we use Zoom and the like we naturally look at the person speaking. Try and practice looking at the camera as this will mimic eye contact that you would naturally do in a job interview.

5. Keep the background neutral – Try and position yourself where the camera shows only a blank wall. This will keep the focus of the interview panel on you.

6. Make extra sure you will not be disturbed – The last thing you want is to have to leave the interview to sort out an ‘emergency’.

Video conferencing is not the same as face to meetings or job interviews, but with a little preparation, you can make them easier to manage. More productive, and less disruptive.

Wishing luck in your interviews,


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