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Fast and Ready posted Nov 14 '19 at 10:39 pm

Let us meet the one of the best of us. STEPHEN TERU we tell about his services to his fatherland, man and humanity

Stephen Teru, a recent graduate of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), is now making waves after volunteering his carpentry skills to furnish a health centre and the classrooms of two schools in the local community where he was posted.

The University of Jos (UNIJOS) graduate of animal biology, who was deployed to the Old Netim community situated in Akamkpa LGA of Cross Rivers, moved to produce desks; tables; benches; and shelves for over 80 students in the two public schools — amid a dearth of resources required for the project.

Following his “unplanned” Facebook post about the task, which has since generated massive attention to his social media page and attracted numerous phone calls from the NYSC and average Nigerians

He granted an interview to cable lifestyle

How come furniture making — having studied animal biology?

Opposite where my mum sells akara and other fries, there’s a carpenter I used to work with after school. If I had to read, I read there. That continued from my primary 2 days to 3, 4, 5 and JSS 1, 2, 3. We eventually had to move. But, by then, I had already mastered the craft because I had spent at least seven years learning. I could handle tools, make lots of furniture. I also used the skill to support myself — especially in university when I’m in need of money. Students ask for help with doors, windows, or shelves. I had a couple of tools and they paid a token.


Posted to Cross Rivers for NYSC, what prompted the project?

Malaina trees were felled and planed for the production of furniture.
We had been told lots about community development projects in camp but I never knew what I could do, not until I got to my place of primary assignment at the Community Secondary School in Old Netim. There’s also St. George Primary School which used to be catholic but was later handed over to the federal government.

While serving, I identified many problems. The students don’t have toilets. Some classrooms had no windows or doors. But the most glaring was inadequacy of furniture. During exams, students had to pair. Some even sat or leaned on windows. At a point, each student was asked to come with their own furniture. But their parents are farmers. They couldn’t afford it.

For the primary school, the desks given by the government were too big for the kindergarten. They always had to use the floor to write properly. It was when we went to their school for sensitization that I saw their condition. I also realized they had lots of Malaina trees and these were good for furniture making. They were many of trees that big ones needed to be cut so smaller ones can grow.


How did you process the project?

I told the principal of my PPA that I had the skill, but he was in doubts until I made a sample. We met the village chief but were told they don’t have enough money to support the project. I didn’t need the money. I only needed to get the trees felled and prepared for use.

Teru is creating shelves for the community health centre
The village chief agreed they can foot the bills of having someone take the trees down. Thereafter, we went around soliciting funds to plane the wood because they were rough. The people weren’t rich but some made contributions, up to about N7000 with which I bought some tools and started.

I made 20 two-sitter benches for the comfort of the 40 secondary students. For the primary, I made five benches and tables, each of which could take around 10 students. We made shelves for books. There’s also this dilapidated health center in the community. Their carton of drugs get soaked when it rains. We also constructed a shelve for their drugs and equipment.

Did you inform the NYSC about the commissioning of the project?

I submitted the project to the NYSC, following the due process but heard nothing. Usually, they encourage such project, tell you you’ll be rewarded and all. You know, as a serving corps member with only N19,800 at your disposal, if there’s anything you could do to help yourself, you do. They promised lots of things but, at a point, I stopped expecting. I was gratified after seeing the impact I had made.


Work in progress
Do you intend making a venture out of furniture making?

It’ll be nice but furniture making has advanced beyond olden days carpentry. I could do more but had limited tools and resources. If I can get them, why not? It’s something I have passion for. The training is there. I don’t think there’s any indoor furniture I can’t make, if I have equipment. If I can get to train myself more and buy equipment, I’ll definitely venture into it instead of looking for a job.

It’s strategic for job hunting. Why the post after NYSC?

I delayed posting anything concerning that work because I was expecting NYSC to commission and officially documen

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Kwara State Governor Abdul-Razaq Appoints 26 Years Old NYSC Corp Member As Commissioner

Kwara State Governor Abdul Rahman AbdulRazaq has nominated 26-year-old Joana Nnazua Kolo to the State House of Assembly for approval as commissioner.

Kolo, currently undergoing the one-year compulsory National Youth Service Corps in Jigawa State, is one of four women whose names were sent and were read at the Kwara State House of Assembly on Tuesday.

Other women nominated were Sa’adatu Modibbo-Kawu; Arinola Fatimoh Lawal and Aisha Ahman Pategi.

Kolo, the youngest commissioner-nominee in the state’s history, is a 2018 graduate of Library Science from the Kwara State University (KWASU). She is teaching at Model Boarding Junior Secondary School Guri as her NYSC primary assignment.

Her screening for the cabinet seat would hold after she rounds off her NYSC service in the next two weeks.

If confirmed, she would be Nigeria’s youngest commissioner, taking over from 27-year-old Oluwaseun Fakorede, Oyo State’s Commissioner for Youths and Sport.

Fast and Ready posted Sep 30 '19 at 10:30 am

Jungle boots are set, Corps Members are already in the nooks and crannies of the country to discharge their statutory mandate of the service year by transforming lives and leaving lasting legacies.

Security tips to guard New Corp Members in their Area

It is called Orientation Camps so as to Orientate you about this one year mandatory service. This can help you have a memorable experience.

Instruction to never neglected

  • Wear ur NYSC wears to secretariat. Why disturb yourself and be embarrassed when you can just do the right thing before hand

  • Go out in pairs especially, where you are new, and especially if you are a female

  • When going out go out with a means of identification, if only your cap, your ID will not be bad

  • Stay updated on this platform, information is power.

Nigeria is ours, Nigeria we serve.

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Donenysc posted Sep 3 '19 at 9:39 am

SKILL ACQUISITION and ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT(SAED) established 2012 to "coordinate effort towards empowering corp members nationwide to become thriving entrepreneurs and value-adding employees after their service year"

SAED like it is called is now identify with who a corper is. In this article we will look from what is SAED was done

We will be looking at the core values of SAED? what it is the objectives of SAED?

  • Sensitization: this is the first phase of the skill acquisition programme. Corps members will be sensitized by experts in different fields. It should be done elaborately with fan fare and lots of publicity through the print and electronic Media. State government functionaries are to be invited for the opening Ceremony. Efforts should be made to showcase the new policy drive of the NYSC to the Nation.

  • Sensitization (training): Emphasis will be laid on the skills acquisition programme as a way of preparing corps members towards self employment. The secretariats will be expected to find facilitators locally who have been engaged in skill vocations. The training facilitators are expected to be resident in camp to ensure that the corps members are adequately engaged. Consequently, the following skills are to be introduced in each camp. However, the secretariats are expected to choose skills that are readily available in their State from the pool of skills therein.

They include:

1. Fashion design/Tie and dye
2. Confectionaries making/Bakery
3. Soap and Cosmetics making, Beads/Hat making
4. Phone and computer repair
5. Barbing and Hair Dressing
6. Agro allied skills which should include: Poultry Keeping, Fish farming, Rearing of snails, Rabbits and Grass cutters. Animal Husbandry, Bee keeping among others
7. All other approved skills

Source: NYSC doc
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The essense of this is to let corp members especial the PCM and those in camp not to have a boring picture of SAED as it is design to equip corp members with the need skills to be productive during and after NYSC

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Donenysc posted Aug 28 '19 at 10:49 pm

SAED lectures and training is what some Corpers consider boring and stressful, but let us take a look at what it is all about

What is SAED?


It is a NYSC Department which is headed by a Director and is made up of two divisions namely:

1. Skills Acquisition Division

2. Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Division

Functions of the department include:

1. Sensitize and mobilize 200, 000 young graduates for skill acquisition annually

2. Facilitate the training and mentoring of 100, 000 young graduates in skill acquisition and entrepreneurship development for self-reliance annually

3. Promote public-private partnership for entrepreneurship development and self-reliance amongst Nigerian youths

4. Promote documentation and sharing of best practices on youth empowerment in Nigeria

5. Support evidence-driven advocacy efforts for favorable policies on youth empowerment in Nigeria

6. Sensitization and mobilization of corps members for enrollment into the skill acquisition and entrepreneurship development program

7. Development of a standard curriculum for the in-camp skill acqusition exercise

8. Identification of organizations at state level to provide training and mentoring in specific skills sets

9. Attachment of the corps members to the various organizations for skill acquisition and entrepreneurship development

10. On-going monitoring and supervision of trainee corps members

11. Facilitate access to available funding opportunities

Source: NYSC website
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Fast and Ready posted Aug 26 '19 at 8:28 pm

Nigeria government, have been debating on state police or not for a while now.

The governors forum has therefore agreed to establish a community police, in which Corp Members in their Local Government and NPower will be used as Police Officers.

This have been confirmed and you can watch the video here

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Kopa posted Aug 23 '19 at 7:51 pm

JAN Career Program is targeted at empowering National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members by exposing them to essential skills necessary to succeed in the corporate and entrepreneurial world. The program will cover modules on critical thinking and creativity, communication and conflict management skills, developing one’s personal, entrepreneurship, financial independence and early retirement.

Successful candidates will be engaged once or twice to facilitate a JAN Be Entrepreneurial program in select secondary schools. Participants who successfully complete ALL sessions of JAN Be Entrepreneurial program and come up with a project plan to address any of the SDGs in a small community where they serve, will get the opportunity to participate in a Career Fair and Project Plan Competition in the selected cities.

This project plan will be executed by the corps member as an NYSC Personal CDS project in collaboration with Sigma Pensions. Entries will be evaluated based on their entrepreneurial vision, feasibility, innovation, leadership, social impact and sustainability.

There will be a general Grand Prize, 2nd Prize and 3rd Prize based on the following selection criteria:

Best Projects Category – Innovative Ideas and plans to implement them
Best Ideas Category – Already existing initiative which has demonstrated social impact

Winners of the Project Plan competitions will win cash prizes and mentoring from Sigma Pensions staff.


  • Curriculum Vitae (Ensure you save your CV with your First & Last Name)
  • An Essay on“Why I should be accepted for JAN Career Program”
  • Statement of Result

REGISTRATION: August 20 – September 17, 2019 JAN Career Program is sponsored by Sigma Pensions Limited.

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Donenysc posted Aug 4 '19 at 11:01 am

This are the contributions of NYSC Foundation, in recent times, we can see they contribute to NYSC, this post will highlight their vision, mission and contribution.

Entrenching mutual assistance for the good of society

To promote the well-being of ex-corps members through skills acquisition and entrepreneurship and the institutional re-strengthening of the NYSC Scheme.

“Support for Service”

Several way we help

On this philosophy stands the Foundation to include not only the ex-corps members in her membership but also Corporate bodies, government agencies and non-ex corps members who wish to identify with the Foundation through donations.
You may wish to support our ideals by donating to our course.

Building Corpers’ Lodges
As part of her desire to provide an enabling environment for serving corps members, the Foundation has completed, commissioned and handed over a habitable Corpers, Lodge in Jos, Plateau State to the NYSC Scheme. This beautifully landscaped Lodge can accommodate about 200 corps members at a time. It has a borehole and a sit-out leisure/relaxation shed.

The Foundation intends to replicate this kind and noble gesture in all States of the country and the FCT.
Focusing on Serving Corps member in Rural Communities
It is very worrisome that most of the corps members posted to rural communities for their national service lack some basic amenities, therefore, exposed to all sorts of diseases and hazards. This tends to portend great danger to their bright future.

This Foundation, after careful analysis of the scenario, decided to take the bull by the horn by seeking ways of addressing this life-threatening issues by resolving to provide:
Mobile clinics/First aid facilities to corps members serving in rural communities;
Borehole/Portable water;
Welfare for the sick and the physically challenged corps and ex-corps members;
Support to other Community-Driven Development projects and programmes (Agro-Allied and Rural Development Projects inclusive).

Empowerment Scheme
The frightening growing rate of youth unemployment and its attendant consequences on the socio-economic development of Nigeria, caused the Board of Trustees of the Foundation to launch an Empowerment Scheme to empower ex-corps members who identify with the Foundation to be self-employed and by extension, employers of labour.

Welfare/Camp facilities
The Foundation is not unmindful of the state of some of the orientation camps. This propelled it to provide some facilities to orientation camps to improve the living conditions of the corps members during camp.

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The attention of the Management of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has been drawn to a malicious and fake article trending on the social media with the above caption. The article equally has a deceptive picture attached alleged to be picture of a Corps Member serving at Kaura Namoda in Zamfara state who was beaten and tortured by the police on the order of one of the indigenes of the town.
Management would have ignored this misleading and stale story manufactured by some mischief makers but for the unsuspecting public who may out of ignorance give any iota of attention to such fake and unfounded story.

It is imperative to note that this same callous story was first harvested by these mischief makers in 2017 with the same picture, this was investigated and discovered to be totally false. The then Minister of Youths and Sports Development presented the alleged Corps Member to the public with proof that he was neither beaten nor tortured by his employer and the police. The reason behind this recent resuscitation is best known to the writers and the story still remains false.

However, while Management calls on our stakeholders and the general public to disregard this unfounded and misleading tales, it wishes to restate that:

  1. The welfare of our Corps members is paramount to the Scheme and stringent measures are in place at all NYSC locations nationwide to monitor Corps Members and ensure that cordial relationship exists between Corps Employers, Corps Members and host communities.

  2. That every Corps Member has a personal code number issued to him or her. Any true story about a serving Corps Member should therefore present the code number of such Corps Member. The public should therefore disregard any news about Corps Members without their code numbers as such are usually false and unverifiable. The present case inclusive.

The Scheme uses this medium to once again thank our stakeholders for their continued support and interest in the affairs of Corps Members nationwide. The Scheme is readily available to respond quickly and clarify issues where necessary.


Source: NYSC media

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Donenysc posted Jul 20 '19 at 3:10 am

NYSC Official Android App is on Google Play Store, but incase you don't have the play store or yours is not working properly.
you can download it from this website

The app is to ease the means of getting information, which is what we stand for on this platform.
You can Login with your Username and Password.

Donenysc posted Jul 9 '19 at 11:48 am

NYSC Secretariat across Nigeria

NYSC Secretariat: St. Finbarr's Road P.M.B 7225, Umuahia Tel: 09086961451 Email:

NYSC Secretariat Federal Government Secretariat P.M.B 2252, Jimeta-Yola Tel: 08034532096 Email:

NYSC Secretariat Federal secretariat P.M.B 1087, Uyo Tel: 08034655026 Email:

NYSC Secretariat 12 Okpora Street P.M.B 4042, Amawbia,Awka Tel: 08033115470 Email:


NYSC Secretariat Turaki Abdu Road, Fadamar Mada. PMB 85, Bauch, Bauchi State. Tel: 08038715255 Email:

NYSC Secretariat Block 7, Flat 1-4 Phase II, Civil Service/ FRSC Road , Yenogoa Tel: 08037877293 Email:

NYSC Secretariat: Railway Bye-pass P.M.B 2358, Makurdi Tel: 0817654449 Email:

NYSC Secretariat Kashim Ibrahim Road P.M.B 1124, Maiduguri Tel: 08036833301 Email:


NYSC Secretariat KM 5, Muritala Muhamed Way Ikot Ansa PMB 1148, Calabar Tel: 08034800685 Email:


NYSC Secretariat Federal Secretariat P.M.B 5004, Asaba Tel: 08144231169 Email:


NYSC Secretariat :17 Nkwerre Street G.R.A, Abakaliki Tel: 08163854748 Email:

NYSC Secretariat : 2 Red Cross Road off Ikpokpan Road, off Sapele Road, GRA Benin City Tel: 08034201334 Email:

NYSC Secretariat: Kilometer 2, Iyin Road P.M.B 5302, Ado Ekiti Tel: 08034041910 Email:

NYSC Secretariat 2 Abakaliki Road G.R.A P.M.B 1293, Enugu Tel: 08038334440 Email:


NYSC Secretariat : No. 25 Ndola Crescent, off Michael Okpara Street (opposite Ibro Hotel) Zone 5, Wuse, Abuja. Tel: 08131913334 Email:


NYSC Secretariat, along F.M.C/ Ashaka Road, P.M.B. 036, Gombe,Gombe State. Tel: 08035401202 Email:


NYSC Secretariat:Mbano Street Aladinma Housing Estate, Owerri Tel: 08063415822 Email:


NYSC Secretariat Kigawa Road, P.M.B 7049, Dutse. Tel: 08034318138 Email:


NYSC Secretariat: Unguwa Rimi P.M.B 2201, Kaduna Tel: 08029656262 Email:

NYSC Secretariat Gwarzo Road P.M.B 3137, Kano Tel: 08023580096 Email:

NYSC Secretariat Federal Secretariat Complex Katsina. P.M.B 2034, Katsina TEL: 08034500264 Email:

NYSC Secretariat 4 Patrick Aziza Road P.M.B 1043, Birnin Kebbi Tel: 08034362657 Email:

NYSC State Secretariat Lokoja- Okene Road Lokongoma Phase 1, P.M.B. 1046, Kogi State. Tel: 08090922162 Email:

NYSC Secretariat: Ahmadu Bello Way P.M.B 1512, Ilorin Tel: 08033357545 Email:


NYSC Secretariat: Old Census Office Babs Animashun Street , Surulere Lagos Tel: 08065522674 Email:


NYSC Secretariat: 26 Makurdi Road P.M.B 31, Lafia Tel: 08036874082 Email:

NYSC Secretariat Bosso Road P.M.B 83, Minna Tel: 08177441326 Email:


NYSC Secretariat Federal Government Secretariat P.M.B 2093, Abeokuta Tel: 08162761900 Email:

NYSC Secretariat Fed. Govt. Secretariat Complex P.M.B 718, Akure Tel: 08036159898 Email:

NYSC Secretariat New Ikirun road P.M.B 4370, Oshogbo Tel: 07039194443 Email:

NYSC Secretariat :Former 2, Mech. Drive P.M.B 5500, Ibadan Tel: 08036228426 Email:


NYSC Secretariat: Old Miango Road, Kufan Opp.Chindi Hotel, P.M.B 2258, Jos. Tel: 08030934637 Email:


NYSC Secretariat :40 Ikwerre Road P.M.B 5210, Port Harcourt
Tel: 08132065660 Email:


NYSC Secretariat Birnin Kebbi Road , Sokoto Tel: 07038912689 Email:


State Secretariat: NYSC Secretariat 118 Hammaruwa way, PMB 1058 Jalingo,

Taraba State. Tel: 08188328465 Email:


NYSC Secretariat State secretariat Phase 1 , P.M.B 1026, Damaturu Tel: 07039469446 Email:


NYSC Secretariat Sokoto Road , Gada Biyu P.M.B 1026, Gusau Tel: 08037643011 Email:

Plot 416, Tigris Crescent
Off Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Maitama.
PMB 138, Garki ,Abuja.


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Kopa posted Jun 9 at 9:25 am

Have you been asking the question of what to do as Corp members during this Lockdowns

answer that for you

But after all the learning this is an opportunity for Corp member to showcase what they have learnt especially for

NYSC Competition
This does not come everytime but when it comes it is good to give a grab as this is an;

NYSC 2020 Batch A opportunity
NYSC 19 Batch C opportunity

As the competition requires that only serving Corper till September 2020 can apply.
Essay Topic: Entrepreneurial Development Key to Nigeria's Economic Growth and Development
Submit to:
Deadline: 30th June 2020

Check this image below for more details


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Fast and Ready posted Jun 2 at 11:50 pm

Today we want to talk about NYSC Terminal Leave?
Is Terminal Leave part of NYSC?
Or after service (collections of certificates)?

Let us start by talking about all NYSC Leave during service year

Corps members are entitled to the mainly Six (6) type of leave throughout the service year.

  1. Casual Leave/Camp Rest Leave: usually two weeks after camp activities and securing your PPA, corpers take them to get their stuff and themselves ready

  2. Convocation Leave: at most 1-Week

  3. Medical Leave You can check that here

  4. Marriage Leave: at most for 14 Days
    a. A member who desires to get married during the service year shall be allowed to perform the marriage ceremony in any place of his/her choice.
    b. Any member who wishes to apply for leave for the purpose of sub-paragraph (a) above shall do so, not later than, four weeks before the date of the proposed marriage

  5. Maternity Leave during the service year
    a. A married or an unmarried pregnant member shall be entitled to twelve weeks maternity leave. During this period of leave, she will be paid full monthly allowance.
    b. She will not, however, be entitled to the annual leave of 21days (terminal leave).

  6. Terminal Leave:

This is the area we want to dwell on, it is a leave just like any of the leave mentioned above.

The let sink that in for a while,

That means like other leave for example medical leave, or convocation leave during the leave you are still expecting to get paid, and you don't stop been a Corp member because you take a break for your convocation.

Therefore, Terminal leave which often start close to the end of your service year, don't mean you are not a Corp member.

Infact Corps members are entitled to 3-Weeks terminal leave at the end of service year. Many time after collecting certificate

Note that in this online corperslodge you can share your thoughts and experience with the house byClicking here

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Fast and Ready posted May 21 at 10:25 am

Every Thing You Need to Know About CDS

Let us start by what it really is?

CDS simply means Community Development Service, This is one of the four Cardinal Programs of the National Youth Corps Service in which Corps Members contribute positively to the development of their host communities throughout the National Service Period.

Objectives Of CDS

As one of the cardinal programs of the NYSC, Community Development Service was considered among other benefits to:

  1. Impact and improve positively on the rural community life.
  2. Expose body members to various traditions and customs of the host communities
  3. Provide a forum for body members to experiment with the subject of the subject. members
  4. Harness the enormous talents and skills of the body members in rural areas
  5. Develop the spirit of entrepreneurship in the body members
  6. Explore the challenges which rural development poses and inculcates in the Nigerian Youth the ideals and capacities for leadership, endurance, selflessness, community service, national service, patriotism and creativity.
  7. Instill in corps members of the tradition of the dignity of labor and productivity.
  8. Complementary activities of government at all levels in the stride towards national development.
  9. Providing complementary service in our national development activities, by ensuring that our under-privileged population is taught basic techniques for self-help through the appropriate technology concept being promoted by NYSC.

Classification of CDS

NYSC CDS is classified into two main categories:
A National Youth Service Corps year starts with a 3 weeks orientation course and it is compulsory for all Nigeria graduates mobilised for national service. The course lasts for three (3) weeks and is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Group Community Development Service (CDS Group)
  2. Personal / Individual Community Development Service (Personal / Individual CDS)

Group Community Development Service (CDS Group):

Body members must use one day per week for CDS group activities. They are not expected to attend tasks at their main duty stations (PPA) on CD days. These days are dedicated to the execution of projects and programs that will improve the living conditions of their host communities. However, these days vary depending on the state of the federation and sometimes it varies depending from CDS to CDS.
The location of this meeting is often at the Local Government Secretariat, this can also vary depending on the type of cds and the decision of member, this is while some corpers like to stay near their LGA. This meeting is also often supervised or reported to by an official of NYSC in that LGA.

The ultimate goal is to find and be in a good CDS group that will develop you

we talk next about all the types of cds group if you want to see know what personal cds is here

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Kopa posted May 18 at 12:29 pm

It is common to be confused when there is an emergency and one can suddenly become bereft of ideas, what to do, where to go, who to call become very important question when you find your self caught up in crossfire of violence,the following people can be called for help:

  • The Divisional Police Officer(DPO)
  • The Traditional Ruler in the area
  • The commanding officer of the nearest army formation
  • State security service operatives in the area
  • Civil Defence corps officers in the area
  • NYSC Local Government Officer
  • NYSC Zonal Inspector
  • NYSC state coordinator
  • NYSC Director –General.

This is why it is important for you to obtain and jealously keep the phone numbers of these officials.

On this platform we shared several communication line with you. You can check
DG phone number and email

NYSC State Secretariat contactHere

NYSC Distress LineHere

Together we are better informed

Kopa posted May 9 at 11:57 pm

Good evening to everyone, trust you have a great day

We will be sharing 12 Security Tip NYSC expect every Corp Members to Note and Observe especially to New Corp member

As NYSC , CDS or Template is important so also is NYSC Safety, I mean Corp Members Safety is very important. Let us start by talking about the first one; NYSC Primary Place of Assignment Safety Tip

The primary assignment is the real platform actualizing the objectives of the scheme. This is where you spend more then 90 per cent of your service life in an environment with which you are largely unfamiliar; though in a strange terrain you have a national duty to perform which mandates you to interact with a diverse spectrum of people of different languages, cultures and customs.
Your success will thus depend on your ability to forge a cordial relationship with your new people. You must also be security conscious and stay alive. Here are some tips that can help you succeed and stay alive.
1. When reporting for your primary assignment, be attentive at reception or induction activities put together by the host communities. Such platforms present valuable information on the customs, structures, places, special landmarks, taboos etc of the host people. People and generally sensitive and passionate about their culture and you need to understand, appreciate and respect the way of life of your host. Be careful not to undermine or underestimate what the host community has passion for.
2. While ensuring that you relate generally, endeavour to identify and interact with key personalities in the community. This is a process of integrating yourself into the hearts of the community.
3. In group (where possible) or individually, the corps member(s)should visit and pay homage to the Traditional ruler, local government chairman, district police officer, commanding officers of military formation, police commissioners, directors and operatives of the state security services, heads of civil defence corps units etc. These are key players in the security of the community who should know, not only that corps members are around but what they do, where they live and how they operate.
4. Endeavour to have the phone numbers of these key players in the security subsector and maintain regular contacts with them.
5. Identify and locate key youth organizations in the community and engage in constructive, non-partisan and development-focused interaction with them. It must be realized that youths are the ones mostly employed to foment crises. But a meaningful engagement with them has the potential of opening their eyes to more beneficial ways of deploying their youthful act and energies. More importantly, it creates a bonding between the corps members and the youths of the community; a closeness that will work for the protection of the corps members in the time of trouble.
6. I group, where feasible, corps members should organized communal projects with the youths as a mentoring mechanism to positively inspire them. Such foray will create fellowship and bonding between corps members and the youths. As a consequence of this constructive relationship, the corps members are likely to be identified with and be protected rather than victimized in the time of emergency.
7. It is good for you to have a smattering or a complementary knowledge of the local language. At least it is possible for you to know how to greet and pay compliments in the local tongue. Language is a potent instrument for endearing two different people to each other. Greeting your landlord in his own language tends to make you sound less like a stranger. Apart from Positive implications for security, understanding the local language enhance the ability of the corps members to perform his duties in the community.

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New have been spreading about NYSC 2019 Passing Out Strategies.

No much confirmations have been talked about but the spread of the Passing Out Starting this 28th of this Month can not lack total validity.

As we have explained before that NYSC cannot just extend the one year service because of the pandemic

The Passing Out Circular

How we Corp member travel

NYSC Travel Strategy;
This development has led many of the outgoing members of the Corps to a state of uncertainty as to how they are going to return to their various states of deployment, agreed to an inter-state lockdown that will begin across Nigeria on 4 May 2020.

In a statement issued by the NYSC headquarters in Maitama Abuja, it was reported that NYSC officials who are to conduct the Passing Out Parade exercise across the various states would be issued a passport (a document that enables them to travel between states during the lockdown) to be tendered at any military checkpoint upon request.

For the members of the Corps, the NYSC ID card, which serves as a means of identification, also serves as a passport which they may display at checkpoints in order to travel from one place to another during the lockdown with legitimate reasons for their movements.

All members of the Traveling Corps will always should travel with their NYSC ID card to prevent insult and the risk of being sent back. For those who may have lost their ID cards, a police report paper with a copy of your PPA letter may be used instead of your ID card.

The NYSC is doing its best to make the process smooth and quick while looking after the best interests of the members of the Corps across the world.

Stay connected with other Corp Member on the biggest NYSC Room Here and for life after NYSC stay connected Here

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Good day to everyone,

Today we talk about NYSC 19 B Stream 1

This post is a continuation of the first one . This article will answer the later the concern on what should be expected for this coming batch.

This is my opinion and does not express the side of any NYSC authority. In which we believe they will let us know their conclusion.


Let we point out, yesterday. NYSC is a Nigeria Youth Scheme that is not totally shutdown, therefore with this said service year will not exceed 1yrs. Which is against the bye law of having the graduate in the first place.

NYSC will have POP maybe a little delay but the can always inform all members to come and get their certificate later or apply online.

Let us not that what we are talking about here is if the virus linger in the country which is not our wish and desire.

Let us see the opposite logical side too


We explain yesterday, about NYSC four cardinal programmes, in which passing out is among, if you are yet to read that post do that Here.

And we pointed that this area of NYSC have been short down, especially the obvious Orientation activities.

Which this and POP been in this category, plus POP is called Passing Out Parade which is the last thing the country wants now.

There can be a change, delay and shift in this activity and cardinal programmes, this shift might not laps much into alot of time.

Has we might know, if we don't that NYSC is technically less than a year, and since no replacement can come in for this batch if this lingers then they might be a delay in the passing out of NYSC 2019 Batch B Stream 1 corpers.

I have given you both logical side of the coin, let us know what you think on the NYSC GROUP, share this with others too, and don't forget you can likewise create a topic and share your thoughts, experience and stories on this ONLINE CORPERS LODGE


The first question I think we should ask ourselves is

Is NYSC really Shutdowns?

This question can't be far fetched, as it has been well pronounced that even the federal government is on lock down.
If that is not communicating the answer, NYSC head the DG have pronounced the closed of camp and that corpers are free to go home.

Let us assign this a bit more critically before moving to the next question

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has four cardinal programmes which every Corps Member must successfully pass through to qualify for demobilization at the end of twelve months.

The first is

  • Orientation Course,
  • Primary Assignment,
  • Community Development Service also known as Secondary Assignment and
  • Winding Up/Passing-Out Ceremony.

And for now because of the suitation of things, this activities cannot continue, at least we know of the closing of camp.

Therefore it will be right to say, NYSC is shutdown.

This will lead me to the next question, don't get me wrong this doesn't mean it suspended or ceases to exist.

As it has been obvious this couple of weeks, NYSC has really been focused on its programme introduce 2012 SAED (Skills Aquisition and Entrepreneurship Development)

Which is usually only camp activities of many corpers, have now become the holy grail of been impactful to the society

Second Question what is happening to our dashboard

First and obvious one is that allawee is still been paid, many do not or have even forgotten the password if not email to their NYSC portal.

But as NYSC has while also validate corpers with un essential duty access to go home.

Does not stop or in anyway affect attendance in such every corpers are marked to be present for the month.

As we hope things resume to normal. The essence of all this is to see that this doesn't affect any corp member negatively nor lead to an absence in attendance clearance which is an important in payment and passing out

Stay tune, as tomorrow we will logically talk about the effects this might have on NYSC Batch B Stream 1 POP

if you are yet to join our group join by CLICKING HERE it is more important that we stay together because only that way we can be better informed


Kopa posted Apr 4 at 7:34 am

Good morning to everyone, it been a long week as for some everyday looks like weekend.

Today let us see the act of philanthropy by some Corp member. We all know that there is what is called personal CDS for does who have not complete their orientation or you don't know much about it you can check this or this Example to see practical examples of what it is

The act of giving back to the community and society is part of out training as Corp members and with general CDS suspended due to Covid 19 this shouldn't stop and didn't not stop some people we will be sharing here today.

Examples of the week
Corps Member Unogwu Comfort FC/19B/9657, has donated different categories of foodstuffs comprising rice, tubers of yam, beverages and clothes to the inmates of Green Hero Foundation, Abuja.
The donation was made to empower the old veterans prior to the lock down directive of the Federal Government to curtail the spread of the dreaded COVID-19.
The donor, who grew up at Navy Barracks in Lagos stated that she was motivated to carry out the outreach program out of respect for the war heroes and appreciation to which the veterans have laid down their lives for the peace and unity of Nigeria as well as in the West African Sub-region.
She said she was financially empowered by the increment in her monthly allowance as provided by the President and also support from those who believed in her cause.
Unogwu Comfort who is serving at Army Headquarters Garrison, Mogadishu Cantonment, Abuja, enjoined all well-meaning Nigerians and corporate organisations to also put succour on the veterans towards living a happy post-service life.
The veterans during the presentation were all appreciative of the magnanimity of the Corps Member.

This Pandemic should not stop your impact to your community after all that is what serve his. With our education we can buy and distribute hand sanitizer, face mask or even just give people the right information. We don't need to make headlines for this, that should not be the goal or the motivation but the our fatherland that we are serving and humanity.

And if you still want people to know to motivate other or for documentation and reference, you share it HERE

Let us see the last example of the week
Corps Members in Oyo State have started mass production of hand sanitizer through the Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development (SAED) of the NYSC The sanitizers which would be distributed to hospitals and different communities within the State will prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic is not enough reason not to do anything or limited money, infact it is much appreciated if done without your money and the pandemic is also more reason why we should contribute to our society so therefore let us jointly #KickCOVID19outofNigeria.

Thanks, if you are yet to be part of our Big family of Corpers Join Here

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